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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: an unpriced option to buy 80% of a business with no given profits at no specified cost is worth what?

In today’s Bearcast, I look at Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX), Optibiotix (OPTI), Kefi (KEFI), Nightcap (NGHT), VAST Resources (VAST) and finally at my old pal Richard Poulden’s Valereum Blockchain (VLRM), the current love interest of Big Dave Lenigas. 

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Valereum Blockchain £1 million placing at a bonkers 70p the Poulden, Lenigas, Sith Lord Zak Mir ramp goes on

Valereum Blockchain (VLRM), The Richard Poulden blockchain/NFT/bitcoin ramp hyped disgracefully by shareholder David Lenigas and penny share paid for promoter Zak “the huckster” Mir, has managed to raise £1 million at a shocking 70p. And the shares are now 76p. This is insanity.

Shame on Zak Mir, David Lenigas and Richard Poulden – the shameless ramp of the century is insane

One of these three gents is a good friend (or was, maybe he won’t be after reading this), one is godfather to my daughter and one is a fat and utterly shameless Aussie share promoter who used to think there was more oil in the Weald Basin than in Saudi Arabia and whose latest tweet is below.


EXPOSE: Getting a US OTC listing will see our shares soar – the big promoter lie in town: case study the fraud Zoetic

On 8th January 2021, the fraud Zoetic International (ZOE) announced that its shares had started trading on the US OTC market, OTCQX and the shares jumped by 10% on the news. For the big lie being pushed by shameless promoters of frauds and other penny dreadfuls listed in the UK is that such a listing will put a rocket under the shares.

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David Lenigas and Zak Mir MUST be on drugs - the Richard Poulden ramp Valereum

Valereum (VLRM) in the Aquis lobster pot has, as of today, zero revenues and – if it is lucky – £300,000 net cash. But mention the magig bitcoin word, throw in a few tokens and some magic beans and, hey presto, promoter David Lenigas and the Sith Lord Zak Mir reckon the shares should hit 60p. That would be a valuation of £38 million. Whatever you say Gents…today’s ramptastic love triangle from twitter is below.


Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 22: Well over 2 hours of gold, blockchain, bubbles, crashes & value with Richard Poulden and Chris Bailey

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with Richard Poulden on Wishbone Gold (WSBN) where I own shares and am a bull and on his other company Upper Thames (UPPT) a blockchain play where I cannot hide that I do not get it at all and Chris “Three Brains” Bailey on what he is buying and on macro-economics.You can access the show HERE 


Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending March 20

The most read non-Tom article this week is Ariana – Production guidance for 2021: read through the numbers and BUY! by Nigel Somerville at number six, or  number 12 including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow. Which one is the best of the week? Tell me in the comments.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ok I will report this to the HMRC, I am a good citizen, sorry Coro & the Hoods

I am off to my late father’s at Shipston in a few minutes so no more from me today. I compare now and 2000 with looks at KR1 (KR1), the bonkers new associate of Richard Poulden, Neil Woodford’s WPCT, David Lenigas and his new pot play with Afriag (AFRI), nonsense elsewhere in that sector and then the odd Coro Energy (CORO) transaction which I feel obliged, as a good citizen, to ask the HMRC to have a butcher’s at.

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Richard Poulden - your new hire is bonkers

Yesterday I discussed the shocking share ramp by David Lenigas, Zak Mir, Peterhouse Corporate Finance of Richard Poulden’s Upper Thames Holdings (UPPT), a  business with £300,000 of cash, zero operations, which is capitalised at £6.4 million and still the ramp goes on. Part of that ramp is the hire as a non board advisor of Vinay Gupta, a blockchain guru. Sadly, Mr Poulden your new hire is bonkers. Here is how he explains how we can all become millionaires overnight.

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A shocker from the small cap sewer: Upper Thames, KR1 and the four horsemen of the rampfest

We live in times of sheer insanity. It is a rampers’ paradise and cometh the day cometh the four horsemen of the rampfest apocalypse. I bring you a tale of sheer insanity from the Aquis lobster pot market, formerly the NEX Exchange. It starts with what was once PGC Entertainment (PGCE), a serial uber dog which was eventually slung off the AIM casino. I should say that its boss is my pal Richard Poulden.

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Wishbone Gold – argues a “very fortunate” board appointment, it means very unfortunate

Wishbone Gold (WSBN) Chairman Richard Poulden considers that the company is “very fortunate to have Sam (Hutchins) join the board” as a non-executive director. A 2019 Winnileaks expose suggests otherwise.

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Tom Winnifrith Video ShareShow Number 13 - a man with a hundred bagger and a man with a zero

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold (WSBN) where – no sniggering at the back – there is a case made why this could be a hundred bagger, and bear raider Gabriel Grego on the markets, shorting and on Penumbra, a potential zero. Plus I have a few thoughts on Deepverge (DVRG), pillow talk at dog Powerhouse (PHE and other matters.You can access the show HERE


Wishbone Gold placing with accelerator warrants – watch now for pre-Christmas ramp

Wishbone Gold (WSBN) has announced the raising of £1.75 million before coke and hookers fees at 10p. For each two shares subscribed for the investors get one warrant at 12p and if the share price stays above 16p for 5 days they must exercise or lose the warrant.

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Wishbone Gold – Australia exploration work to add further excitement?...

A month ago, we told you to average down and BUY Wishbone Gold (WSBN) at a 2.1p offer. With the shares now at 3.3p-3.6p, we hoped you took our advice and have clawed back some, if not all, of your losses on this serial disappointer. Where next?


Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 9: Almost 3 hours of Lucian Miers, Myself on Dev Clever and Harry Adams of Kefi

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new, I hope, weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with bear raider Lucian Miers on the markets, the real economy, his longs and shorts and gold and with Harry Adams of Kefi (KEFI) ahead of the most exciting six weeks of his career. Listen carefully to what Harry says, having just bought more Kefi a couple of weeks ago I am delighted with certain matters he raises. Finally, I look at Dev Clever (DEV) and why it should face a full stewards!. You can access the show HERE


Tom Winnifrith Video Shareshow No 8: Well over 2 hours of gold, me on corporate lying, Richard Poulden and Steve Moore

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new, I hope, weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch, some sparky interviews with Richard Poulden on gold and where it goes next, on the US election but also on Wishbone Gold (WSBN) as it takes a new direction. As a long suffering shareholder, down £30,000, I have a few tough questions. Then I discuss what gold stocks I am buying before chatting to Steve Moore, a man with whom I have worked for all bar a few weeks of his working life. He is this year 38! Frightening. I started the show with a suggestion that we all look back to the 1970s. I end with a look at corporate lying and why it is on the rise and why no-one cares but that will change. Verditek (VDTK) is a case study here. You can access the show HERE


Tom Winnifrith Shareshow Number 7: Two and a half hours on gold as it hits record high, what to buy or should I play the "green revolution" instead?

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new, I hope, weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch some sparky interviews with Nigel Somerville on gold and where it goes next, on how to play the gold bull market, what stocks to buy and what non stocks to buy and how a gold bug positions the rest of his portfolio. Then Paul Atherley from a non gold miner, Pensana Rare Earths (PRE), a play on all this green shit everyone – bar me – seems to love. And I explain why I have bought Pensana shares even though I think man-made global warming is utter bunkum. Finally two stocks where the valuation is insane: Dev Clever (DEV) and Trainline (TRN). You can access the show HERE


Wishbone Gold – placing and news on further Australia exploration...BUY

I admit that this has been an awful share tip and I can only apologise again. If it is any consolation, my losses on this are in excess of £30,000. The only way to make some of the losses back is to average down and I suggest you do that if you can at up to 2.4p because with a following wind these shares could easily hit 4.25p.

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Tom Winnifrith Shareshow No 6: 2 hours 17 mins of Richard Poulden on the collapse of the west and of empires, Kerim Sener of Ariana and me on Supply@ME capital and 6 more shorts

And now from Wales, by just 30 yards, it is my new, I hope, weekly video show. This costs 99p per episode, and you can either listen to, or watch some sparky interviews with Richard Poulden on the collapse of empires but also of the West at every level.  Also covered is the death of oil and how we should save our finances against such a backdrop and with Kerim Sener of Ariana (AAU). I also explain why Supply@ME Capital (SYME) is a crooked zero and I review the six short ideas from the previous five shows, one of which is already a zero. You can access the show HERE


Gold: Some takeaways from the ShareProphets Shares Conference and my thoughts on Ariana

Yesterday’s online extravaganza at our one-off ShareProphets Shares Conference was sensational - all the videos are now up for a la carte selection if you are yet to view. Just for a start, the technical side was pretty ground-breaking and there were some who thought that technical matters would get in the way, but Darren did a fantastic job (although I don’t think we’ll be seeing him today as he recovers from the marathon). And then there was Tom Winnifrith on a marathon serial interview session – sixty hours of it! Stunning. Absolutely stunning. And the content was exceptional – whether or not you agreed with what was being said, it was presented logically, tested incisively by Tom and there was much to make me sit up and think. And that brings me to the yellow metal.

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Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 8 March 2020

Even on Shareprophets, you cannot escape the media going on about the Corono Virus. Excluding ShareProphets Radio 26, the most read non-Tom article this week is COVID 19: Lessons from 1918 for 2020 by a up-and-comer named Richard Poulden. He took the number one spot on the leaderboard this week, number seven if you include Bearcasts.. 


PCG Entertainment – shares suspended, administration looms, a statement that, even the white rabbit thinks is bonkers

This is insanity writ large. Richard Poulden of PCG Entertainment (PCGE) will always be my friend but I simply cannot defend a statement today which is, at almost every, level bonkers.

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Brian McDonnell you poisonous & crooked leprechaun I shall see you and your USOP bitchez in Court!

Firstly, we are now at more than 99% of our Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks target. If you have yet to donate please do so NOW HERE. Next year there are a few changes planned as I discuss. I then discuss my friendship with Richard Poulden and how it affects my writing. Finally Brian McDonnell, the liar and crook who runs the worthless fraud US Oil & Gas (USOP), I am planning a legal and media circus in Dublin to end your career, that of your mentor Liam McGrattan and Niall, Bertie and your other cronies. You want to play ball bitchez?

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Wishbone Trading statement – a bad tip, apologies but a buy at 0.05p

Last week, Wishbone Gold (LSE:WSBN) served up a trading statement that saw its shares tumble to 0.04p-0.05p. As a shareholder I share your pain and apologise for what has been a bad tip. I have drunk my own medicine averaging down so do feel that pain big time. I can understand how some folks are angry. Over at ShareProphets someone posted this comment:

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Ooops I forgot to say this in bearcast (Wishbone)

Thanks for all your emails, fellow shareholders. I had indeed noticed that shares in Wishbone Gold (WSBN) were down by c27% today at 0.07p and so put in a call to Richard Poulden.

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Have all PCG Entertainment shareholders adhered to the holdings notification rules?

PCG Entertainment (PCGE) has seen its share price slump over the past few months but, despite there having been a number of large transactions, there have been no notifications of any changes to the significant shareholdings in the company. Now I find this very strange, given that there have been several sells that have amounted to around 1% of the shares in issue, along with numerous others around the 0.5% level, and during December and January there were more than 233 million shares traded in total – of the 1.244 billion in issue...


Continue to avoid PCG Entertainment - it will struggle to raise further funding

The AIM market in general has been performing badly in recent months and it has been noticeable that the worst performing companies at the lower end of it have been struggling to raise capital.

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Wishbone Gold - placing at just 0.1p, ouch, but strong buy – average down (we have)

Tom Winnifrith writes: This has been a bad tip. We apologise. We owned the shares too and share that pain. But with the stock now at 0.1p-0.12p the shares are a STRONG BUY, average down. Let me explain.


PCG Entertainment: For the love of God, Poulden, do something….anything……just not another placing!

Five months ago, I gave Mr Poulden at PCG Entertainment (PCGE) a slight ribbing as he never seems to achieve anything at PCGE other than a steady decline on the share price of course. He responded rather pompously so I thought it about time to review the exciting recent progress. Funnily enough just yet another bloody placing to report!

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UK Investor Show 2018 Video Gold & Mining session - Frisby, Van Dyke, Atherley et al

 Chaired by Brian Kinane of Riverfort this was a real clash of ideas and featured Dominic Frisby, Paul Atherley of Berkeley (BKY), Richard Poulden of Wishbone (WSBN), Peter Bird of Asiamet (ARS) and - making a very welcome return - Amanda Van Dyke, now a fund manager.

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Richard Poulden of PCGE

PCGE (PCGE) certainly arouses debate. Here putting the investment case is its founder and chairman Richard Poulden.

UK Investor Show 2018 video: Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold

I own shares in Wishbone Gold (WSBN) in my pension and so does FIML. So, for that matter, does my son Joshua. I think that in the end we will all make money and a lot of it but so far it has been "bumpy." Here to explain why the future is golden is founder and chairman Richard Poulden.

PCG Entertainment: When did something last happen at this cash shell and no, Mr Poulden, A PLACING DOES NOT COUNT!

I last wrote about PCG Entertainment (PCGE) about six months ago (HERE) after it announced its Riverfort funding deal which I thought was potentially ok provided PCGE kept up its newsflow to provide the necessary liquidity to soak up the Riverfort sales; however, unfortunately, nothing of any import has been announced and in fact, nothing has happened at PCGE since the dark ages it seems – isn’t it just a cash shell?

Align says buy Wishbone Gold at a 0.7p offer - target 1.97p

Okay the researcher is paid so is not impartial, but Align shows it believes by using its fees to buy shares which it holds. So as paid for researchers go it is more credible than most. It has initiated coverage of Wishbone Gold (WSBN). We see these shares as a buy at up to 0.85p with a 1.3p target to sell. Align is more bullish. It notes, in precis,

Wishbone Gold – interims, Honduras disruption but potential African excitement: BUY

Wishbone Gold (WSBN) has announced results for the first half of 2017, including an update on the initial funding-and-supply roll-out in Honduras and that “discussions are currently underway with two African nations to set up similar programs”

PCG Entertainment – Lots to like about this funding deal other than…….WHY??

Like Richard Poulden, CEO of PCG Entertainment (PCGE), I have a bit of time for Brian Kinane at Riverfort. As someone who believes in transparency and clear communication, my view is that Brian is trying to bring some of that to the world of small cap funding, particularly where the dreaded phrase “ death spiral” is concerned and there’s a few points here to be applauded. It still doesn’t prevent the obvious question being aimed at Mr Poulden though – WHY RAISE MORE FUNDS NOW?

Wishbone Gold Results Irrelevant but 7 key words: BUY

Wishbone Gold (WSBN), the precious metals trading and exploration company, announces its final results for the year ended 31 December 2016. The numbers are pretty academic just look for 7 key words in the statement from chairman Richard Poulden.

Last time we made 117% on Wishbone: buy again at up to 0.9p

It was a cracking tip last time around. We never sold the shares we held in Wishbone Gold (WSBN) as we have always had faith in the long term story. But our website is not about long term gains - although they are not a bad thing! It is about short term gains and we reckon that Wishbone Gold will deliver those in spades. The trade is to buy at up to 0.9p with a target to sell of at least 1.3p within months - when this article first appeared on HotStockRockets the shares were 0.7p offer. Our readers are already in the money but the shares are still buyable!.

Market abuse, PCGE, an honest if careless scouse tipster and the sordid underbelly of AIM

Having explained how folks paying up to 0.16p for shares in PGCE fully deserved the rogering they got on Friday after a new media rampfest turned sour I was startled to be told by some professional TW hater "but you tipped it, Doc Holiday said so". Au contraire.

PCGE - Placing: the morons deserved to be debagged & buggered: Chairman Poulden did the right thing

Yesterday morning I ran a piece pointing out that at 0.15p the valuation of PCGE (PCGE) was utterly insane and anyone buying shares (at up to 0.16p!) deserved the beating that would surely follow. It did not take long. At 2.19 PM the company announced it had raised £400,000 at 0.1p. Ouch. The shares are now 0.11p to sell. BBMs 0 The Sheriff of AIM 1. A familiar scoreline.

PCGE - valuation crackers

I am innundated with lunatics and spivs tweeting me that shares in PCG Entertainment (PCGE) are cheap. It is the ramp de jour among the Bulletin Board lunatics. But at 0.15p the valuation is bonkers. Let me explain.

Video: Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold presents at UK Investor Show 2017

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Richard Poulden, CEO of Wishbone Gold (WSBN), is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.

Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold explains import of recent RNS

Okay this is a Proactive Interview so it is not exactly probing. The slippery little twit asking the questions is no Paxman. But we own shed loads of Wishbone Gold shares (WSBN) so, as Richard Poulden gives a very upbeat explanation of where the company is heading, we are happy to give it the oxygen of publicity. Enjoy.

Video: Richard Poulden of PCG Entertainment speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Richard Poulden of PCG Entertainment (PCGE) is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


The March edition of the UK Investor Magazine is live - with why we fight fraud

The March edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring 7 share tips, company profiles, interview with Richard Poulden of PCGE, why we fight fraud & fake news on Channel 4, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, a look at the banksters and much more.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Explaining what a kitchen sink is - ref Cobham

Oakley is about to be petrified as the working classes are arriving. He fears them greatly. He fears hoovers even more. But ahead of that I record quickly. Today I cover Darren's bogus religion of global warming and Ariana (AAU) - the market has this wrong - Cobham (COB) - what ia  kitchen sink - my dream St Valentine's Day massacre involving three listed companies which could all go bust on February 14. Please God! I also look at PCG Entertainment (PCGE) and its news today. Hats off to my friend comrade Richard Poulden. I also chide young Steve for not giving credit where credit is due to Majestic Wine (MJW) and have a few words about Aidan Earley. I thank him publicly on one matter although a lawyers letter has been received.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 18 - buy Wishbone Gold says Tom Winnifrith

You want your share tip of the year to have the potential to double or treble. You will not get that with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Equally it is incredibly unlikely that you might lose 75% of your cash on Glaxo. Elephants do not gallop eith forwards or backwards. My third tip of the year is a stock that could lose 75% and become a cash shell. But it is also one that could easily treble and I think he odds are on the treble not the collapse. I refer to Wishbone Gold (WSBN)

Bloody Hell - another Wishbone Placing as Beaufort Securities shows naked greed

Just when Wishbone (WSBN) shares were getting going again after the last placing conducted by Belfort Securities to their spiv share flipping bucket shop mates, here we go again. Boy my morning has started well: not only do I have to suffer more laziness and abusive emails from my lazy, greedy bitch of a selfish bitch of an ex wife but this as well. I want to go back to bed.

So we did not sell Wishbone after that placing, conversations with the chairman

My last comment on Wishbone Gold (WSBN) was not exactly positive. The company's shares had raced ahead, in part methinks, down to comments made by me saying I'd not be selling until the shares were closer to 2p than 1p. It then raised £600,000 at just 0.75p with broker Beaufort Securites trousering not just commission but warrants. I write a fairly vicious piece HERE. But we did not sell and at 1p are still holding and hoping for better. I swapped emails with chairman Richard Poulden last week.


September UK Investor Show Magazine - TW's top 7 holdings, 5 AIM frauds named & shamed and more

The September edition of the UK Investor Show magazine is live and as its two lead features reveals the top seven shareholdings of my family trusts, names and shames 5 AIM listed frauds and contains a raft of share tips and 3 sells (to zero) plus an exclusive interview with Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold (WSBN), a challenge to PM Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn involving Keith Vaz and much more. You can access the magazine now and at no cost below. I, Tom Winnifrith, am now on leave, Steve Moore will be editing the next issue.

Wishbone - why I am certainly not selling now : the maths are compelling

We are almost 200% ahead on our investment in Wishbone Gold (WSBN) with the shares at 0.815p and I must admit that in recent weeks, I have, several times, thought about banking a few gains. But then came Thursday's statement from the company and I did the maths again - am I mad? This stock could still be extraordinarily cheap. Hear me out before you send for the men in flapping white coats.

Wishbone: belated AGM statement - much better late than never

Why on earth it took Wishbone Gold (WSBN), the owner of the Black Sand gold trading business, two working days with a weekend in between to release an AGM statement is beyond me. Amid the uncertainty that caused we loyal shareholders suffered as the shares slid. But better late than never we had an RNS yesterday and it was good news indeed.


Notes from Underground: Dy-No-Mite!

Week after week I complain that readers choose the soap opera story lines on ShareProphets over the hard journalism, or, at the very least, press play on Bearcast and zone out to the bliss of Tom's outrage. But this week, at the beguinning of the summer silly season, readers have chosen a real ShareProphets investigative story, Dynamite: Highlands Natural Resources: Tell us all about Mendell Energy Technologies LLC, as their number one read of the week. I'm proud of you.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Go ahead start sacking the investment bankers, I'd pay to watch

No lightning strikes today, thank God. What was he punishing me for? I start by discussing Richard Poulden's excellent letter on why folks are so angry so backed Brexit, but it is a wider issue as you can read here. Then I discuss liquidity in an investment company's portfolio, ref Teathers Financial (TEA) and finally I challenge the banks to make good their Brexit threat to fire investment banksters. I will pay for a ticket to watch but I explain why it was always a spoof. It won't happen.

Filthy 40 MoneySwap – loan drawdown and a nasty read-across from PCG Entertainment which needs a full Steward’s

Oh dear, oh dear. I have the utmost respect for Richard Poulden who had the grim task of overseeing today’s awful trading update from AIM-China play PCG Entertainment (PCGE) and like Tom Winnifrith I had hoped that his outfit might prove to be a rare winner on the Filthy Forty. My experience of him has been one of immense integrity a very sharp mind so it is with considerable sadness that I am writing this. But a bit more digging later, it looks just awful – although, I must stress, not on Mr Poulden - and there is a worrying implication on fellow Filthy Forty play MoneySwap which is already is considerable trouble. Sadly, I fear that AIM Regulation needs to do a full steward’s here.

Did Richard Poulden say something bad about Wishbone at Mining Capital? No - slides below

Shares in Wishbone Gold (WSBN), which is still not doing a placing as a certain ex bank robber insists but instead is raising debt but not for PLC costs, have slipped to 0.475p prompting a couple of readers to ask if Richard Poulden said something bad at the Mining Capital Conference yesterday?

Buy Wishbone Gold at 0.31p - target 0.6p to sell

"Oh no" you say, "not that old dog again". Yes it is that old dog with a Wishbone (WSBN) but everything changed two weeks ago with a quite transformational deal. The  market has not twigged just how transformational this deal is. The shares are a buy at 0.31p with a (cautious) target price to sell of 0.6p.


Notes from Underground - Opposite coloured ducks

Who does it take to stop Tom's domination of the Top Ten most-read articles? Only Richard Bloody Poulden. Poulden's Black Swan newsletter clocks in at number 9.


A 100 year war with Daesh, oil worthless in 30 years - the Black Swan 2016 Newsletter

Each year my friend Richard Poulden produces a very thought provoking New Year Newsletter and the 2016 edition is a stormer. It is also the most pessimistic I have seen yet. Pour yourself a stiff glass of whiskey and brace yourself.


Fiat Economics: A new craziness is abroad in the World

Prelude: I fall in love with Angela - I have just been listening to Mrs Merkel droning on about how the EU has reached agreement with Greece. This is an agreement to…er…begin negotiations on a final settlement and lend them yet more money. With tennis still in the mind it really is the moment to say “You CANNOT be serious!” But she is. They all are. These are the same people who told you in 2010 that Greek debt could not be restructured. I have lost count of how many times it has been restructured since.

Is Any Link With China a Red Flag? Ref PCG Entertainment

TW Note: I do not agree with the thesis of this article at all but allowed it to run. I have, however, amended it to reflect the fact that there are no related Party transactions involving Richard Poulden as had been stated on Proactive and which the author referred to. This is a factual error for which I apologise on behalf of the website. The rest of the article - which I still disagree with -  stands and reads: With all the China frauds and the dismal performance of China-focused shares exposed by Shareprophets, one begins to wonder if any link at all with China is a red flag.  Take PCG Entertainment (PCGE), a Gibraltar incorporated holding company, for example.


UK Investor Magazine July 2015, tips from Tom, Zak & Richard Poulden and more - download a free copy now

July's edition of UK Investor Magazine features an in-depth look at the mystery that is David Lenigas, Zak Mir tips three shares to buy, Tom tips three to sell, Richard Poulden says buy gold and Ben Turney examines why AIM's casino is failing.


Video of the Mining Session at UK Investor starring Amanda Van Dyke, Poulden, McGloin & Bell

Once again this main stage panel at UK Investor Show 2015 was chaired by scruffbum Ben Turney. On the panel were Amanda Van Dyke, John McGloin of Amara Mining, Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources and Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold.


This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election - UK Investor debate video

To the cockney boyz 4-3, To the cockney boyz 4 -3! After a resounding victory this year, I am now one ahead in my annual show debates against my very good friend Richard Poulden. The motion this year was "This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election". Comrade Poulden won the toss and elected to speak in favour of the motion, I opposed


If you own shares you should vote Labour: The Poulden vs Winnifrith debate on Saturday

Some last minute changes to the schedule for UK Investor this Saturday the 18th include the annual Richard Poulden vs Tom Winnifrith debate which this year is in a 100 person room on the 3rd floor (the stands floor) not on the main stage. The Motion is “This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election.”


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 10 January

In today's podcast I refer to the excellent Black Swan 2015 review by Richard Poulden which you should all read. I cover the issue of how low the oil price could go but also what we as investors should assume that it will be. I touch on IGAS and Northern Petroleum (both shorts). And the I look at the issue of what constitutes market abuse in the Bulletin Board Moron community

Listen to the Bearcast:

An Open Letter to Alex Salmond: Post #IndyRef Scotland should use the Renmimbi and flourish

Richard Poulden, the uber-libertarian CEO of Wishbone Gold (WSBN) has written to Alex Salmond with two helpful suggestions on how to make an Independent Scotland the economic powerhouse of Europe. Richard writes: 

Wishbone Gold scans the scene

Richard Poulden, the barrister and entrepreneur who built potash play Sirius Minerals by acquisitions around the world into a company with a stock market value of more than £200 million, confesses to one particular enthusiasm: gold. He argues the stage is set for a major increase in the price of bullion, largely attributable to the machinations of the People’s Republic of China, and, as executive chairman and key shareholder of AIM-quoted Wishbone Gold (WSBN), he is seeking to grasp opportunities among newly producing or soon to be producing gold projects.

21 Reasons to hold Gold Miners – free event, free booze & more 26th June

Our pals at Mining Maven have another free event in the City of London on 26th June. Not only do you get free booze and food but there are presentations by two good friends of mine, Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources (AAU) and Richard Poulden, the uber-libertarian CEO of Wishbone Gold (WSBN). I had a drink or seventeen with the leader of the free Libertarian resistance earlier this week and thinks look interesting at Wishbone. There is also a decent looking bird, Jan Skoyles speaking on macro themes. 


Malcolm Stacey A Deluded Lefty – I start to worry about my old pal

As ever I start my day reading the excellent column of my old pal Malcolm Stacey, the grandfather of share blogging. But today I was spluttering into my cornflakes as I read his words. Has my old pal become infected with “deluded lefty disease”? Please tell me it is not true or that it if it is you will spend a weekend at the Richard Poulden libertarian boot camp with Ms Argyle (pictured as she is better looking than Comrade Poulden), Matthew Sutcliffe and Dominic Frisby seeking urgent therapy.

Adam Reynolds

Adam Reynolds, the Company Rescuer, Speaker No. 28 at UK Investor Show 2015

Following the mammoth success of UK Investor Show 2014 we are moving into overdrive for the 2015 show on April 18 and one new feature will be a series of 14 one hour masterclasses with an audience limited to 80 – we are taking on an additional floor in Westminster.


UK Investor Show 2014 video - Gold gurus Frisby, Van Dyke, Poulden et al session

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation featuring Dominic Frisby, Amanda van Dyke, Richard Polden, Matt Sutcliffe, Andrew Bell and John McGloin

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