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Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer & Malta – it’s a wrap says the regulator as it lists (some of) her crimes

Not all of them, of course. The regulator, on this occasion, is not concerned with the unpaid wages, the unpaid payroll taxes, the criminal charges laid against Meyer and her failure to appear in Court when summonsed. As ever, it appears that while Meyer boasted how her Maltese operations were hugely profitable and had massive asset backing, for some reason, there was never any cash to pay even small bills. But it is not that which the MFSA has opined upon.

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Laughable Julie Meyer press release tries to explain Maltese FSA suspension - but its all fake news from Farrer & Co

Another day and another fake news press release lands from cash strapped devout Christian Julie Meyer signed off by her new lawyer from Farrer & Co. Gosh I want to see the Farrer bitchez in Court on this one... On Friday the Maltese regulator the MSFA suspended Meyer's license to operate on the island (and thus under passporting rules anywhere in the EU) and made a damning statement as you can see HERE. Meyer's response is fake news so I serve it up with a Shareprophets translation service. Fake News from Farrer & Co is in italics.


BREAKING: Maltese Financial Services Authority suspends license of Meyer's Ariadne and slates Julie

Praise be the Lord!  This evening the Maltese Regulator, the MSFA, has finally acted - as I predicted it would two days ago HERE. It has stated that, having been investigating devout Christian Julie Meyer personally as well as Ariadne Capital Malta Limited - her regulated operation - since last November, it has today suspended its license to operate with immediate effect. The statement is no holds barred. The MSFA opines:

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