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If Umuthi thought Richard Jennings was is the First Gazette! Tough luck fascist bastard lawyers Memery Crystal

I did warn Umuthi PLC and its top notch advisers at fascist bastard lawyers Memery Crystal that Richard “Nobody likes me and I don’t care” Jennings was serious but, as ever, those smart folk down in London knew best. Today Jennings and his Align Research firm have indeed – as I predicted -  filed a First Gazette notice against Umuthi which will , almost certainly, see it wound up.  You can see the filing below. This will sink plans for a Standard Listing masterminded by Memery Crystal who will then not get paid. Oh dear. I have a lot of history with Memory Crystal. It likes acting for scoundrels.

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Christmas Comes Early - Pirate Pete Landau of Range infamy in Court again

As he only visits those boys and girls who have been good this year I guess that Santa will once again feel no need to drop in on the Landau household, headed up by Pirate Pete of Range Resources (RRL) and many other companies, infamy. But for the rest of us there is an early present with news that the Pirate is in Court again. Happy days.


Pete Landau accused of A$2m+ theft fraud & forgery: Part 1, The Pirate

Oh dear the curse of ShareProphets today falls on Pirate Pete Landau, formerly boss of AIM dog Range Resources (RRL) and several other stockmarket hounds and a man who sent me a string of lawyer's letters because he did not like my investigative journalism. I now have an official document where the Pirate stands accused of theft, fraud and forgery, of half inching more than $2 million and much else. The victim is Citation Resources, an ASX company linked to Range and now in administration.

Memery Crystal lawyers to FRAUD African Potash - the first time it tried to extract money with menaces from me - for Pirate Pete Landau

As you know the fascist bully boy lawyers at Memery Crystal have demanded money with menaces from me for exposing the fraud committed by its client African Potash (AFPO). Its letter is here and when I kick these bastards into touch it will be a Tom Winnifrith hat-trick against Memery. It also demanded I hand over money when I had a go at its client the fraudsters Globo, 20 months before anyone else had a pop. That fascist letter is HERE. And now I publish the first letter I received from Memery, demanding money for its client Pirate Pete Landau and Range Resources (RRL), now disgraced and facing a spot of bother with the rozzers in Australia. It said that I really must not publish that letter....


Notes from Underground: Drop the Dead Donkey

In the next 11 days we will be in Court at least once (snake oil salesman Darren Winters Round 5) but perhaps more of African Potash makes Tom a happy man and sues him for libel. He says he really does want to "see the Potash bitchez in Court!" For those company executives who consider legal letters journalists as a way of dimming pesky sunlight, I'd like to quote a bit of an article ShareProphets linked to last week. It's regarding Theranos, the once sky-high medical diagnostics firm that has had quite the fall to Earth.


Your nominations needed NOW for the Australian team at the new Olympic Event of share ramping?

In an article earlier today I suggested that my good friend David Lenigas was a slam dunk to win the individual gold medal in the new Olympic Sport of share ramping. But I was concerned that the recent poor form of long term stalwarts  of the Roos, such as Pirate Pete Landau and Andy Carroll, means that the Auzzie team in the freestyle share ramping relay event was in deep trouble. Indeed...


Pirate Peter Landau New Year Caption Contest

One of the happiest moments of my Christmas was learning that Aussie scumbag Peter Landau of Range Resources (RRL), Continental Coal (COOL), Black Mountain Silver (BMZ) and Okap infamy has had his assets frozen by an Aussie Court. As Wildes would say...Karma.To celebrate the fall of Pirate Pete, I invite you to post a suitable caption for the picture below in the comments section. Please do not hold back.. Deadline Monday morning


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast New Year's Eve - HNY, Pete Landau in the dock, Lenigas boiler room play Inspirit in the shit

Happy New Year to you all, I hope that you have a wild party tonight. Remember kids, if someone tries to sell you drugs just say no. You should always try to get drugs for free. Only kidding.  Thanks to today's news about Pirate Pete Landau I am in a good mood. You send the Sheriff of AIM lawyers letters and karma is going to get you in the end. My good mood is compounded by diabolical interims from the David Lenigas boiler room operation Inspirit (INSP). It really is in the merde. I discuss companies that leave it to the wire to report.


Happy Christmas - Peter Landau of Range Resources infamy has assets frozen in Australia

Oh happy days, oh happy days. This may be a small crumb of comfort for investors in Range Resources (RRL) or Black Mountain Silver (BMZ) but Pirate Pete Landau has had his assets frozen in Australia by the Federal Court in Perth. As I remind myself of the numerous lawyers letters I received for exposing Range and our great work on exposing Black Mountain I feel it is almost ouzo o'clock already.

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