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Short twitter?

The big tech stocks have led the US markets ever higher and valuations as a whole for this subgroup look, to me, to be stretched. But I have been saying that for a while so you may choose to ignore what follows. However, while I have compared shorting such enterprises to standing in front of an oncoming express train waving your red flags, is there now a case for shorting Twitter? At $47.42, the market cap is $37.8 billion.

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Amid all the nonsense and my anger at lockdown insanity, things are turning the way of we gold bugs

I am almost speechless with rage at Bonkers Boris’ latest lockdown. There is a huge debate to be had, with professors, (academic) doctors, journalists and others all with an alternative view to the one peddled by Bonkers. But they will not be heard, are junked and now TalkRadio has been removed from Youtube in an outrageous act of censorship and denial of free speech. There ARE hard questions which need to be answered. George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning, not a blueprint. But amid all this, and all the uncertainty caused by yet another lockdown (if at first you don’t succeed, defy logic and try again) something is definitely turning my way..

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Frontera - battle lines drawn as JubCap and Waseem Shakoor stick in the knife

It seems that despite bears not being universally popular, I'm not the only one who thinks that AIM-listed Frontera (FRR) is an out and out bargepole stock. In the wake of yesterday's ramparoonie (oops) highly informative RNS, the Twitterspere has seen a few comments - not least of which from Waseem Shakoor and investment house Jub Capital - sticking the knife in.

Selective fascist censorship on LSE Asylum as bear raider Waseem Shakoor lets rip again on the Cloudtag fraud

Bear raider Waseem Shakoor has let rip again on the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG). The great Waseem, currently recovering from a sporting injury common among middle aged athletes, has served up a real reality check to the morons on how quickly, if ever, Onitors appear in British stores. This is a strong follow up to yesterday's coke penis photo report from the Spring Fair. What is fascinating is how the LSE Asylum is applying selective censorship of Waseem who says that he has received a message from LSE asking me to refrain from saying "I've spoken to a Cloudtag source" as it couldn't be verified. Since when did everything you write on a bulletin board have to be verified asks the Bear. Indeed. Waseem's two posts, which will no dount be removed altogether soon, read:

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