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Letter to AIM Regulation – after two years might you pull your finger out on Eurasia Mining?

The Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, led by the hapless poltroon Mr. Marcus Stuttard, the bogus Sheriff of AIM, like to claim that they have created the world’s most successful growth market. But the events of the past two years at Eurasia Mining (EUA) have shown that those who want to run rings around Marcus and the clowns who work for him don’t have to try too hard.  I have written to Marcus and his colleagues about the farce at Eurasia and the supposed bid talks. Enough is enough. Will AIM Regulation force a statement? The answer to that one may involve myself and Ms Cheryl Cole.

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Letter to FCA – Chill Brands and the missing trading statement and lack of sales warning

I have again written to the FCA as it is meant to be the regulator, no sniggering at the back please, of the Sub Standard list on which the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL) is listed. The company said that it was going to publish quarterly sales updates.  It has not for the three months to September 30 and as the interims will, in due course show, that is because quarterly sales were sod all.  Thus, having claimed that it was profitable the company is sitting on a profits warning. That is a breach of market rules.  The letter follows.

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Another Letter to FCA re Verditek, Crowd for Angels and Richard “Gollum” Gill

With a hat tip to our star poster PL, I have, as an upstanding member of the financial community, had to write to the FCA for a second time about the near insolvent green outfit run by serial liars Verditek (VDTK) and the Crowd For Angels platform and its compliance officer, Richard Leonardo Gill, commonly known as Gollum.


Verditek – Another letter to FCA & AIM Regulation as the cash rapidly runs out

I have communicated with Britain’s finest regulators, no sniggering at the back please, a number of times on the matter of AIM bad boy Verditek (VDTK), the company run by Tory Toff Lord Willetts which is heading rapidly for insolvency. I have written again on the matter of its market abuse, deceiving investors to pump the shares ahead of bailout placings. The letter is below:

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Letter to AIM Regulation re Bidstack PLC and Stifel Europe – Possible Breach of Rule 10

On December 17 Bidstack PLC (BIDS) and its Nomad Stifel Europe, fully cogniscent of the likely outcome for calendar 2020, issued a trading statement which I believe, in light of a confessional and disastrous statement on February 1 2021 was a clear breach of AIM Rule 10. I have written to AIM Regulation demanding an urgent enquiry and that sanctions be taken if appropriate.

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How British Shareholders are Missing a Trick for the Sake of a Few Quid.

Hello, Share Scudders. As the markets closed I take the liberty of reminding the non-subscribers on this legendary website that they’re missing a trick here. With most of us expecting a share surge once the crisis is in full retreat, there’ll be much share choosing going on. But we won’t take full advantage if we pick some wrong uns. I often pull out of shares because Uncle Tom or other keener analysts than I spot some horrible red flags which cannot be seen at first blush.


It's Showtime for the Biggest Share Event of the Year. Don't Miss it Just to Save a Few Quid!

Hello, Share Flingers. This is a big weekend for Uncle Tom has brought together probably the best line-up ever for diamond advice on how to make more money from our share portfolios. He can do this because of the sheer respect the City has for his fraud busting analysis.  Now, there will be some who seek to save a tenner by not tapping into this treasure trove. Even though the tiny fee is less than one trade with your broker.


Peter Reynolds of Fladgate - a Request to the SRA for immediate disciplinary action: Tom Winnifrith

I gave the clownish Peter Reynolds of top City lawyers Fladgate until 4 PM yesterday to give an undertaking that he would withdraw a defamatory and misleading letter he had sent, on behalf of Murray D'Almeida of Management Resource Solutions (MRS) to the ShareProphets web hoster in an attempt to gag us and possibly get the site taken down. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently this country is at war with Germany, sorry I am at war with Reynolds and Fladgate. That is to say I have asked the Solicitors Regulation Authority to open an immediate disciplinary enquiry into his conduct. My letter follows.


Quindell, the RAC, those red flag infested interims and a missing £15 million

Hat tip to poster Dalesider here on for alerting us to the fact that the Quindell (QPP) interims throw up another red flag and it concerns the much hyped deal with the RAC. Quindell says it is being restructured, I worry about the missing £15 million and wonder if the deal is in tatters as a result of Quindell’s cash crisis.

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