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The Black Horse Seems Tethered to the Brexit Argy-Bargy. So If a Deal Happens Expect a Big Jump

Hello, Share Bundlers. Looking at the chart for Lloyds Group (LLOY) is enough to give anyone the heebie jeebies. Mid-August the shares fell to 48p. Only a month later they were 55p. So up by 14%, which is an unusually big jump for a Footsie company. Less than three weeks later they were back down to 50p. And then at the end of last week, they were back to nearly 60p. Or approaching 20% better than on the ninth of this month. My Lloyds holding is one of the biggest in my book, so this up and down performance is pretty stressful. But why is Lloyds so volatile lately?...

Oh, Oh, Antonio. It's No Wonder You're Staying On

Hello, Share Soupers. The fear of increasing interest rates here and in the US caused the recent glitch in share values. But it’s not been fully realised that such hikes will help the balance sheets of British banks. So with the year’s results for Lloyds Group (LLOY) expected on Thursday, allow me to make the case for investing in this under-estimated bank.

The Black Horse Kicks Up a Special Divi - So the Share Price May Gallop Even Faster Ahead.

Last May, shares in Lloyds Group (LLOY) reacted to a better-than-expected set of results by rising to very nearly 90p. It was an improvement that put the other high street banks to shame. But turmoil in Europe and a slowing Chinese economy sent the price dribbling down soon afterwards. 

Could the Black Horse Come Storming Up on the Rails Again? Ref Lloyds Group.

Hello Share Shufflers. It’s probably time we revisited a share I know is very popular among the astute denizens of this superlative website. I refer to Lloyds Group (LLOY).

Harold Lloyd, the Black Horse and High Buildings Don’t Mix, but the Dark Nag could Still Be Worth A Punt.

Hello Share Seekers. You may remember Harold Lloyd, the famous silent picture star, who climbed tall buildings and kept falling off them.

Have a Bash at Honkers Bonkers.

Hello Share Monkeys. I’ve written about RBS (RBS) and Lloyds Group (LLOY) lately. But I’ve neglected the biggest UK bank of all, Honkers Bonkers (HSBA).

A Firm which Could Rocket on that Lloyds Sale Promised on a Tory Win.

Hello Share Twiddlers. So if the Tories get in again they will sell off Lloyds (LLOY) shares to the public at a discount.


Why Diageo and Wetherspoon Might be Right for Your Portfolio – Despite what Tom Thinks.

Hello Share Changers. My recent support for a couple of big British firms has been criticised by Uncle Tom this week


Hate to Brag, But All My Recent Picks Are Rattling Up.

Hello Share Shunters. I'm doing my Christmas cards. This is no quick task as I like to put news letters in each one. And none of these poxy Round Robins for everyone, either

This Website is Not for Your Entertainment. We Want to Make You Rich

.Hello Share Shunters. There is always a welter of critical items on this fine website. Unlike most financial sites, there is not an over-arching bias to praising companies to the skies.

Black Beauty Could Kick Your Portfolio into Life.

Hello Share Sharpers: Uncle Tom is showing his tremendous moral courage on this outstanding website yet again. Let’s all marvel at some of his forthright and detailed posts over the last few days. May I also exhibit a small show of bravery by drawing your attention once again to Lloyds Bank (LLOY). This is perhaps more foolhardy than courageous, though, as the beggars have let me down so often since the big crunch days of 2008.

Lloyds Bank – and the Curse of Interfering Mandarins.

Hello Share Sifters: Everyone I know – well, about 20 of them, have shares in Lloyds Group (LLOY). They are hopeful that the Government will put its slice of the company up for sale at a quid a share. Also that a dividend will start to come their way.

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