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Gold RSI Hits The Highest Since 2011

Gold’s relative strength indicator is at the 73, highest since September 2011 - the month that gold hit an all-time high. 

Journey into Space as Inmarsat Blasts Through Another All-Time High.

Hello Share Wingers. You probably know by now that I’m usually very glad to support shares where the potential is all in the future. This is why I’m a fan of biotech companies, which are trying something new. The risks are big because the pitfalls, including the fear of failure and tough licensing stipulations. But the rewards can be quite staggering.


SpreadBet Pick: what next for the FTSE100?

My recent call on buying the rising FTSE100 at 6,644 has been a very good one. Although the German and American markets didn’t fall far enough to trigger my entry targets for the DAX or Dow, within the space of a fortnight, Britain’s main index rose through its target and jumped over 100 points. Once again the MIDAS Method has proved itself to be a superb indicator. However, with the FTSE100 now trading at 6,759, the question is can it make a push on that obstinate all time record? Better yet, can it finally break through 7,000?

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