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Have a pizza with Big Dave Lenigas and Tom Winnifrith – 6 PM Monday 2nd (5 seats left)

The ShareProphets Seminars are back. And the next one is on Monday 2nd February from 6 PM at Real Man, 91-95 Clerkenwell Road in London. Heading the bill is Big Dave Lenigas on why Horse Hill is not a duster. I am also speaking, flagging up 10 stocks that are pumping ahead of a discounted placing. And there is more. 


Video of MX Oil at ShareProphets Seminar

Andy Frangos of MX Oil (MXO) gave a detailed presentation on Monday 10th November at the most recent ShareProphets seminar - a video of which is below. I served him up a couple of questions which, to his credit, he took with humour.


The End game for Quindell

First the good news. At the 10th November ShareProphets Seminar I shall present on “The end game for Quindell: when and why it will go to 0p” – there are a number of scenarios so it is a when not an if and I shall explain them all in detail. If Quenron goes to 0p before then – which is conceivable – I shall do a song and dance routine instead.

Video of Tom Winnifrith presentation - why Monitise is worth 10p a share

The final presentation on Monday night at the ShareProphets seminar was by myself on Monitise (MONI) as I explained why the shares were worth only 10p. With hindsight I think I might have been a bit generous but the thrust of my thesis is pretty clear cut.


Westminster Group Video Presentation at ShareProphets Seminars

The first presentation on Monday in Clerkenwell at the ShareProphets seminar was by Ian Selby of security group Westminster (WSG). This is not just a story about the temporary impact of ebola. Ian put the case well enough but there is clearly a sentiment issue right now.


ShareProphets Seminars: Video Presentation by Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble

On Monday 29th September the first ShareProphets evening seminar was held. 4 talks, free pizza and booze. A great time was had by all. To ensure that you get priority booking for future seminars (the next one is 13 October) register HERE. The first talker was Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble (FOX) who spoke well and made a good case. I rate the shares as a buy.


Report Back on ShareProphets Seminar: Premaitha, Fox Marble, AAA and myself on Quindell

Contrary to suggestions made here and elsewhere by some of my greatest admirers, the first ShareProphets seminar was packed out with just over 50 folks gathering in Clerkenwell on Monday and – I think – having a good time. The next seminar is on Monday October 13 and you can ensure you get priority booking by registering HERE.


10 ways that AIM Companies fool investors by reporting “fake” profits

Only 10 ways you say? Perhaps I should expand the list to 12 or fifteen and maybe I shall do so! But anyone following AIM must by now be aware that companies are routinely reporting profits that are not real profits in order to push the share price up ahead of the next placing.

Stellar Diamonds joins the list of presenters at Shareprophets Seminars - register NOW to priority book

Stellar Diamonds (STEL) - has become the third company to sign up to present at the new ShareProphets evening seminars. It will be on stage on Monday 13th October, two weeks after  Adam Reynolds from Premaitha (formerly Vialogy) (NIPT) and David Bolton of  K3 Business Technology (KBT) will be on stage. We will start taking bookings for each event when all three CEO speakers & the guest share blogger are confirmed and priority alerts for bookings will go to those registered wth ShareProphets seminars. So TODAY...

Father Christmas

Sign up TODAY for free drinks, pizza and ShareProphets Seminars

Fancy getting free drinks, free pizza and hearing presentations by three growth company CEOs and a share commentator? Of course you do. We are delighted to announce the launch of ShareProphets Seminars with kick off on September 29thBut you should register today HERE to ensure that you are alerted to all events and can book your seat first…

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