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'No Deal' or 'Not No Deal' and How to Try to Protect Your Portfolio.

Hello, Share Twiners. The Brexit wrangle so bores people that even the so- called more enlightened listeners of Radio Four's Today programme are turning off in droves in favour of mindless music channels. But is the likely effect on share prices going to ease or get worse?


Another Six Months Gone By? It Must Be Time for that Phone Call.

Hello Share Bats. As the markets are closed, it’s allowable to discuss matters on the fringes of our great game. So let me bring you a mystery. It’s about what seems like a scam. But as I found nothing about it on Google, I hope you can enlighten me.

With Emerging Markets Currently Emerging, Take a Look at One of My Favourite Shares.

Hello, Share Pilers. Even though you must be making dollops of money from shares, given the perky Footsie, some of you are still scrimping a few quid a month, by avoiding a life-saving subscription to this magnificent website. That makes no sense, as it will help you avoid making slips which could put you back to square one again.

WH Smith Marches Across the World and It Could Make the Share Price Travel

Hello Share Mashers. Are you ready to give another chance to a great British giant of the High Street? One such outfit, in my humble opinion, is WH Smith (SMWH).


Berkeley Profits Build, but Future Orders Fall. Chose Your Builder Carefully.

Hello Share Swipers. You may recall that I’ve been saying most house builders are worth your attention these days. I base it on the rules of supply and demand and wheezes, both new and old, by the government to boost new homes. I’ve been right so far. Just one example is that Berkeley has announced a leap in profits by a third on the half year to the end of October.

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