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Zak The Knife sticks it to worthless tossers Green Dragon Gas

Big news today from the shysters at Green Dragon Gas (GDG) but does it change anything? Over to the City's No 1 oil analyst Zak "the Knife" Phillips at SP Angel who does not hold back:


Union Jack Oil at 0.14p - worth up to 0.98p: SP Angel

SP Angel is houes broker to Union Jack Oil (UJO) so take its notes with a pinch of salt. Bur I rate analyst Zak "The Knife" Phillips highly and as such today's reiterated buy stance after the news from Wressle cannot be totally ignored. As for the target price! The Kinfe writes:


Zac "The Knife" Phillips explicit warning on Gulf Keystone

The City's top oil analyst, Zac "the Knife" Phillips of SP Angel has today issued a stark warning on the risks in holding shares in Gulf Keystone (GKP). As it happens I think Zac is being rather too nice on this occassion, he misses a trick. First to Zac, with the shares now trading at 2.23p, but, he warns, worth as little as 0.65p. "The Knife" writes:

Nighthawk - Running Foxes accuses it of er...ahem

Last week Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) issued an operational update. Over the weekend its erstwhile business partner Running Foxes issued a press release which puts Nighthawk in a bind. I shall leave the rest to the City's top oil analyst. Over to Mr Zak "the Knife" Phillips at SP Angel:

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