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Hargreaves Lansdown gives Neil Woodford another Blow Job as its clients lose even more money

As this morning’s shock revelations about Neil Woodford’s greed and reward for abject failure start to sink in, I imagine that many investors in his funds will be feeling a deep sense of disgust and regret. Perhaps they will blame those who advised them to invest and who, as the performance has gone from bad to worse, to even worse, have told them to hang on or average down.  Perhaps the biggest cheerleader has been Hargreaves Lansdown which has just published another blow job type piece on Woodford.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Tesla, Tern, Lucian Miers, a stockmarket bubble and another BJ for Neil Woodford from the Mail on Sunday

On my 24 mile walk with Lucian - a bit of a disaster as the last five miles were unplanned and very painful as described here - we discussed Tesla, Tern and the stockmarket bubble. I ponder that and then discuss a total Blow Job splash for Neil Woodford in the Mail on Sunday, a disgraceful day for "journalism."

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Andalas, Alan Green's podcast and the shitty bottom end of AIM sleaze

Andalas Energy (ADL) should be issuing a statement about its own solvency and other matters flagged up HERE. This company, as it stands, is insolvent. But this is AIM so instead....


A video to make you barf: Successful fund management is a balance between arrogance & humility says Neil Woodford

Either iii readers are thick and so sent in the daftest softest questions to Neil Woodford or thiis just another blow job paid for interview. Where are the tough questions about disastrous performance, investing in companies that need to break the laws of phsyics, Capita, Provident Financial, The AA, related party deals, RM2, the list goes on and on. If successful fund management is a balance between arraogance and humility it, perhaps, explains why smug Nomates Neil is doing so badly. Get the sick bag ready and watch below...

Video: When Peter met Andrea - verbal blow job for Cloudtag at CES

And now to the CES show in Las Vegas where AIM listed fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) paid to get interviewed by a bird called Andrea.Questions in paid for interviews are not exactly tough, Andrea makes Justin the Clown look like Jeremy Paxman. The highlight is about six and a half minutes in when Peter Griffith of Cloudtag cannot even remember where his own stand is. But there is more.

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