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Compass Share Price Likely to Point North as Latest Numbers Please

Hello Share Tasters. The number of folks eating away from home is growing. Just look around your high street to see that. After the lockdowns it seems everyone has missed the joys of not doing their own cooking. One company which is benefitting from this trend is Compass Group (CPG). A latest trading statement, for its third quarter, seems to show that.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: after a shameful admission from Darren, what he needs to do on video this Christmas

This issue for Darren was prompted by me discussing “cousin” Axl Rose yesterday.  I start by discussing day 12 of Joshua’s Advent calendar, then what Darren needs to record for you this Yuletide. Then it is the strange tale of Calisen (CLSN), Goldman talking woke nonsense and finaly BBC #fakenews on cheddar cheese prices and why my grandfather, Sir John Winnifrith, was right in 1975 and why food prices, therefore, could and should fall from January 1. 

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Time to Sell Tesco, Mayhap, After a Good Run

Hello, Share Creepers. Tesco (TSCO) shares have bounded ahead this year. So I think I might sell my holding now. I was shopping in Morrison (MRW) yesterday - in which I also hold stock - and I found the shopping environment there rather better than my local Tesco branch...


Food Glorious Food Will Rally Greencore Shares if Brexit Fears Prove Groundless

Hello, Share Pickers. If you are one of those investors who still believe that the Brexit mess will have a nasty effect on share prices, the company I look at today may not appeal to you very much. I - and several speakers at the Global Group UK Investor Show - though don’t think Brexit will make much difference in the longer run...


Three Shares Which are Not Favourites in My Christmas-time Portfolio

Hello, Share Smoochers. A day or two ago, I mentioned three ships in my personal share bag which could come sailing in on Christmas day. Or before. Now let me pick three of my babies which are not my favourites in the hectic Yule run-up…


Brexit hero Tim Martin debunks a stack of myths as JD Wetherspoon reports strong results

Note to prat Jamie Oliver. Insult 52% of us over Brexit and you lose custom and shutter your disgustingly overpriced outlets, tell the truth as Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has and you might report cracking numbers as Tim has done (again) today. The great man has also debunked a stack of Brexit myths, noting:


Hero Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon slams the CBI, The Guardian, FT and others for more Brexit lying on trade & food prices

Once again Tim Martin, the boss of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is my hero of the day using the occasion of half year results to lay into big business and the lying liberal deadwood press for misleading us all about Brexit. The great man opines:


Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon tells it as it is on Brexit. you reading Jamie Oliver?

Jamie Oliver insults Brexit voters (i.e. 52% of the population) and his business is going down the plughole. Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon tells it as it is and has served up a cracking trading statement today with his company trading strongly and ahead of forecast. Perhaps a lesson there for you Jamie, you patronising and unintelligent little man. Back to our hero Martin whose message on Brexit is uncompromising, lashing out at the CBI, The Guardian and others who tell lies.


JD Wetherspoon's Tim Martin - exposes the Brexit lies of big business and the media (again)

Once again Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is the hero of the day exposing the lies, for that is what they are, spouted by big business and the dishonest media on the subject of Brexit. Martin lets rip in his company's latest trading statement. A true hero writes:


Prospects for Glorious Associated British Foods May Not Be So Glorious At the Mo

Hello Share Tweakers. If I were an investor in Associated British Foods (ABF) I would be getting a little nervous at the moment. It processes and sells food and has the very different business of Primark, the budget clothes stores. You’ve probably discovered that these shops are often stuffed with customers as their prices can be remarkably low.

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