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Roger Lawson’s 17 reasons Not to own Burford

Roger Lawson of ShareSoc sent me a present the other day. Nope, not another lawyer’s letter but a copy of his new book “Business Perspective Investing… And why financial numbers are not important when picking shares.” A snappy title if ever there was one. I do think numbers matter but it is not a bad read. To demonstrate what he means, Mr Lawson has listed 17 reasons why he does NOT want to own or buy shares in Burford (BUR) and it is nothing to do with the Muddy Waters affair. The 17 reasons Neil Woodford ignored are:


Don't be a Bulletin Board Moron - get free copy of new Tom Winnifrith book

Get the new ebook by Tom Winnifrith out next week, 22 Mistakes ALL investors in shares must avoid (Don't be a Bulletin Board Moron). ORDER NOW FOR DELIVERY WITHIN 24 HOURS


Ambition: Why it’s good to want more and How to get it

When you are a child, adults are always asking you what you want to be when you grow up. Along with “What’s your favourite subject at school?” and “Haven’t you grown!” it is pretty much the standard question at any family gathering and sometimes used by teachers as a lesson theme. I can still vividly remember a fabulous picture painted by my sister at the age of five, depicting her as a pop star with sparkly purple hair and big red shoes.


Get your free copy of 49 Red Flags by Tom Winnifrith in time for Christmas reading

The Naibu (NBU) Neds have now admitted my fraudbusting was spot on (HERE), The FRC has thanked me for alerting it to Quindell (QPP) frauds (HERE) and so its been a good year of Red Flag spotting for me. Earlier this year I published an ebook flagging up some of what I look for in Companies that commit FRAUD - "49 Red Flags". If you would like a free copy sent to you in time for Christmas just fill in the form below.


Tom Winnifrith Thinkathon: futurology, publishing, Bulletin Boards, Malcolm Stacey, retail

My sleep patterns disrupted by a late night screening of Star Wars and ealy morning writing to accomodate the travel arrangements of pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, I have only just woken up. The Mrs is out at a party with some Krauts and so I engage in a few reflections on a changing world and how that affects work and investment decisions. Malcolm Stacey is the cue...


The Ten Shares you must buy now for Christmas

ShareProphets Press' NEWEST book of 2015 is by Zak Mir. In it, the UK's most well-known technical analyst suggests the the shares you must buy now for Christmas.

Father Christmas

Eight shares to buy for the Santa Rally - find out which ones NOW!

ShareProphets Press' NEW book of 2015 is by Tom Winnifrith, Ben Turney, Chris Bailey and the whole ShareProphets team. In it, the writers on the UK's most compelling financial website look for the eight shares to take advantage of by buying ahead of the 'Santa Rally'.


Get a free copy of Tom Winnifrith's 49 Red Flags dedicated to fraudster Rob Terry TODAY

Tom Winnifrith's most recent book, 49 Red Flags is dedicated to Mr Robert Simon Terry of the fraud Quindell (QPP). With the SFO and FCA now investigating Terry and Quindell, Tom's painstaking analysis was vindicated. The expulsion of Gate, Naibu and Sorbic from AIM further vindicated Tom's analysis. His most recent book is a guide to how to avoid over-promoted and fraudulent companies on AIM and the LSE. Order it today for immediate delivery of a FREE copy of "49 Red Flags".


What Can you Learn from The Intelligent Investor? Part Two

Benjamin Graham is the man who taught Warren Buffett about investing in shares. His classic book is The Intelligent Investor which is as relevant today as it was when first published in 1952. Let’s get right into the quotes again, we’re now on Chapter One.


Get the latest ebook by Tom Winnifrith and Robert Sutherland Smith, 71 Years in the City, 71 Tricks of the Share Trade

Get the latest ebook by Tom Winnifrith and Robert Sutherland Smith, 71 Years in the City, 71 Tricks of the Share Trade - it is set to be published next week but you can get one of 300 free copies on pre order now. Together Robert Sutherland Smith and Tom Winnifrith have now been working in finance for 71 years - the last ten or so together. Tom wishes to stress that RSS accounts for most of that, the great value investor starting his City career at the Unilever Pension Fund the year before Tom was born. In this book they outline 71 tricks of the trade for making money from shares.


NEW Mining and Oil shares book by Tom Winnifrith – get your FREE Copy

The 49’ers series continues with my newest book – the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from oil, gas and mining stocks.  It is published TODAY and you can buy it on Amazon for £6.25. Or we have 500 free copies to give away and you can download yours now by filling in the form below..


Rules 37 and 35 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares ( CPRs & Cash)

Ben Turney and I recently published our latest book “The 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares”. The book is on sale on Amazon or you can get a free copy HERE. As a flavour of what the book contains I bring you rule 37 (CPRs) and 35 (cash). Read on...

Father Christmas

The book on Technical Analysis everyone is talking about...get your Complimentary copy HERE!

We have 25 copies left of our May giveaway of the Technical Analysis book everyone is talking about. Click the link below to take part in this exclusive offer.

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