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Karelian Diamonds – Jubilee No-One-Is-Watching O’clock Bad News

AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) – the junior part of the Prof. Conroy AIM twosome (the other being Conroy Gold and Natural Resources, CGNR) waited until the last of the Jubilee bunting was being put up at 3pm the day before a double bank holiday (truly no-one-is-watching o’clock) to announced that the final meeting of the Finnish National Land Survey in relation to Karelian’s diamond mine plans at Lahtojoki has been delayed. Fortunately, ShareProphets was watching…..

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Today's Primary Bid offer is Sareum - No thanks it's a dog

ShareProphets earns a small commission any time a reader who registered with Primary Bid via ourselves subscribes for one of its offers. For that reason we urge you all to sign up HERE. But today's offer, Sareum, (SAR) is a total dog, as I have noted often enough on this website, so since we have integrity, we advise you to make us no money and avoid this hound like the plague.


Breaking: Andalas: Crim Dave Whitby using Cornhill to try to raise £2 million at sub 0.55p - AVOID LIKE PLAGUE

In a mad rush given that it could be booted off the AIM casino on Friday, Andalas Energy (ADL) is - according to my sources trying to raise £2 million at between 0.45p and 0.55p - that compares to 1.3p just prior to suspension. Rule breaking low life dirtbag CEO Dave Whitby has engaged  commission hungry/ethics light brokers at Cornhill to bring in the cash, promising them market beating commission plus warrants - a package worth several hundred thousand quid if they can stiff their clients and back this issue. For mug punters the maths just do not stack up.

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