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BREAKING & OUTSIDE PAYWALL: The Earl of Shrewsbury and the Cash for Questions Tory Sleaze – it gets worse: The cover up!

Yesterday I flagged up SpectrumX which is in administration but may well make a comeback and investors should not assume they have lost their cash. Time will tell. But what I can now confirm is how and why Tory Grandee, The Earl Of Shrewsbury, has most clearly broken the rules governing cash for questions and is now trying to cover up that fact.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Matthew's Dog's going to love this recording from a day of triumph: ouzos all round

The triumphs for me are Globo (GBOwhere the man who should know recognises my unique work and puts the FT’s snot gobbler in his place as the FCA swoop and SpectrumX and some real Tory sleaze exposed as it goes bust as advisers say its IPO is on track.  Then I look at AO World (AO.) where almost all the writers here are vindicated and deserve an ouzo tonight (sparkling water for puritan Chris), and Harland & Wolff (HARL) – ouzo for Peter Brailey, cabbage water for Andrew Monk. Finally a few words on the lastest spoof from the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME).

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BREAKING: The IPO of SpectrumX: The Earl of Shrewsbury, Tory sleaze, the alleged VAT fraudster, the missing shares & £3m and now administration

SpectrumX Holidings Limited claims to be ready to set to launch, inter alia, the world’ smost powerful hand gel to stop the spread of you know what. Admittedly it is, according to its own website, only at the “patent pending” stage  but it reckons that a Q3 2021 £50 million IPO is happening. We are now in Q4 so what’s the catch? Yesterday, Nick Michaels of Alfred Henry confirmed his firm was acting for SpectrumX and the IPO was still on, albeit delayed. Today administrators were called in. Ooops.

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