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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: fake sheiks & Nomads in the doghouse on another day of utter shame for the scandal plagued AIM Casino

I start with an update on ADVFN's paedo guy, then it is onto the role of Nomads on the AIM Casino, what they are meant to do and the problems they face. I look at three Nomads and their clients: Lekoil (LEK), Versarien (VRS) and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) plus I discuss Tizania (TILS) and today's monster spoof from almost insolvent Iconic Labs (ICON).

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Six days to the obscene swine-fest you fund, the AIM Awards: so how is the casino doing?

Now in its 24th year the annual obscenity that is the AIM Awards Dinner is now just six days away. Tickets cost £200 a pop and Nomads, brokers, lawyers, accountants and PR firms snap up all 1200 of them. It is an osbcene beanfeast for the crony capitalists.


Lessons from BNN, MySQUAR and Other Matters

The BNN Technology (BNN) fiasco is rather a depressing reminder that it takes an event such as the resignation of a CFO, accompanied by some serious whistleblowing for NOMADs and AIM regulation to act, by which time it is invariably too late for the retail investor. This is largely because the system is inherently flawed in that NOMADs are paid by the very people that they are supposed to be vetting. This is why AIM is stuffed with BNNs ticking away like time bombs.


The elephant in the AIM abuse room: expenses and corporate entertainment - hookers on the tab & the AIM awards

The revelations this week about how both Teathers Financial (TEA), notably HERE & HERE, and the former manager at Wandisco (WAND), HERE, have pillaged shareholder funds to allow management, their wives and pals to live the high life have been shocking. That the Teathers boys thought racking up a bar tab in one night which was greater than the UK average post tax monthly wage just shows how distorted was their value set. But this is the tip of a very enormous iceberg on AIM and among the crony capitalists who service AIM Companies. And it's all your money. I write today not to expose but to call for specific changes.


Tom Winnifrith bonus bearcast: Ding Dong the Environmental Recycling £65 million fraud Witch is dead - bring on the SFO

Environmental Recycling Technologies (ENRT) was slung off AIM today. But the former 3DM is not telling you something rather more serious which happened 11 days ago. This is a fraud that is now officially dead;. It has cost mug punters £65 million. I explain why it is a fraud (as I did back in 2005) and I name all of those on the roll call of shame including FSA (now FCA) officials who failed investors, nomads, brokers, tipsters, managers. And I explain my next step - write to the SFO.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 4 Feb - Accept it: facts change and what to make of Plethora

Warning: perhaps it is best not to play this podcast in front of the kids. On the agenda today I remember when Evil Knievil was a 3Dimmer - good investors accept that facts change, I note this in reference to MX Oil (MXO). I also discuss the folly of leaping to conclusions with reference to Falanx (FLX) and cover DQ Entertainment (DQE) and why Nomads are so skittish these days. Then it is on to Imaginatik (IMTK) and my old sparring partner the fraudster Rob Terry before I end up with a discussion of spraying ones todger and what to make of the situation at Plethora (PLE), the baby of my old friend Jim Mellon


LGO Odd One Out Contest - You all got it wrong (well sort of)

Yesterday I asked you to identify the odd one out in the four pictures below: The England Rugby team, David Lenigas, Market-makers Winterfloods and the City Nomads, brokers and PRs celebrating at their annual Christmas party and YOU ALL GOT IT WRONG but there were some good answers anyway HERE.


AIM Regulation tells CEOs to stop tweeting – what utter plonkers

Some CEOs have clearly abused twitter telling outright lies (Rob Terry) and being somewhat aggressive with the Truth (Mr 3D I meant 2D seismic). But having failed to deal with major scandals of fraud and lying the oxymoron that is the AIM Regulation is wading in with draconian edicts that will achieve nothing.


Bonfire of the bad Nomads – Cenkos and Beaumont Cornish

There are two very interesting firings today of Nomads. First Teathers Financial (TEA) has binned Roland “fatty” Cornish moving to Grant Thornton and secondly Quindell (QPP) has canned Cenkos (CNK), moving to Peel Hunt.


Prize Competition: AIM is 20, nominate the "lifetime value destroyer" on the Casino

A free meal for two at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House in Clerkenwell is the prize in this week's contest. On the 19th the crony capitalists will be celeberating AIM's 20th birthday. How they will celebrate with black tie events, champagne, coke and hookers all paid for you.. the mug punters.


Tom Winnifrith's BearCast - Time to revolt against the Crony Capitalist nomads, brokers, PRs and boards

I was thinking, as I rode home through ghostly olive groves illuminated by a full moon, about the mindset of Daniel Stewart employees who want to beat me up. My crime is to point out the fact that they have earned vast sums by floating and raising money for frauds, so screwing ordinary AIM investors. 

Listen to the Bearcast:

Proof that AIM is the most honest and clean stockmarket in the world (that is irony BTW)

You want proof that the AIM Casino is not as you may have thought a place where CEOs lie and commit fraud, where Nomads float any old rubbish but a beacon of honesty. You may have lost money on stocks but that is unlucky because there is hard evidence that this market is cleaner than clean, whiter than white, The Mother Theresa of all Exchanges.


The AIM Casino is a Cesspit Cesspit of Crooks and Crony Capitalists and is dying – I’m off to meet real snakes before I vomit

Yesterday evening I was doing a bit of frigana chopping at the Greek Hovel and I heard a rustling in the bush I was approaching. I know enough by now to realise what was making the noise and beat a hasty retreat. But the stench of corruption on AIM tells me where the real snakes operate. It is a cesspit for crooks and crony capitalists who systematically transfer wealth from the many (mug investors) to the few (themselves). I have had enough of this for one day and am heading back to the fields to face real snakes. They are less loathsome. There is a solution but the London Stock Exchange does nothing. It is guilty of abetting financial crime by its inaction.


Join CEOs and Journalists at the AIM Cesspit Awards Dinner on Monday Night

The guest list is "er interesting" - more than half a dozen of the more interesting AIM CEOs, two or three Nomads, at least one individual publicly censored by the FSA/FCA,  a bunch of journalists, a sprinkling of PR birds and lots of food and booze. Yes it is the second annual AIM Cesspit awards dinner with talks by Evil Knievil and Lucian Miers. Fancy joining us?


Weekly Financial Video Postcard Number 34 – AIM Cesspit Edition

Tom Winnifrith is back with a new camera if not a new rugby shirt for his video postcard and he returns to a familiar theme – that of the AIM Cesspit.

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