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BREAKING: Julie Meyer says to sue Queen's lawyers Farrer & Co & lawyer Julian Pike for £150m

Okay, Ms Lingerie on Expenses is fleeing a High Court arrest warrant and facing a six month jail term as well as an FCA Criminal enquiry but you can’t keep the old crook down. Now she reveals on Twitter that she is to sue the Queen’s lawyers, Farrer & Co, and partner Julian Pike for £150 million. Don’t spend it all at once Julie… I see that having branded ShareProphets a terrorist organisation she now says Farrer is a “Terrorising Legal Organisation.” 


You will never guess who has accused Julian Pike & the Queen's lawyers Farrer & Co of fraud?

Julian Pike brands himself as a specialist in reputation management so surely being accused of fraud, as you can see below, means that he must defend his own reputation by firing off a libel writ at once?


Now Julie Meyer demands Police investigate ShareProphets for terrorism

The twitter meltdown, from the woman fleeing a High Court Arrest warrant, we reportedv earlier HERE, continues. Now Julie “under an FCA Criminal Investigation” Meyer wants the Police to crack down on this website for being terrorists.  If Ms Meyer ever does return to England to start a stretch inside and wants to appeal on grounds of insanity…. the evidence is below.


BREAKING: Julie Meyer says Mr Justice Kerr doesn't understand the law and she has invoiced Queen’s Lawyer’s Farrer for £1 million & will “destroy “ them

You may have thought that Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer was on the ropes what with that High Court arrest warrant, the 6 month jail sentence and the FCA Criminal enquiry. Au contraire, thanks to Winnileaks I have a letter from Ms Meyer explaining how UK journalists discriminate against American women as they are all misogynists, Mr Justice Kerr, who sentenced her to 6 months, does not understand the law and how she does not owe her ex-lawyer Julian Pike at Farrer &Co £300,000 at all. She has, in fact, invoiced him for £1million! And she will “destroy” his firm.  Enjoy!


BREAKING: Woman fighting arrest warrant and 6 month jail term & FCA criminal enquiry goes twitter bonkers, accusing this website of "terrorism"

Yes it is Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer who appears to be having a bit of a meltdown. Yesterday she sent me an email saying that publishing THIS ARTICLE was a crime.  Then she took to twitter accusing this website of being a “Bristol based Terrorist Organisation” (BBTO). I kid you not! Her meltdown is below.


Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 26 February 2022

These are the most-read articles and most listened-to Bearcasts of the week. The most-read article non-Tom article is Postcard From Montana As Gold Blasts Higher and Putin Blasts Ukraine by Nigel Somerville at number six or number 11 including Bearcasts.


Julie Meyer MBE – now arrest warrant issued by UK High Court

In a story first reported by the Law Gazette but subsequently claimed as an “exclusive” by both the Mail and City AM, it seems that an arrest warrant has now been issued by Mr Justice Kerr in the High Court for Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer MBE.  This follows on the from the case first reported here on Monday,in full with the actual judgement, which took place on 26 January when Kerr imposed a suspended 6 month sentence but demanded that Meyer provide documents to Court by 7 February and appear in person on the 14th. She did neither.


When is stealing $2.4 million not a sackable offence? When you are chairman of an AIM company of course!

Well it is now official. It is perfectly acceptable for the chairman of an AIM listed company to take $2.4 million of a company's cash without permission. You and I would call taking someone else's (that is to say shareholder's) money theft or stealing. But on AIM it is simply an unauthorised loan. Pas de probleme mes amis!

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New World Oil & Gas; embezzlement arrest warrant for director’s wife

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has not issued an RNS to confirm whether or not Bill Kelleher has repaid the several hundred thousand dollars he owes the company or if he has left his role as a well-paid technical advisor. Frankly, New World should have done, but we’ve now been passed some other interesting information concerning one of the directors’ wives. It appears that the Kazakh Department of the Agency for Public Service and Anti-Corruption is seeking the arrest of Peter Sztyk’s wife for “misappropriation or embezzlement of entrusted property”.

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