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Video of Interquest presentation at ShareProphets seminar

Two weeks ago Interquest (ITQ) presented at a ShareProphets seminar. Apologies for the delay in showing the video but here it is and for what it is worth I think it was one of the best presentations we have seen at the Monday night seminars.


Video Insetco Presentation at ShareProphets Seminar

The final company presenting at the Shareprophets seminar on 2nd February was Insetco (INC). The boss of this AIM listed turnaound is Ivan Couchman. With RMPC owning shares I had a few questions at the end.


Tom Winnifrith Video -10 Pump & Dump AIM stocks to flag up

At the ShareProphets Seminar on 2nd February I did a joint presentation with my pal Anand from PrimaryBid. Anand’s new venture goes live next week and aims to kill off the bucket shops by allowing private investors to supply capital to AIM tiddlers at a discounted price directly. It will also make it cheaper for such firms to raise capital. I hope you will ALL support this venture and register HERE


Video of Tom Winnifrith Introductory Remarks - ShareProphets seminar

At the ShareProphets seminar on 2nd Febuary Tom Winnifrith told a few jokes and made a few remarks about free speech. appropos of nothing they are contained in this short video


Collagen CEO Stewart White presentation on video

I thought this was a polished effort from Collagen (COS) CEO Stewart White at the ShareProphets seminar on 2nd February at The Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House in Clerkenwell. Sorry to Mr White for asking a hard numbers question on camera! 


Tom Winnifrith Presentation - 8 December Seminar: Disgust at Mining stocks

Tom Winnifrith could not make the Monday 8 December ShareProphets seminar in person as rain delayed his plans as you can see in the videos shot from his Greek residence below. However he posted a few thoughts by audio on the disgust folks feel about AIM listed mining stocks and we now relay this podcast to a wider audience. It explians why fundamental analysis of such stocks is in a sense not relevant right now.


Obtala Resources - video of ShareProphets Seminar Presentation

Obtala Resources (OBT) gave a detailed presentation on Monday 10th November at the most recent ShareProphets seminar - a video of whicjh is below.


EXPLOSIVE: Quindell the end game, when & why it hits 0p - Tom Winnifrith video presentation

Recorded at the ShareProphets seminar on Monday 10th November 2014 The Sheriff of AIM explains when and why the fraud that is Quindell (QPP) will go tits up causing investors to lose 100%. It is all pretty straightforward as frauds go.

Fastnet Oil & Gas - video of presentation at ShareProphets Seminar

Fastnet Oil & Gas (FAST) was the first company presenting on Monday night at the ShareProphets seminar. I hope you take something away from the video of the event.

Audioboom - video of presentation from ShareProphets seminar

Audioboom (BOOM) was the second company presenting on Monday night at the ShareProphets seminar and its talk was followed by a lively Q&A. We hope you take something away from the video of the event.

Video of Premaitha presentation at the ShareProphets Seminar

Heck, I am biased, we own these shares, but I thought that the presentation by Stephen Little and Adam Reynolds of Premaitha (NIPT) at the first ShareProphets seminar was pretty compelling. I certainly view the shares as cheap on the basis of what I heard. To ensure that you get priority booking for future seminars (the next one on 13 October is now booked out but we will start taking bookings for 27 October  next week) register HERE.

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