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Block Energy – Rebels Lose Round One but Keep Beer and Popcorn to Hand

The first of two EGM’s requisitioned by rebels at AIM-listed Block Energy (BLOE) saw the Chairman, Philip Dimmock, see off resolutions to give him the boot and appoint independent NED Charles Valceschini in his place.  In the meantime, the company has appointed a new NED in the form of Jeremy Asher, current chairman of fellow Casino listed Tower Resources (TRP).


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The Fat Bastard and his most useless words yet

In today's podcast I look at Frontera (FRR) and the latest ramblings of the disgraced whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood,  at Neil Woodford disaster Midatech (MTPH), at AIQ (AIQ), Flybe (FLYB), Tertiary Minerals (TYM), Tower Resources (TRP), and at Altona (ANR)

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Competition Result: dismal showings on interims deadline day

Entries ranging from a rather optimistic zero up to a more sorrowful 19 was the range set by ShareProphets readers, but what answer did the global shorting conspiracy come to?


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Cloudtag boss and swapping stolen documents for cash in a Motorway Service Station

I start with the cot which is still driving me mad. Meanwhile it looks like the Mrs is going to term and is coming home tonight so I must cover up evidence of two days of bachelor life, that is to say myself & Oakley not being that tidy. In company matters I comment on Strat Aero (AERO) but will do a longer piece later, on Wishbone Gold (WSBN), on Tower Resources (TRP) and on Cloudtag (CTAG). The mad nutters who ramp this on twitter are now accusing poor Lucian Miers of being part of a paedophile ring (he is not) for daring to suggest that this over-ramped POS is not a buy. I am reminded of when I first came across the man behind this worthless company. 


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Amur Minerals, Baron Oil, Plethora Solutions, Trap Oil, W Resources

Featuring shares in Amur Minerals (AMC), Baron Oil (BOIL), Plethora Solutions (PLE), Trap Oil (TRP) and W Resources (WRES) with share price targets set for all five stocks.


Are the stars aligning at Tower Resources?

I worry if I am losing my mind, but Tower Resources (TRP) is fast becoming a conviction buy for me. Yesterday the company announced the appointment of two relatively heavyweight technical directors to the board. Following on from recent institutional support, successful acquisition of the Thali Production Sharing Contract (PSC) offshore Cameroon and a flurry of insider purchase, the signs are all there that some significant is happening for this shock.


Tower Resources; plague stock on the mend?

Whenever I mention Tower Resources (TRP) to anyone it’s as if I’ve asked him or her if they enjoy incest and Morris dancing. At the same time (because surely you cannot have one without the other). Tower appears to be as loathed a stock on AIM as one could imagine. With its miserable history, 6.7billion shares in issue and 0.16p share price it’s no wonder this oil & gas exploration company seems to feature at the top of most people’s bargepole lists. What could there possibly be to love?


Tower Resources – life in the old dog yet?

Tower Resources (TRP) has become surprisingly interesting over the last few weeks. With a number of high profile oil exploration failures under its belt and 6.7billion shares in issue, Tower bears most of the hallmarks of your typical common or garden AIM cesspit stock. The 0.19p share price hardly inspires confidence. So, when the company came to raise £5.2million net on 15 July the market’s collective shrug of the shoulders was hardly a surprise. However, closer examination of the fundraising reveals a more intriguing story to the usual “keeping the lights on” package that has become all too familiar for small resource stocks in this market.

Chariot Oil & Gas - The Right Move in Namibia - the patient will be rewarded

After my recent interview with Chariot Oil & Gas (CHAR) CEO Larry Bottomley, I predicted the company wouldn’t relinquish its Central Blocks licence, offshore Namibia. Although I wasn’t far off the mark in this, what I didn’t anticipate was that Chariot would renegotiate the terms of the licence and remove the requirement for an exploratory drill in the next phase.

Bowleven and the art of taking profits

If you’ve ever played poker you will know the worst thing that can happen to a bad player, who doesn’t understand the mechanics or maths of the game, is to win a reasonably large amount early in his or her playing days. Invariably such people convince themselves they have unlocked the secrets of the game and are invincible, rather than recognise the luck of the draw. Our lucky winner invariably ends up giving back his or her winnings to the table and a whole load more to boot. Bust and demoralised, such people often have trouble understanding what’s gone wrong, having made such a profitable start. They remain obstinately unaware of the importance of playing the long term odds, certain in the knowledge they must be right, even though they’ve lost all their money. Exactly the same principle applies to gamblers on AIM stocks, especially those in the resource sector.


Tower Resources - a gamble worth taking?

As far as I am aware nothing was done about Tower Resources’ (TRP) extremely controversial placement (which I warned was coming here, prior to the event, and wrote about here, after it was completed). I would be amazed if anything ever is. The AIM Investigations Team passed the buck to the FCA and the FCA just gave me their generic blah, blah about taking accusations of market abuse jolly seriously. Of course they do! After I’d finished counting regulatory flying pigs, my attention turned back to Tower’s share price and whether it could now be worth taking the gamble on a successful outcome in the high profile Welwitschia-1A (as it now is) drill campaign.

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