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Wishbone – loan conversion & tiny warrant exercise: more good news - still a buy

This is good news. Expect more good news in early 2019. Wishbone Gold (WSBN) has announced that it has issued another 207,297,514 new ordinary shares to Sanderson Capital allowing the lender to convert 63% of its outstanding loans: £258,500 out of £407,141. The conversion price is based on the 30 day MA and is 0.1247p and Sanderson has agreed it will not sell any shares without permission, which we hope will not be given for some time...

Kibo Mining – A case-study in greed from Sanderson and Beaufort

Having written about the dreadful Sanderson Capital Partners loan arrangement with Eurasia Mining (EUA) yesterday (HERE), I thought it might be insightful to provide a case-study in greed from the same guys at Kibo Mining (KIBO) and what it might mean for the stock going forward.


Eurasia Mining – Shocking loan deal: worse than Wonga

I’ve been following the antics of Sanderson Capital Partners for a while now and yesterday’s latest shocking funding deal with Eurasia Mining (EUA) has tipped me over the edge and forced me to write.

Wishbone Gold Prelims - now we know why FD left in a hurry, numbers irrelevant

For what it is worth Wishbone Gold (WSBN) reported a loss of $1.12 million for calendar 2015 but that is all in the past. Perhaps the most noteworthy element of the historic numbers is the fact that the auditors cannot verify almost $100,000 of travel expenses and flag this up.

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