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Is that a Consortium Ship on the Inmarsat Tele-Screen? Status Report, Spock?

Hello Share Trouncers. From time to time I’ve commended the Footsie satellite king Inmarsat (ISAT) to your further researches. It did very well - for a time. Though Uncle Tom weighed in at one stage, wondering about the company's prospects...

Fancy an Investment in the Final Frontier? Put Your Telescope Up to Inmarsat

Hello Share Pals. I’ve been holding fire over the British space firm Inmarsat (ISAT) recently. And that’s not just because my more intelligent colleague Tom has been critical of my earlier commendations. It’s some time since Tom commented on Inmarsat, so I’m not sure he holds to his earlier critique which held that satellite communication was no longer the encouraging sector than it once was...


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel (including Daily Mail journalists)

You don't care what I say today, all you care about is the football. Indeed: come on Eng-er-land. I reflect briefly on the soccer, then cover Mrs May's Brexit sell out, why I'm not voting for the party of the useless and treacherous old hag again, and finally discuss the idea that British companies should not be bought by "dirty foreigner", ref Inmarsat (ISAT). I cover Optibiotix (OPTI) en passant and am glad that thanks to the incredible generosity of Nick Leslau, myself and Brokerman Dan have now raised £13,000 - 65% of our target - for Woodlarks ahead of the 28 July charity walk. Check Nick's donation and perhaps give a tenner yourself HERE

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: think of me with those muscular body builders laughing at me

Yes, today's training session for my Woodlarks charity walk is down at the gym run by local Tory stalwart Perry. Everyone else there is a muscular body builder. Then there is me. As the muscle men laugh at my pathetic efforts please donate a tenner ( as 95% of you have failed to do) to the 32 mile 28 July charity walk HERE.  In the podcast I discuss rescuing junk mail from Oakley's piss and netting £922.77, Audioboom (BOOM) - do the maths, its looking dire even post placing for free speech denying worm Rob Proctor, Feedback (FDBK), Avanti Communications (AVN) and Inmarsat (ISAT), Jim Mellon's Fast Forward (FFWD), LightwaverRF (LWRF), PCGE (PCGE) and AIQ (AIQ).

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Is it Time to Launch Back to the Final Frontier with this Plucky British Pioneer?

Hello Share Chewers, Though Uncle Tom is not a fan, I feel confident enough to bring Inmarsat (ISAT) to your attention again. It’s in a recovery orbit and, as I write, its shares are up another 10%. And after hours on Friday we discovered why..


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I am sorry folks but you will lose it all at Flowgroup

Interrupted by a vomiting cat and by Amazon delivery men this is my third stab at a podcast today. In it I cover FlowGroup (FLOW), Avanti Communications (AVN) and Inmarsat (ISAT), BCA Marketplace (BCA), the crock of shit that is Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) and Pantheon Resources (PANR), also a crock. And I revisit Air Partner (AIR) which is still not answering a key question. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH.

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The FT takes dictation from PR man for Telit again and spouts hogwash ... and other morons

Remember when the FT said Inmarsat (ISAT) was going to bid 140p a share for Avanti Coms (AVN) then at 30p now at 7.26p offer? Today it had a scoop on Telit (TCM) which the company has commented on. There is a grain of truth in the FT scoop but so much of what it writes is just PR spin as I demonstrate in this podcast. I hope the journalists responsible feel soiled and dirty. As for Telit I explain the various scenarios and why the downside is huge whatever happens. I cover UK Oil & Gas. A moron reckons he is going to make money by not paying to read ShareProphets and buying more UK Oil & Gas shares instead. Since his silly email the shares have lost another 14% and are now 4p bid. Next stop 3p then 2p then whatever. Truly the moron will be rich. Not. Then I rant about how troubled Interserv (IRV) lied to investors regarding the reason why its FD left and why that matters. 

Listen to the Bearcast:

Four Little Belters You May Want to Buy Before the Santa Rally

Hello Share Pals. The Footsie is creeping awfully near its all-time high and the Santa Rally is still to come yet. So I thought it might be a jolly wheeze to mention four more shares in my current bag which I have the highest hopes for. And here they are.

Malcolm Stacey misquotes me but is wrong about Inmarsat anyway - don't fight the tide

Malcolm Stacey is old enough to know about King Canute. In fact he is so old that he was there as a boy when the King sat in his chair on the beach and attempted to turn back the tide. Malcolm surely you remember the day as if it was yesterday? In which case why do you forget this valuable lesson when it comes to Inmarsat (ISAT) and your article today in which you misquote me and get it wrong in so many other ways.

After Falling to Earth, This Sci-fi Share May Rocket, Once Mr Spock Locks On

Hello Share Scoopers. There have been quite a few occasions now that I’ve commended a Footsie satellite company to your attention. On each mention, as I recall, the share grew in value. However, last year the shares took a big knock.

Fancy Throwing Cash into Outer Space? This Share May Lift Off

Hello Share Chasers. Every so often, I remind you of the potential of a British company which is higher than all other outfits in the Footsie. Though I am talking of high in the physical sense, rather than a matter of status.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: My legs feel like logs, I am just too old for this manual labour malarky

I will produce a detailed photo article on my manual labours today on the fields at the Greek Hovel later today but I am rapidly concluding that I am getting a bit old for this manual labour malarky. No doubt six months on a building site over the summer will knock me into shape. In terms of the markets Steve Moore is a nice guy. He needs to learn to be a total bastard like me. I comment on Brave Bison (BBSN) where  young Steve was just far too nice - someone at Brave should be doing a per walk. In a similar vein I comment on Milestone Group (MSG). Then it is onto the much ramped Frontera Resources (FRR), ditto China Africa (CAF) and then onto Inmarsat (ISAT) and Avanti Communications (AVN). Oh and I have chatted to Colin Bird of Xtract Resources (XTR).

This Share Has Got Life, Jim - but Not as Tom Knows it

Hello Share Puddlers. I’ve previously commended to you the outer space firm of Inmarsat (ISAT). It sends satellites up there to help with mobile phone signals in difficult places, like Everest. It also provides navigation for ships and planes.

This Satellite Firm Could Keep Flying, Despite What Tom Thinks

Hello Share Casters. I have occasionally expressed my hopes for a British company which commissions satellites for sending into outer space to aid communications down here.


Avanti kicks off the silly Season - still a sell

They don’t call this the silly season for nothing. Shortly after Inmarsat (ISAT)  announced on August 1st that it was not interested in Avanti (AVN), a story appeared in the FT saying that it had in fact been willing to pay “at least” 140p per share (subject to due diligence) right up until the end of July, around five times the price at the time.


Avanti Communications - the bonds still yield 18%: tells you FT wrong, shares are toast

Shares in Avanti (AVN) peaked at c50p following the reports in the FT that Inmarsat (ISAT) might have considered a 140p bid, a claim that seems ludicrous given the fact that Avanti is drowning in debt and needs a refinancing within weeks or it is tits up time. The shares have now drifted back to 37.375p today. Folks are starting to panic...perhaps they have looked at the bonds.


Avanti share price spike: the company speaks and says nothing at all

I have commented on Avanti Communications (AVN) twice in two days on the bearcasts HERE and HERE. Today with the shares zooming ahead to a peak of 50p (they are now 44p) the company commented but said nothing at all. Ronan Keating would be proud.

Uber Bombast David Williams stated:


Avanti Coms tries to spin its way out of trouble - Inmarsat exposes the lie: not bidding

Three days ago Sky News reported that Inmarsat (ISAT) had approached Avanti Communications (AVN) with a view to making a bid. This was, as it happens, not true and today Inmarsat has exposed the lie in full. The story here is not only of the looming financial bankruptcy of Avanti but of its full blown moral bankruptcy too. This is shocking at every level, another milestone of shame for both Avanti and for the AIM Casino.

The Problem May Be Fixed with Inmarsat, Jim. Ahead Warp Factor 6.

Hello Share Squeezers. I have been a big fan of Inmarsat (ISAT) the  big satellite company. Over the last few years, it has made me loadsamoney. But as Uncle Tom rightly said a few months ago, the story has since changed to the company’s detriment. And the shares have lost a third of their value over the last half year.

A Small Set-Back, Jim, but Inmarsat Still Aims for the Stars.

Hello Share Stumpers. Today I return to the space-age firm of Inmarsat (ISAT) the satellite company that goes where no man has been before. That’s probably over-egging the pudding, as there is some competition for what it does, which is arrange the launching of communications satellites into space. I have had my shares a long time and have seen my investment rocket. However, there was a glitch at the end of last week  when the company revised its revenue expectations. The shares were down about 14% at one point


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 May -Don't fall into the trap Malcolm (Stacey) admit that facts have changed

In today's podcast I chide my colleague Malcolm over an article he runs tomorrow on Inmarsat (ISAT). He makes the mistake, as we all do, of failing to accept that facts have changed. I explain why Inmarsat is certainly NOT a buy but then also reflect on why J Hon Esq makes the same error on China and on why I am so bearish on equities and, in accepting that, why the case for gold grows stronger.


Try the Telstar Tradition and Probe into a New Satellite Venture

Hello Share Plinkers. You may recall that I am a strong supporter of some companies which have links with outer space. Or at least, with satellites. One such favourite has done exceedingly well for me. I refer to Inmarsat (ISAT) that great British space pioneer which does so much to link up people in inaccessible places. Like the top of Everest, for example.


As Oilers and Miners Squirm, the Leisure Industry Piles on Share Value.

Hello Share Trippers. Oh dear! The price of crude oil drops to less than 40 dollars a barrel.That’s really nasty and we can blame OPEC for refusing to cut down on the amber nectar it has for sale.


Malcolm Launches Wonderful and Brilliant New Investment Fund

Hello Share Trudgers. Having met some successful fund managers at the fabled Gold & Bears show, I’ve decided to start my own investment fund. After all, they just seem like ordinary blokes and lasses to me.nBut my venture will be based on an almost sure recipe for big money success. While its risks will be almost non existent.

Location, Location, Location - and, for this Rocketing Company, It’s Outer Space.

Hello Share Fadists.  My favourite company in outer space is Inmarsat (ISAT). Yes, I know there aren’t many to choose from.

Journey into Space as Inmarsat Blasts Through Another All-Time High.

Hello Share Wingers. You probably know by now that I’m usually very glad to support shares where the potential is all in the future. This is why I’m a fan of biotech companies, which are trying something new. The risks are big because the pitfalls, including the fear of failure and tough licensing stipulations. But the rewards can be quite staggering.


Aggreko’s booted out of the FTSE-100…therefore it is time to buy:

You have to be careful of trading rules because as soon as they become gospel they tend to not work.  I have noticed however that when a stock is booted out of the FTSE-100 it often provides a buying opportunity.  This is because in today’s panicky financial market world passive tracker vehicles, which mechanically buy or sell shares depending on inclusion (or not) in an index.  Add in the impact of certain ‘clever’ fund managers attempting to anticipate this impact by selling before any such judgement and the quarterly index change period can throw up some opportunities. 

When Shares Soar, Turn Some of Your Babies into Hard Cash

Hello Share Peddlars. Quite a few of my favourite shares are tickling new highs. If it were not for the fall of oilers and the continuing problems of banks, the Footsie would now be far higher than its all-time zenith.


The Joy of Notching Up New Record Highs.

Hello Share Codgers. Probably the best way to tell if your favourite shares are going to do even better in the future is when they burst through their 12-month highs.


A Sheaf of Super Signals for Shares that will Soon Shine.

Hello Share Chirpers. Let's have a look at the ideal company to invest in – one that ticks all the boxes.


Hate to Brag, But All My Recent Picks Are Rattling Up.

Hello Share Shunters. I'm doing my Christmas cards. This is no quick task as I like to put news letters in each one. And none of these poxy Round Robins for everyone, either

Why Don't You Boldly Go – with Inmarsat.

Hello Share Swogglers. Have you noticed how much interest there is in space travel at the mo?

Inmarsat Is No Waste of Space.

Hello Share Mashers: Inmarsat (ISAT) is a great British space-age techno company – but not as we know it, Jim. You may recall lots in the news about Inmarsat earlier this year. They were the ones who were looking for bits of wrecked plane in that big missing aircraft tragedy.

Buy Inmarsat at 680p Or Better: Above 650p Targets 780p

There is currently an interesting contrast between the fundamentals at mobile satellite communications services provider Inmarsat (ISAT) and the technical analysis.

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