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Malcolm Graham Wood, the whore blogger, is that what you call research, you pompous arse?

Normally Malcolm Graham Wood, the whore blogger, pumps out fake news or rather fake analysis because he is paid to do so by a company, something he fails to declare. But for once I have caught him pumping out fake news just because he is an idle tosser who is too lazy to actually do 30 seconds research. Incidentally there also appears to be an admission that he “copies” our work which might amount to copyright breach. Does the whore blogger engage in what is theft as well? His rap sheet grows ever longer it seems.

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Frontera - even whore blogger Malcolm "fat bastard" Graham Wood struggles to find positives

As we know, Frontera Resources (FRR) is almost out of cash which makes the ramptastic presentation held for mug punters on May 9th even more sordid. Among those attending was the blogger Fat Bastard who reports back in his iii column without, natch, declaring that he is paid to write shite by companies such as Frontera. How does iii's joke compliance department tolerate this I wonder? After picking up his brown envelope, Fat Bastard opines:


Photo Article -Tom Winnifrith gets a cheque for 29p, is it a bribe?

Well it did arrive in a brown envelope! The eagle eyed among you will see that I appear not to have cashed the last cheque from this source, for 51p. I think I lost it. But I'm now entitled to 80p as a result of being a loyal shareholder in the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Of course my real "dividend" is being able to attend the AGM to berate the hapless head of AIM Regulation, Mr Marcus Stuttard. Truthfully, notwithstanding today's cheque I can say that I am not in this one for the money.

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