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Why I'm Buying more than Selling in these Dodgy Dangerous Days.

Hello, Share Screamers. There are City analysts who say that shares are cheap now and can only go up. There are others, like talented Shareprophets writer David Scott who say they can only topple as yet unappreciated global headwinds blow in. But what’s the real story?


How to Take Advantage of the Brexit Blues.

Hello, Share Bunnies. As the Brexit mess becomes even messier, we need to continue careful consideration of what will happen to our shares. These are the choices. If we *crash out of Europe, the pound will take a hard knock. If we have a soft Brexit, it will shoot up. * TW Note, incorrect word used by those who want to stay in Europe but do not dare admit it like Malcolm.

In a Scary Market, Protecting Yourself and Grabbing the Opportunities Hold Equal Sway. Here's How I'm Playing It.

Hello, Share Scrapers. Who among us isn't a bit spooked by issues affecting the global economy? But what should we do to protect ourselves - and make the most of any opportunities? Well, after doing the research and basing predictions on it, this is what I think.


My 'Northern Offensive', Non-Scientific View of Why Shares Will Continue to Rise for Some Time Yet.

Hello, Share Riders. My very recent 'northern offensive' to the Scandinavian countries and Russia has strengthened my happy suspicion that the world economy is forging ahead. And if the world’s GDP is growing, so will global share prices. And that surge will drag up British stocks, even if our own economic growth continues to be dire. TW Note: stop reading the fecking Guardian, the UK economy is still growing at a rate most European countries would envy. No more fake news please.


How the Snap Election Will Affect Your Share Prices

Hello Share Pillagers. We all should have known something big was going to happen by the way shares were marked down heavily after the Easter break. On Easter Monday, when our stock market was closed, the US version was open. During that session, American shares rose by about 1%. That usually means British shares rise in tandem, but not this time.


BP or Not BP? That is Exxon's Question. Meanwhile, I'm in a Quandary

Hello Share Shakers. A bit of a dilemma faces me. I have some BP (BP.) shares in my ordinary trading account. I want to switch them to my ISA. When I do that, there’ll be an interim few days when I no longer hold the stock. For BP at the moment, this is a bit dangerous.

WH Smith Marches Across the World and It Could Make the Share Price Travel

Hello Share Mashers. Are you ready to give another chance to a great British giant of the High Street? One such outfit, in my humble opinion, is WH Smith (SMWH).

As Galliford Gallops On, You May Want To Give It a Try

Hello Share Punchers. I’m not sure that I did not cover my favourite builder Galliford Try (GFRD) rather too recently. But when a share commentator like myself is more convinced of one of his subjects' future success more than many of his others, he should press the point more than once.

Honkers Bonkers Bank is Worth a Look - for the Perky Divi and Bouncy Share Price

Hello Share Puddlers. The Honkers Bonkers bank (HSBA) has been doing rather well on the old share front of late. Each day seems to bring another 1% or so. This is encouraging news for me as the family has rather a big holding which is at least 40 years old.

Waiting patiently for a Joules buying opportunity

Shares in Joules (JOUL) surged over the past few days in anticipation of the company’s annual results, issued today. They are indeed about as strong as anybody could have predicted.


AstraZeneca Escaped Take-Over by Americans, but Still Does a Germ-Zapping Deal with Uncle Sam

Hello Share Smackers. If there is one sector which can be truly called defensive, it is the giant pharma world. Big drugs companies supply something that no-one in his or her right mind would give up - release from pain and suffering. So even when times are hard, medical giants will continue to make money.


Steve's Dead Right. ARM Could Trigger More Take-overs. Here Are some Possible Targets.

Hello Share Scrunchers. It always encourages me when my colleague Steve Moore, a modest sort of chap who is very tuned in to our golden game, has the same thoughts as me. Even more so, as we don’t always agree. But when he says that the takeover of ARM Holdings (ARM) is good news not just for ARM holders, but the share investment world as applied to the whole of the UK, then I totally concur.


Feel-Good Medical Shares Could Hit Higher Temperatures.

Hello Share Collectors: There is a growing case for investing in companies, which sell or look for medical cures. I think the big British pharma companies are undervalued and worth a punt.

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