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O! Mark Kavanagh you tight-fisted poltroon: do you work for free?

Mark Kavanagh, formerly “Head of Product Risk”  - no sniggering at the back – with the collapsed Greensill Capital, now under FCA investigation has sent us an email after I highlighted his new job at Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Mark is a tight-fisted poltroon and asks that we send him the article for free. Mark clearly thinks he should not pay £1.99 for a day pass. Mark: do you work for free or are you paid vast sums to control risk at lenders that collapse?

Meet Supply@ME Capital's new hire. You couldn't make this shit up but the morons are happy.

The morons are delighted as Supply@ME Capital (SYME) has announced a new hire: Mark Kavanagh who is to be the new “Head of Operations and Transformation. And his prior role…

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