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Here's Another Footsie 250 Giant That Benefits During the Pandemic

Hello Share Snafflers. Do you recall the Beaufort Securities crash in which it was initially warned that some customers would have to pay for some of the huge administration costs from their ‘ring-fenced’ accounts? After that shock, some of us were unhappy to leave all our shares with one broker. So we also signed up with other companies. One which I chose for its high degree of security and the ease of its customer services was IG Group (IGG). I’ve been very happy with the result and can now, during the virus crisis, recommend that you might research buying shares in the group. And this is why...


FCA binary options & CFD proposals – what do they mean ref. IG Group, CMC Markets & Plus500?

The FCA has announced proposals to “ban the sale, marketing and distribution of binary options to retail consumers” and “restrict the sale, marketing and distribution of contracts for difference (CFDs) and similar products to retail customers”. What does this latest nanny-state (oops sorry, “address harm to retail consumers from the sale of certain complex derivative products”) move mean for the firms in the industry?...

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ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 22 - sell Plus 500 says Lucian Miers

Lucian is still on his grand tour of Eastern Europe but before he left he told me his two sell tips of the year for 2017. The first, natch, was Cloudtag (CTAG) HERE. The second, at 384.5p, is Plus 500 (PLUS).

Thoughts on the rout of the spreadbetting firms -a pair trade: buy IG sell Plus

The Market reaction to last Tuesday’s news that the FCA was proposing stricter rules for CFD products was predictably savage. What surprised me was that IG Group (IGG) led the way with a 40% fall whereas Plus 500 (PLUS) fell “only” 27%. Since then IG has continued to weaken ( 470p at the time of writing) whereas Plus has rallied a little (373p ditto).


Tighter Regulation Threat Makes IG An Uneasy Investment

Hello Share Twizzlers. I've not had much success with my spread betting exploits. I've had three goes with three different companies, but this kind of investing, if investing it is, has seen my original stakes disappear. And rather quickly, too.

CFD firms whacked as Britain's FCA follows European lead and clamps down

I do not use CFD's. They seem like a mugs game and indeed research by the FCA shows that 82% of clients of the big providers lose money. But then most folks lose on the horses or on betting on football so why target CFDs? It is all driven by MiFD2. We saw this take shape in Cyprus last week although Plus500 denied that it would be affected in a pathetic rebuttal to my scoop. That rebuttal was bollocks and Plus shares are among the big fallers today as the FCA has weighed in with a series of measures.


Looking forward to IG's Q1 Trading Update

Commenting on fund manager Ashmore (ASHM) recently, I noted the “dirty little secret” that investors often do better by investing in the financial sector directly, rather than by using the financial sector’s products. In this regard, I mentioned “fund management companies – and the very occasional spread betting company”. At the back of my mind, I was certainly thinking of my old favourite, spread betting giant IG Group (IGG).


IG Group - Why don't more of us own shares in this top quality business?

IG Group (IGG) is a company I’ve long admired and whose shares I’ve occasionally purchased on behalf of those I’ve worked for. It’s a truly unique business and has ploughed its own way through financial market volatility, achieving record results. The only question remains why so many of us who occasionally use this type of service, and so understand how the business works, aren’t invested in it too.


Spread betting volume; harbinger of market doom or prophet of salvation

Two profit warnings by spread betting companies last month caught my eye. First, London Capital Group (LCG) blamed poor trading activity in March as being responsible for an 11% drop in spread betting and CFD trades compared to the year prior. Next, IG Group Holdings (IGG) blamed relative weakness since mid-March’s Interim Management Statement for “generally subdued” trading. IG Group noted that “the relative weakness [was] most evident in May”. But what do these warnings say about general conditions?

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