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The View From The Montana Log-Cabin As Gold Steadies Below $1800

Gold had a steady week last week, closing at $1783 per oz, down a shade from $1792 the previous week. As bond yields have moved higher as the market anticipates the Fed’s taper and rising interest rates, it seems to me that Gold is trying to climb the “wall of worry” but as yet hasn’t had the impetus to clear the hurdle. We will have to wait a little longer.

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What number blows up the financial world?

This is not going to end well for oh so many reasons


Gold: correction rumbles on and roundup from a relaxed Montana Log-Cabin

The correction in Gold and gold stocks continues and I am waiting patiently, relaxed as I am with my feet up as I sit on the veranda of my Montana log-cabin. It seems that the US election is taking centre-stage: I am not sure why, as both sides are promising the long-awaited fiscal stimulus, although Biden appears to offer more. But the outcome (or lack of one) will not make Covid-19 go away. The economic damage will therefore continue.

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Forecasters believe that the implied rate of UK interest rates will go to nearly -4%.

Yes you did read that ciorrectly, interest rates at MINUS 4%. 


Why Stocks are Overvalued but we have to Keep Buying Them

I note with interest the today’s macro-outlook comments by Malcolm and Tom, each taking different sides of the debate. While I agree with Tom’s analysis, I reckon that Malcolm’s conclusions might turn out be right!


Thanks to Greed, Our Shares Should Continue to Blossom.

Hello Share Masters. There is so much gloomy comment among the City ‘experts’ these days that I really think it’s reasonable to again put the other side. The Footsie continues to push towards all time highs, so it’s all too obvious that the market is not in step with the pundits. 


The Big Emotional Tug of War Which Spells Share Success.

Hello Share Swappers. There are two ogres stalking Shareland. And they are both big - very big.

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