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LSE Asylum – the financial crisis is actually far worse than we previously indicated: where's the Fat Lady?

A couple of days ago I noted how the London South East Bulletin Board ( aka the LSE Asylum) appeared to be heading towards insolvency - HERE. It is the fate which, almost, invariably happens to companies that hire Zak, the Sith Lord, Mir. For Judas is also Jonah. And now a closer examination of its historic numbers shows that the crisis may be far worse than even we thought. Timber!!!!!


Andalas - Spoof y'all: whens the next bailout placing?

Dave "Rule breaker" Whitby and his colleagues at AIM Listed Piece of Turkish Andalas Energy (ADL) are on the spoof again with a ramptastic RNS saying nothing at all of of any interest whatsoever. Folks know Whitby's game and the shares are off at just 0.165p because what is really happening is the start of the ramping that proceeds a deeply discounted placing. Next up a soft interview with Zak "Judas" Mir, a podcast with Justin the clown or a presentation at a Proactive seminar? Perhaps a buy note from Edison? We have seen the Andalas ramp before and surely no-one is stupid enough to buy it again?

Inspirit Energy - news from the boiler room - yet another placing, next one soon

There has been a real attempt to ramp Inspirit Energfy (INSP) on a six month timeframe ahead of today's placing. There were tweets from my fave Monaco based Colonial with whom I have a summer truce and whom I thus shall not mention, the utterly meaningless share purchases (spoofed ya!) by John Gunn and a series of soft paid for interviews with Sith Lord Zak "Judas" Mir and others when Mr Gunn said there was no need for a placing. So today there was a placing.

Want to throw rotten apples ( sorry quiz) Strat Aero & the Sith Lord Zak "Judas"Mir? Here's your chance

Do you have any questions for the new management team at Strat Aero (AERO)? I do and they are below. Would you like to quiz whoever is in charge well thanks to the Sith Lord Zak "Judas" Mir you can. You can also ask Judas a few questions and, to get the ball rolling, I have one regarding David Lenigas.


Tom Winnifrith BearCast Special - The academic research that shows that bears & short sellers are the good guys, we are the regulators

I spent a happy night reading an an article supporting  stock promoters and crooks and an attack on bears from Zak "Judas" Mir. Cripes it was drivel. I then read a quite superb academic paper  "Go Down Fighting Short Sellers vs Firms" from the US which is the most comprehensive study of bear raids on US firms. It analyses how they respond but demonstrates quite clearly why the bears are the good guys, why we bears are the most effective regulators against stock promotion and fraud in town. The bald and clear fact is the sheer scale of long term underoerformance of stocks in the years AFTER a bear raid. The clear message is that bears are exposing wrong doing in a way that regulators do not and that listening to bears & selling shares in companies they target rather than siding with the con artists saves you money.

Listen to the Bearcast:
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