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I have not written about (MONY) before but Malcolm has, as you can see here just over a year ago. He was absolutely correct that helping to identify good value car insurance, home insurance, credit card deals, travel insurance, pet insurance and broadband deals, along with the ownership of (thanks Martin Lewis), was popular with lots of people. And whilst COVID-19 issues with the travel industry has caused some challenges over the last year, a business with some overall net cash on its balance sheet and free cash flow generation helping to support a 5%+ dividend yield certainly could have been a lot worse. But the shares have had a very poor last few months as, whilst the travel insurance business has been only slow to improve, the energy deals business has been an absolute shocker recently.

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Why I think Compares Well With Other Shares

Hello, Share Smashers. Reviewing the chances of comparison websites is not something I’ve really done before. But I rather like the look of (MONY), even if I cringe at its annoying TV adverts. The shares took a nasty dive at the onset of the virus but, like so many outfits in the insurance game, they’ve recovered fast…

Why Moneysupermarket may Make you More Money than Other Comparison Websites

Hello, Share Ticklers. Like me, you probably find comparison sites pretty useful. The savings you can make on car insurance, for example, are tasty. The first website that comes to mind is probably that annoying Meerkats one. This family benefits from its generous two-cinema-tickets-for-one deal all the time, though it can keep its cutesy market toys.

Super Investors Might Find a Super Investment in

Hello Share Squeezers. I’ve been having fun lately trying to get cheaper car insurance. You know how it is - the renewal quote is always a heck of a lot more than your current policy. Though they always forget to remind you what you first paid.

Zak Mir's Bear Call Of The Day: Support Towards 240p

Moneysupermarket (MONY) has undoubtedly delivered false sunsets in terms of the extended rally which has dominated the daily chart over much of the past year.

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