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Chill Brands hires and deceives yet again & a lesson for its, now ex, PR, disgraced Buchanan

We will come to the latest deception by the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL) later but first a lesson for Buchanan PR and its China fraud specialist Henry Harrison-Topham. It seems Buchanan was fired in November.

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Sunday Long Reads: Tragedy of the commons is no true, Saved from Nazis by the Guardian, Mars, Live Aid, Gender Drama

Here are five long reads that have nothing to do with shares. Put the kettle on, find a comfy chair. You have the time, don’t you? 


Photo Article: Go woke go broke with LGBT Skittles

I am not suggesting that Mars, the owner of the Skittles brand of sweets, is going bust. But I wonder if the woke millenials in its UK marketing department have covered themselves in glory this year.


It's been a torrid time for pubs, but Marston's should recover strongly following its deal Carlsberg

There are some sectors where I am incredibly wary of buying in general at the moment, but amongst those there are companies that have the strength to survive the current situation with Covid-19 and will do very well long term, so there is an argument for buying them as an investment.

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