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Monitise – “Trading Update” = Trading Warning (natch)…

Currently attempting to push a 2.9p per share offer from S&P 500 financial services technology company Fiserv through, Monitise (MONI) has followed the recent lead of InterQuest (ITQ) in delivering a downbeat trading update…

Monitise – from 80p in 2014 and “well placed” at approaching 6p in 2015 to a recommended offer… at 2.9p!

Having previously attracted some adverse comment for bearishness on Monitise (MONI) – including at 50p+, I note the shares currently trade approaching 22% higher today, at 2.80p, on the back of a recommended cash offer for the company…

Monitise – reckons half-year results demonstrate transformation programme working. Hmmm…

A half-year results announcement from cash guzzler (Oops sorry, “digital technology group specialising in financial services”), Monitise (MONI) emphasises “our transformation programme is nearing completion, and continued half on half EBITDA profitability demonstrates that it is working”. Hmmm, EBITDA is though of course bullshit earnings, so what’s the real story?...

Monitise – FY results, claims “positive” client response, but then admits contracts taking longer to conclude than anticipated! …

Monitise (MONI) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2016 emphasising “substantial improvement” in second half operating figures and “FINKit®, our new business unit which enables banks and financial services organisations to transform their digital services, launched during the year generating initial revenues in the second half of FY 2016, and received a positive response from current and potential clients and partners”. Sounds good…

Monitise – MONI, MONI, MONI, another “Trading Update” that’s not funny for shareholders

Long-time specialist in draining shareholder money (sorry, “specialist in financial services technology focused on accelerating the digital transformation of banks and financial institutions”), Monitise (MONI) commences the first two bullet points of a trading update with “in line with previous guidance”, though the last includes that it “expects FY 2017 revenue to be lower than FY 2016 as a result of the continuing transition for the business”. Uh oh…


Table of shorted AIM shares - end May 2016

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares at the end of May 2016 (by net short position %) - and if the positions have increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since last month...

Monitise – content business disposal off due to strong performance and prospects & to minimise uncertainty. Really?

With its shares rising fast from sub 2p at the start of March, Monitise (MONI), noting the movement, updated that it was “in very early stage discussions regarding a possible disposal of the Content business”. Now, these discussions have “ceased” - with the shares currently sliding back below 3p in response…


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 4 March - Arguing with a Drunken Sailor as rats jump ship from AIM

Rules are rules and whether it is soccer playing sex offenders or AIM Companies you have to stick to them. Moreover a COI is a COI even if sign off on and some may be legally kosher but are morally wrong. I refer to my rows with DS on 3Legs Resources (3LEG). I look at Monitise (MONI), rats leaving AIM, viz Edge Resources (EDG) & UMC Energy (UEP). I ask where is the fraud at African Potash (AFPO)? And then - to entertain Wildes - I look at LGO Energy (SHITE) again as well as at Iofina (IOF) - when will it fess up? I also ask a question of Audioboom (BOOM)

Monitise – interim results, the numbers don’t look good!

Monitise plc (MONI) has announced results for its half year ended 31st December 2015. The numbers don’t look good!…

Tungsten heading for Penny Share status. Sell at 39p

Since Tungsten Corporation’s  (TUNG) share price peaked around 400p just over a year ago, prompting its then boss, Edi Truell to brag about the £400 millionn Market cap at the AGM, the market retribution has been savage and unrelenting. The shares are down over ninety percent and that’s after raising a further £30mn in the markets. (Memo to CEOs out there: Never brag about your shareprice)


Table of shorted AIM shares - 06/11/2015

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Performance Update: 2015 UK Investor Show bear calls & investor short positions

At the 18th April 2015 UK Investor Show, the top shorts of bears Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and Kevin Ashton were announced. As noted HERE, we're monitoring progress of those also having been identified as shorts by significant investment companies...


Bitch fight at the twitter OK coral: top share blogger Paul Scott trashes Roger Lawson

I have long criticised Roger Lawson of ShareScoc He wrote supportively on blinkx (BLNX) without declaring a position and attacked folks like myself and Ben Edelman who disagreed,  declaring that he was a “software expert”.  It now appears that the software expert was also long of Monitise (MONI) and Globo (GBO)

Monitise plc – “Telefónica cloud platform agreement” not as positive as it may sound…

“Monitise (MONI) and Telefónica cloud platform agreement” Great news! What? The agreement supersedes an existing contract between the companies, is only “to explore” potential projects based on the Monitise cloud platform and “the company's guidance for FY 2016 remains unchanged as a result of this announcement”. And it gets worse?...

Monitise plc – follows share price and results disappointment with… cut-price share option awards!?!

With its shares having crashed from 80p in early 2014 to 2.68p at the start of this month and having announced a self-declared “disappointing” financial performance last month, Monitise plc (MONI) has this month responded by… ‘awarding’ options “to directors and employees of the company in respect of the Monitise Performance Share Plan”!?! …


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 18 September - carry on Up The Sefton Resources

In today's podcast I celebate Fiji - come on guys, the Celtic World expects. Then onto how Goldman Sachs got the FOMC to carry on blowing bubbles and the to the farce carry on up the Sefton (SER) - Raylene Whitford has quit. Then to New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Ferrexpro (FXPO), Arian Silver (AGQ), Monitise (MONI), Metals Exploration (MTL) and LGO Energy (LGO - The Sheriff of AIM vindicated once again


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9/11 - Looking back & forward & a rip roaring day on AIM

It is 9/11 and I look back 14 years. I also reflect on the Orwellian way we all viewed Syria earlier this week. Looking forward, we have sold 90% of the restaurant in Clerkenwell to the pizza hardman Darren Atwater. we end up slightly ahead on the deal but I have had enough of running businesses and blame my own old age and the Tories for that. This is the start of my wind-down. On AIM its a cracking day with another China fraud kill, China Chaintek (CTEK) and more fun and games at Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), Redhall (RHL), Monitise (MONI), Sefton Resources (SER, Cloudbuy (CBUY) and Golden Saint Resources (GSR). And I am getting into bed with Rob Proctor of Audioboom (BOOM). Not literally but...well I explain in full. in the podcast.

Listen to the Bearcast:

Monitise – full-year results review, bearish stance further vindicated…what a dog

Monitise plc (MONI) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2015 – with it noting a “disappointing” financial performance and announcing another change in leadership. Having long warned (see, for example, HERE), what’s the outlook now with the shares further down currently to below 4p?


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9 September - more nonsense from and questions for Quindell

I start by clarifying certain rumous circulating that I am starting new businesses or getting involved with those who do. Au contraire. Very much au ffing contraire. Then it is onto today's ludicrous announcement from Quindell (QPP). I also cover Sefton Resources (SER), Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL), Auhua Clean Energy (ACE) - a dirty AIM dog if I ever I saw one - Asian Citrus (ACHL), Aquatic Foods (AFG), Daniel Stewart (DAN), Iofina (IOF) and of course Monitise (MONI).

Listen to the Bearcast:

Performance Update: 2015 UK Investor Show bear calls & investor short positions

At the 18th April 2015 UK Investor Show, the top shorts of bears Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and Kevin Ashton were announced. As noted HERE, we're monitoring progress of those also having been identified as shorts by significant investment companies...


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Eurasia Mining, Monitise, Oracle Coalfields, Red Rock Resources, Roxi Petroleum, Sefton Resources

Featuring a look at the shares of Eurasia Mining (EUA), Monitise (MONI), Oracle Coalfields (ORCP), Red Rock Resources (RRR), Roxi Petroleum (RXP), Sefton Resources (SER), with some share price targets thrown in for good measure!

Zak Mir's Bear Call Of The Day: Monitise: Rise Of Sub 5p Destination Despite Oversold RSI

It would appear that from a fundamental perspective at Monitise there is almost an endless analysis that one could offer as to both the positives we used to be overwhelmed by, and the way that the star of the payments company appears to have gone into decline

Monitise plc – bearishness further vindicated as Visa Europe now also set to walk

Last September Visa Inc. announced a lessening involvement with Monitise plc (MONI) – prompting us to ask if the US-based company can go it alone who will be next? (see HERE). Today Monitise has announced that Visa Europe Ltd has now also notified it that it will reduce its shareholding over time while continuing to work with the company throughout the duration of its current commercial agreement…

Monitise plc – further alliance with IBM, but have the fundamentals changed?

Having fallen to 40.5p earlier this month, shares in ‘mobile money’ technology company Monitise plc (MONI) traded more than 14% higher yesterday, at 48.25p. This follows the announcement of a further extension of its relationship with IBM. In the following I review the announcement and share price move.

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