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Breaking – Fantastist penny share huckster Chris Oil facing bankruptcy order from broker within two weeks: City source

If you wondered where the fantastist penny share spiv Chris Oil had got to, I fear that news from the man who lives with mummy and daddy in a fake castle does not seem good. I revealed that he was on the hook to his erstwhile pal Brokerman Dan Levi for £150,000 a year or so ago. Luckily for all the talk of shotguns and past villany, the reality is that Dan is too much of a nice guy for his own good and has yet to issue a formal statutory demand against Mr Oil which would lead to the fantasist being declared bankrupt. But …

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Andy Morrison of Spinnaker Opportunities – pass the diversity sick bag please

I commented a few weeks ago on Spinnaker Opportunities (SPAQ) explaining exactly why it was !an over-priced nest of vipers”.  But as of yesterday it claimed to have showed that it was committed to “good corporate governance and to our diversity of thinking.” Andy Morrison you do not half talk bollocks.


This is soft porn, this is gambling and this is pointless - this is NOT capitalism

Following on from the offering from Killer Frogs earlier on the 12 year old NFT Tycoon, I bring you a tweet from PR genus Steffi promoting a product which will, I am sure, make a few folks a lot of money along the way. But what is it? Soft porn, meets gambling meets pointless speculation? How does this create real jobs or objects of beauty or purpose to advance humankind? I am at a loss but surely this is not capitalism. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


Cc’d in on the most bonkers email thread in history – Anglo African Oil & Gas is grotesquely mismanaged

For some reason I found myself cc’d in on an email thread last night between Sarah Cope the utterly useless chairperson of Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Richard Jennings, the company’s advisors and some investors. It was bonkers but it is clear that Ms Cope is doing all she can to steamroller through the crap deal with Zenith Energy (ZEN) without giving shareholders the chance to consider what looks a far better deal from team Jennings. For that and for many other reasons Cope should be fired and cast into the corporate wilderness. The thread starts with Jennings responding to an RNS issued late in the day by Anglo:

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BREAKING: Big Dish – why it needs to reissue its interim financial statements & fire chairman Jonathan Morley-Kirk

I explained in great detail in yesterday’s bearcast why Big Dish (DISH) chairman Jonathan Morley-Kirk needs to be fired or "resigned" at once over the statements made via RNS on May 30  a week ahead of a placing which, interims out yesterday, showed (again) to be a most monstrous lie. But those interims are also non IFRS compliant and must thus be reissued and for this latest bollocks up the man who is meant to bring City experience to the board, Morley-Kirk, must surely walk.

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Naivete is not a sin and I really do take it all back about PR genius Steffi - what a nice woman

Rather surprisingly, at her suggestion, I have just had a coffee with PR Genius Steffi and I take everything I have said back. She is actually quite smart in absolute terms and relative to most in her industry she is we, er.. a genius. What a nice lady. I have resolved to be nice to her going forward even if she does spin for Golden Saint Resources (GSR) which is worthless. Elsewhere I look at the remarkable naivete of some Cloudtag (CTAG) shareholders even now. This is not a sin but I suggest they wise up a bit.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Why hasn't Deborah White been fired for breaking AIM Rules?

I have loaded the photos of pressing the olives from the Greek Hovel HERE. There may not be a bearcast tomorrow as I am about to start travelling soon. Today I look at LGO Energy (LGO), Milestone Group (MSG) and its CEO Deborah White who has committed market abuse and should be fired, Strat Aero (AERO), Fox Marble (FOX), Golden Saint (GSR) where I suggest a rule change is needed at AIM to deal with share dumping parasites like PR genius Steffi, and Proxama (PROX).


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I have a proposition for PR fecking genius Steffi

I start with a quick discussion on how we in the UK just don't get US politics and explain why Donald Trump will win - in fact he is already 8% ahead you read it HERE first! Then I explain why Peel Hunt is probably going to bully me with a lawyers letter regarding the Berkeley Energia (BKY) note HERE.  My proposition for Steffi is not to make an honest woman of her...that would be going too far but concerns her worthless client Golden Saint Resources (GSR) and is prompted by her unhappiness at my earlier Bearcast Special HERE. I look at Andalas (ADL), Greka Drilling (GDL) and BlueRock Diamonds (BRD). I am now trying to renew my father's parking permit with Warwickshire County Council and have been kept hanging on a line for ages by the incompetent bastards. String em up with piano wire.. 


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special: PR Genius Steffi, Beaufort Securities, the Vox rampfest and Solo Oil - the sordid underbelly of AIM

In this bearcast special I take apart a share price ramp being orchestrated today by Solo Oil's (SOLO) broker Belfort Securities, PR fecking genius Steffi and the rampers nest of snakes that is the Justin the Clown podcast at Vox Markets. Investors need to be aware there is a massive stock overhang and a placing ahoy. They are being hoodwinked not by the company I stress but by its crony capitalist advisers and by those for whom Lenin's phrase "useful idiot" could not be more apt.


When’s the next LGO placing? Neil Ritson caught on tape at AGM

Some naughty, naughty chappies appear to have taped the entire AGM of LGO Energy (LGO) on Monday. You naughty, naughty boys. Transparency for an AIM listed PLC. Whatever next? This is political correctness gone mad. If Neil finds out who is responsible he will get his favourite PR genius Steffi to spank bottoms at once. I digress lets go 14 minutes and 30 seconds into the recording...


Malcolm Stacey on holiday Caption Contest day 6 & day 5 winner

Yesterday's holiday snap from Getafix generated 17 possible captions. The most innacurate, from Backwoodsman, suggested that Malcolm burying his cash in the ground might be his worst investment decision. No way. Surely buying LGO shares was worse. At least there is a slim chance of getting your cash back out of the hole. But Backwoodsman also served up the winner. You can see all 17 entries HERE. Today Malcolm's snap suggests the old rogue has got very lucky. Do your worst.


Chris Oil quits blogging Caption Contest Result - a Joint winner

Thanks for the dozens of posts in the Criminal Chris Oil caption contest. I ams sure that you made both Mr Oil and PR genius Steffi, who was also the subject of multiple entries, very happy. You can see the full list of entries HERE. But the joint winners with cracking captions for the photo below are:


Lying criminal Chris Oil discusses who owes him cash and his pals in the SAS

There are no photos yet of Chris Oil's imaginary sports cars in Dubai. But his claim to have been the U-18 school boxing champion now looks all the more impressive given how so many of his pals from school are now in the SAS. If ISIS are not backing down when we send in the school boxing also rans into Syria perhaps it is time that Rambo Oil went on a special mission? The Islamofascists would surely shit themselves if they knew that the hardest bloke from the top school for SAS recruiting, Mr Chris Oil, was on his way. 

PR Genius Reg Hoare says Lucian & Times of Israel wrong on Plus 500

All PR folks are geniuses. Reg Hoare does the PR for Plus500 (PLUS) and reckons Lucian Miers has it all wrong. I am a fair man so am happy just to print Reg's email in full. Over to the genius who writes:


Reader Movies - Chris Oil & PR Genius Steffi hook up

Thanks to kind reader Bobby Chariot for this Bollywood classic as the UK's best known PR genius hooks up with Britain's Buffet (sic).


Market abusing criminal Chris Oil at Indaba Photo Caption Contest

"Mine's almost 100 foot long" Said criminal Chris Oil to PR Genius Steffi, the TR1 Queen. She looked at him doubtfully. No mine is bigger than that of David Lenigas. Steffi laughed. Chris smiled broadly: "No..., don't be silly I don't need to exaggerate about that...I am talking about my super yacht in the background." The little twerp held his fingers crossed tightly behind his back. Mummy had told him before that he must not tell porkies and that Santa would not be calling at Christmas if he did. Yes the serial market abuser has sent in his first photo from the Indaba mining conference, see below. Post your entries for this latest caption contest in the comments section below. Deadline midnight 14 February (Sunday).


Totally bankrupt Golden Saint Resources issues comedy release of the year

PR genius Steffi I applaud you for making me a happy man with what must be the most ludicrous press release of the year from your client Golden Saint Resources (GSR). We know that this company is bankrupt and trading whilst insolvent but I am glad that Nomad Roland "fatty " Cornish has not done his job properly and suspended the shares from the AIM Casino as this is sheer comedy.

David Lenigas - are you blaming hapless Neil Ritson or PR genius Steffi? Winding up notice at Solo Oil

Oh dear it is not a very good day for Jabba The Hutt is it? The latest bad news is that a first winding up order has been submitted to Companies house for AIM listed Solo Oil (SOLO) - see below. But who is to blame?


Market abuser Chris Oil: Watch out BP and Shell - Sefton's coming for you

The man who claims that his family discovered the North Sea, who modestly describes himself as Britain's Buffett, the market abuser Chris Oil has today issued a stark warning to BP and Shell - their position is under threat...from Sefton Resources (SER) - net cash £300,000, no assets and set to be booted off AIM in less than a month. Well you heard it here first. Did his PR genius Steffi sign off on this tweet:

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