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Numis statement shows why FinnCap’s IPO today is such a stinker

FinnCrap (FCAP) has today listed on AIM having raised £3.75 million of new monies while insiders dumped £1.25 million of shares on mug punters. Unfortuanately for smug Sam Smith and the FinnCrap team a statement on current trading from Numis (NUM) shows just why FinnCrap rushed to get its own IPO away and why it should be avoided like the plague.


Is the Finncrap IPO a sign that AIM is doomed

Today brings news that FinnCap, Finncrap to its friends, the biggest AIM Nomad and broker is to buy Cavendish Corporate Finance, the corporate advisory firm run by pompous Tory Lord Leigh, who claims to speak for ordinary shareholders but is actually a City fat cat like the rest of them, and that the combined business will itself list on the casino in December. Is this a sign that AIM is headed into irreversible decline?

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Will anyone at Nomad FinnCap pay a penalty for its part in the massive Constellation AIM fraud?

FinnCap likes to tell us that it is one of London's leading Nomad's. Okay lets overlook the Silverdell scandal where it insisted that it did nothing wrong as the company misled investors who then lost all their money but how about Constellation Healthcare? This may be off your radar as this company delisted from AIM in January 2017. But this is a massive scandal.

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2016 in review: our top 30 articles and Tom's ten most read non financial pieces

As the year draws to a close it is only natural that we look back on the past twelve months. And it has been twelve months of achievement. It is a great achievement in that our writers have continued to write exactly what they want without any editorial interference. So Cynical Bear & Gary Newman have knocked shares I own. So what? We really do support free speech.  And it has been a year when we have "dealt with" more frauds and lies on the AIM casino and the main market than ever before. That really is the USP of ShareProphets.


The 2016 AIM Awards - Crony Capitalists spunk £750,000 of your cash - winners announced

BBC presenter Sophie Raworth, picked up £10,000 for hosting the 2016 AIM Awards. Heck since this whole £750,000 event is ultimately funded by investors in AIM Casino stocks I am sure you won't begrudge her trousering some of YOUR cash. Anyhow here are the winners from the lavish 2016 ceremony:


Tory Minister John Whittingdale, the porn star, the hooker and now the bung, is it from disgraced businessman Sean Nutley of Silverdell infamy?

I really do not care who media minister John Whittingdale is shagging. He seems to have a way with the ladies, he is single and his latest hook up, the ex porn star, looks pretty fit. I am not sure about the hooker with a specialisation in S&M but it probably brought Mr Whittingdale back some happy memories of boarding school. Ooooh matron...what should I do about press regulation? Thwack. What is perhaps of more interest to me is the list of those making donations to Mr Whittingdale as disclosed in the register of members interests.


The London Stock Exchange fiddles while AIM Burns, top broker Andrew Monk weighs in

There is so much wrong with AIM. China frauds seem to list at will. Companies can lie without censure. Folks like Sean Nutley at Silverdell and Rob Terry at The Innovation Group (where is he now BTW?) just “get away with it. Investors have completely lost trust in the Casino. It is a joke. The LSE could change it simply by getting the hapless bunch of complete cretins at the AIM Regulation Team to enforce rules, to kick off piss poor Nomads who float crap (Daniel Stewart) and to publicly name and shame. But instead it tinkers with the rule book. Top broker Andrew Monk of VSA weighed in this morning with this comment: 


K3 – Very Good Finals – still share price upside at 214p

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2014 and that “with a strong pipeline of opportunities ahead, supported by a stable and profitable underlying business, the outlook for K3 is particularly encouraging”. Good news! 


If you are serious about making money from shares, there are three reasons to read on NOW

Are you serious about making money from shares? Yes? There are three reasons to read on as a matter of some urgency.


AIM Cesspit Awards 2014 Results & Dinner

The Sheriff of AIM is feeling rather fragile today in the wake of the AIM Cesspit awards dinner. Do not expect a great deal of output from me today. I had a good time and think that others did too. The wine and beer flowed freely, Evil and Lucian Miers gave good talks and David Lenigas pitched in with his thoughts on Nomads. A brave Quindell (QPP) shareholder turned up and was teased a bit but took it well. But you want to know who won.


My nominations for the AIM Cesspit Awards 2014 - BrokerManDaniel - with BMD's missing sixth choice!

It's great that the 2014 AIM Cesspit Awards are this year being held once again at The Real Man Pizza Company, Clerkenwell, London. I hope there are chips on the menu this year! The food was rather poncy/rich for my taste buds! The last known case of gout in Northern England was actually a Southerner who relocated for the BBC. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time last year. Not to be taken too seriously it's just a bit of a laugh or if you're from London "Larffff"


My Nominations for the AIM Cesspit 2014 awards - Tom Winnifrith

So many to choose from and so little time to think – who am I nominating for these prestigious awards? Ultimately it is down to you, the investing public to vote on who wins, but for what it is worth my nominations have been:


Silverdell: Time to buy

Having added shares in specialist environmental support services group, Silverdell (SID) to the Recovery portfolio of my Nifty Fifty website at a 17p offer price in January I clearly do not look entirely Buffetesque with the shares now trading at a 14p mid.

  • 3374 days ago

Silverdell - a company (and share price) being re-commissioned'?

Shares in AIM-listed remediation, decommissioning and consulting company Silverdell (SID) traded at more than 130p before a May 2008 interim results statement which saw the company report an operating loss due to contract delays and the undertaking of low margin work. This sparked a massive decline which would see the shares hit 5.7p in March 2009 and still trade at just 8.25p in May of last year.

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