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Exclusive: AIM Kills ZAI as a Nomad - the full story the LSE is desperate you do not hear

At 5.45 PM yesterday Denzil Jenkins of the AIM Regulation team called Nomad ZAI. No-one answered so he left a message on its answerphone informing the Nomad that it was to lose its Nomad status at 6 PM that day and that its clients would be contracted at that time with the news. Jenkins followed this up with an email saying that ZAI could appeal but when you are going to lose all your clients what is the point? In fact the events of yesterday are just part of a story which shows AIM in a terrible light as a secretive and oppressive body covering its own failings with scapegoating and showing no regard for natural justice or any sense of fairness.

Echo Energy: How insiders made over £3 million in less than a month – shocking non-disclosure

My last piece on Echo Energy (ECHO) looked at how connected party Greenberry was making a fortune out of the ramp and also looked at rather odd TR-1s. Well history is repeating itself and, as always expected, yesterday’s TR-1 shows how the other connected “institutional investor” here, Pegasus, has also made a very quick buck - not that it told anyone when it was doing so!


Notes from Underground - Upgrades and what you are reading

You are now enjoying a ShareProphets that is running on a much more powerful server. For those of you who are more visually oriented, this is what ShareProphets was running on last week and this is what it is running on now. This price difference is commensurate as well. (Let's hope the Global Shorting Conspiracy's cheque isn't late!)

ZAI and Ray Zimmerman – more issues of (lack of) due diligence and supervision by the worst Nomad on AIM

Yesterday’s shock revelation by Tom Winnifrith HERE  that Ray Zimmerman’s ZAI Corporate Finance had been on the receiving end of an 80-page reprimand for its failures as a Nomad in due diligence and monitoring of its clients was stunning.


Exclusive: Which AIM CEO has been in gaol since mid-November? The casino’s darkest hour is now

Yes you read the headline correctly. The CEO of an AIM listed company has been languishing in prison since mid-November and no-one has been told about it. Two Nomads, the non-execs, AIM Regulation you stand accused of contributing to the darkest hour of the Casino. Anyone who has bought shares since the incarceration you know who to sue. Surely heads must roll?


Naibu – Comedy and Tragedy – you cannot say I did not warn you

The statement today from Naibu (NBU) is comedy. This is such a slam dunk fraud I cannot see why we bother pretending otherwise. The tragedy is that with the shares still suspended investors face a 100% wipe-out. I turn to the statement and also to the roll of shame and how this MUST BE CAREER ENDING for some folks if AIM Regulation is to retain any credibility. Are you reading Marcus Stuttard, the phoney “Sheriff of AIM”? The Real Sheriff has a message for you too. Let’s start with the statement which comes after a suspension on January 9 as the NEDS sough clarification of Naibu’s financial position.

Alpha Returns Group – Companies House Filings and Orwellian Doublethink

The Deputy Sheriff’s Office is in a state of perplexed confusion. Quite what to make of what follows is, well, stretching sanity. It concerns a subsidiary company of Alpha Returns Group plc (ARGP) called Shidu Investments Ltd, which was formed in Apr 2012 and by Apr 2013 was wholly owned by the plc. As such, it had to file full annual accounts, but only filed abbreviated accounts to Companies House. Hang on to your hats, this is not an easy read – but it is shocking. Oh, the stench….


An Open Letter to Big Ray Zimmerman of ZAI re his fraudulent client Naibu

It is now three weeks since shares in Naibu (NBU) were suspended from the AIM casino pending clarification of its financial position, notwithstanding the fact that it claimed to be profitable, cash generative and to have net cash of £32 million – a multiple of its market cap. In light of this I have again written to Big Ray Zimmerman of ZAI Corporate Finance, Nomad to this fraud because the implications of the fraud are severe for not only Naibu but also ZAI, Daniel Stewart (DAN) and the other members of the Fujian four – China Chaintek (CTEK), Camkids (CAMK) and Jiasen (JSI). Plus for good measure JQW (JQW).

Breaking – Mosman is FUCKED – MEO rejects takeover bid

Oh dear, Oh dear, it seems as if the board as ASX listed MEO has been listening to my advice HERE and HERE as it has just now advised its shareholders to reject the all share bid from AIM casino listed Aussie based POS Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN). The technical term for where that leaves Mosman is “fucked”.


Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Grand Group Investments - another China POS IPO - Red Flag Special

Grand Group Investments plans to IPO on AIM tomorrow thanks to fat crony capitalist Ray Zimmerman of ZAI Corporate Finance. The usual advisers to China Norfolks are on board: dirtbag lawyers Pinsent Masons and PR poshboy Henry Harrison Topham, I say old chap didn't your grandfather bugger mine behind the bike sheds at Eton? In this podcast I look at the other Red Flags

Listen to the Bearcast:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 January

In today's podcast I look at Igas (vindicated), Quindell (vindicated), Gowin New (vindicated), Cambria Africa, Flybe, Fitbug, Coms (vindicated) and prepare to have a go again at Ray Zimmerman and ZAI over its next China POS IPO

Listen to the Bearcast:

Naibu, China Chaintek, Camkids, Pinsent Masons and Crowe Clark & an open letter to Ray Zimmerman of ZAI

Shares in the fraud Naibu (NBU) were finally suspended on the AIM casino on 9 January 2015 after the NEDS woke up and requested clarification of the financial position of a company claiming to be cash generative and drowning in cash. How long does it take to check this out? What next?


A letter from Rob Terry of Quindell to Ray Zimmerman of ZAI Finance

I am really trying to be helpful here to Quindell (QPP) because I am just such a nice guy and its Christmas and West Ham are almost safe from relegation and that sort of thing. And in that vein I have drafted a letter for Rob Terry to send to Ray Zimmerman, the boss of ZAI Corporate Finance. It reads:


Quindell & Cenkos – when’s the official divorce and share suspension? Soon.

Last week I revealed that Cenkos, the Nomad to Quenron (QPP) was letting it be known that it was going to quit as Nomad soon (HERE). The Sunday Times today reports that Quindell fall guy – acting chairman David Currie is scouring the City looking for a new Nomad, because without a Nomad the shares get suspended then – a month later – booted off the AIM casino. Our when will Quindell shares be suspended prize sweepstake is HERE The Sunday Times report states:


ZAI Corporate Finance is the new Daniel Stewart – a list of Bargepole stocks (its clients)

As we know Daniel Stewart will stop being a Nomad tomorrow night and so shares in its clients will be suspended from the AIM Casino unless they get a new Nomad PDQ. So today China Chaintek (CTEK) announced that ZAI Corporate Finance had taken it one. FFS – Alarm Bells vicar? Due diligence? A list of ZAI bargepole stocks is needed now.

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