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Letter to AIM Regulation re Deepverge PLC – clear breach of Rule 11 ahead of bailout placing, public censures needed

This should be an open and shut case and, if only pour encourager les autres, Deepverge PLC (DVRG), its Nomad SPARK Advisory and its journalist trolling arse of a CEO Gerry Brandon should be served up with a severe public censure. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation below.

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Letter to Marcus Stuttard at AIM Regulation – Ref Conroy Gold & Natural Resources blatant rule breaches

On 18 February 2020 AIM-listed lifestyle company Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) announced a successful placing to raise £250,000 and that it had undertaken a subscription to raise a further £52,500 all at 12p per share. Yesterday, more than six weeks later, the company ‘fessed up that a total of £188,000 was still outstanding. It seems to me that the “successful placing” was anything but at time of announcement, given that the cash was yet to arrive, and that the company had not “undertaken” a subscription to the extent originally advised for the same reason. “Undertaking” maybe, but not “undertaken”.

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The Four Questions that Andalas still will not answer

Andalas Energy (ADL) is a company that even after its recent placing has NEGATIVE net current assets of $1-2 million and no assets of any value. I think it is worthless but its management wishes to meet me to explain why I am wrong. Hmmm. Well for starters I am a hermit who never goes to London other than for UK Investor and secondly I simply will not meet until the company answers four questions and it is still refusing. 


Monty Python explains the true value of Andalas & the 4 questions it must answer NOW!

I was told last night by the PR spinner to Andalas (ADL) that I should be asking about its new focus in the North Sea, how it will build value, yadda, yadda, yadda. FFS This company has no assets of value, it is burning stacks of cash every day and has NEGATIVE Net current assets of up to $2 million, even after the £600,000 placing on Monday - what don't you understand about the words "FECKING INSOLVENT" darling? I leave it to Monty Python to explain the true state of Andalas below. Meanwhile here are 4 Burning questions it is not answering so I - and Brokerman Dan - will keep asking.


Marcus Stuttard, head of AIM: look in the mirror, old boy, look in the mirror.

Last week’s AGM held by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSE) saw some biting criticism of AIM from our very own Tom Winnifrith and also from Mark Bentley of ShareSoc. What better way to counter the barrage than for the  Sham Sheriff, Mr Marcus Stuttard, to get a soft interview in The Times (see HERE)? But in the article Mr Stuttard reveals that he simply has no idea at  all. Unless, of course, there is a completely different AIM market on Planet Zarg…..

POS market abusers and cash guzzlers Environmental Recycling clarify KennyBoy Brooks loan

AIM casino listed Environmental Recycling (ENRT), formerly known as 3DM is worthless POS which has been twice censured by the FSA (today's FCA) for misleading investors. In clarifying the status today of an uber expensive loan it has taken from its founder, Kennyboy Brooks, it has just admitted to a third deception.

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