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Video: Indications Point to $8,900 Gold Price

And now for someone who makes our own in-house gold bug, Nigel Somerville, seem almost balanced and sane. Ronald-Peter Stöeferle is a fund manager and starts by discussing his firm's (Incrementum) recently released annual report, “In Gold we Trust.” It believes we are at the beginning of a golden decade, and the report goes over many aspects of the gold market. This year is also highlights bitcoin and have a special chapter dedicated to silver.


Podcast: Gold is Going Higher, We are in Another Bull Market

Libertarian author Doug Casey ikes to look for the general market trend and remains not only a gold bug but today a gold bull. He feels there is a lot of upsides since all of the currencies of the world are just floating abstractions issued by bankrupt governments for political purposes.


The Big Reset Is Coming with Gold Going to $5,000

Willem Middlekoop spoke at one of our shows a couple of years ago and is an inveterate gold bug. But this week his call is a gutsy one.  Willem discusses how the Bretton Woods system created our current financial system and how that system is nearing its end. Many countries around the world like China are preparing for a new world monetary system. Precious metals futures markets have a lot of paper manipulation occurring. Both China and the United States have a vested interest in low gold prices. The Chinese like low prices because they are accumulating and the U.S. Government prefers it because it makes the dollar look acceptable.


Retail-aggedon: where the US leads the UK will follow - superb Peter Schiff podcast

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a big hero of Tom Winnifrith. He called the 2008 crash and he has also made some duff calls. But what he says about US retail in his latest podcast is fascinating. What happens in the US will wash over to the UK in due course. This is terrifying stuff to listen to.


The inflation genie is out of the bottle and that is great news for gold - Peter Schiff

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is one of my heros and his latest podcast reminds us all why we need material gold exposure in the months that lie ahead. Inflation is back!


Peter Schiff: QE4 is going to be huge

Is the Trump rally fizzling out? Yes it is. But is this going to be a soft landing? No. That is the view of libertarian gold bug superhero Peter Schiff who explains in his latest podcast that bubbles just do not go away gently. And we are living in a bubble.


Peter Schiff - the bond carnage post Trump - next stop real estate

Shares may be zooming in the Trump rally but libertarian gold bug ( and all round super hero) Peter Schiff does not think it will last or is sustainable. But the first casualty of the bonds sell off will be commercial real estate warns Schiff in his latest podcast.


Donald Trump to lead America off a fiscal cliff - Peter Schiff

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a hero of mine and in his latest note he makes a very vaild point about Donald Trump - he could well bankrupt America. Over to Schiff:


Video: Peter Schiff - The Fed is about to put the final nail in the coffin of the US economy, dollar to collapse

As you know, Peter Schiff is a hero of mine, a libertarian and gold bug he predicted when and why things would go wrong in 2008. Schiff says the next meltdown will be worse and it will be soon and explains why in this compelling new video.


Gold might go Ballistic says Peter Schiff

There are several reasons the world economy is unsustainable within the current systems according to my hero, the libertarian Gold bug Peter Schiff. We have featured Peter several times here in recent weeks - see HERE. He believes the biggest factor is countries like the US which have huge deficits. They have low production rates requiring mass imports of goods in exchange for pieces of paper that are losing their value. This forms imbalances which destabilize the global economy. There are also enormous amounts of bonds and unfunded liabilities which creates vulnerability to a backup in interest rates. If rates go up, they can’t afford to pay.


Peter Schiff on the bond bubble, The bogus Fed & the nightmare of a Clinton Presidency

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a hero of mine. This latest podcast on the bond bubble and the nightmare of a Clinton Presidency is really superb. On Crooked Hillary he really is very funny and very accurate. Spare 25 minutes for a listen.


Video: Peter Schiff - US GDP is collapsing, this is dramatic & what it means

You know that libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a major hero of mine. In his latest video he shows how real GDP growth is negative, it is collapsing. And that has profound implications for all of us on both sides of the pond. This is cracking stuff from Schiff. Yes we really are in recession already!


Gold is a negatively correlated asset - that is good news for it

People are looking to diversify their portfolios and this has renewed interest in gold and gold equities. So we gold bugs are now being vindicated and among my fellow believers is Mike Durose who is this week interviewed by my colleagues at Palisade Radio


Florian Siegfried: Swiss Fund Manager Says End of the Gold Bear Market

As the equity markets deteriorate and the price of gold increases more and more mining companies are becoming financially viable and their share price is increasing substantially. Mining shares are outperforming bullion, which is a classic sign of a bull market. That is what Florian Siegfried, the celebrated fund manager, argues in the latest podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Capital. As a gold bug I must agree.


The Tides Have Now Turned, Gold Stocks Entering a Bull Market

As a gold bug here for many months can I now say "I told you so". Things are starting to move in the junior mining sector, it’s the beginning stage of a bull market. That is what Jeb Handwerger tells my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week and he is right. The market fundamentals are greatly improved and a major breakout is looking imminent and some big investment plays are starting to happen. As the Nasdaq turns down investors are looking to protect their assets. The US dollar is also starting to correct, this could cause a major move out of the dollar into the gold silver safe haven, as Jeb explains clearly.


$5,000 Gold Still A Reality, In the Meantime Invest Wisely!

Rob McEwen founded Goldcorp so this industry vet is clearly no fool but even as a gold bug I am not sure about his call on gold. But given his CV you cannot ignore him completely. Rob is the gues on this week's podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Capital


There is no run like a gold run… except for a silver run! And both are on the way

As a gold bug I look forward to 2016 with high hopes that the bear market is over and that the snap back will be rapid. But perhaps silver is an even better bet. That is the thesis of David Morgan - he explains all to my colleagues at Palisade Capital in their latest podcast.


Rick Rule: Absolutely Manic Bull Market In Gold Coming Soon

I am a gold bug so I certainly dont disagree with industry legend Rick Rule of Sprott. The depth of a bull market speaks to the size of the recovery and Rick believes that this bear market could be one for the history books. But when will the bear end?


Why Now Is The Time To Buy Gold Mining Stocks

I am a gold bug through and through and so you would expect me to agree with my colleague Colin Kettell of Palisade Capital on why you should be buying gold stocks right now. But he offers a compelling line of reasoning as I am sure that all of you - bar Wildrides will agree.


Gold Is Cheap. Gold Stocks Are Cheaper!

Heck I am a gold bug what can I say. But the argument for getting exposure to gold and on how to do it is really compelling. 


Rick Rule: Janet Yellen Rate Hike Failure to Trigger Massive Gold Rally

In 2015, Gold & Gold related equities equate to just 1/3rd of 1 percent of investable assets in the United States. Contrast that against a top of 8% in 1980 and a mean of 1.5% over the last 30 years and Rick Rule can say without a doubt that gold is undervalued! As a gold bug I agree. Rick, perhaps the world's best known gold fund manager, puts the case better than I can. In this week's podcast with my colleagues at Palisade Radio Rick answer the following questions:


Jim Rogers – why I remain bearish on gold

I am a gold bug and have been heartened by the recent uptick. But not everyone shares my views. Jim Rogers co-founded the legendary Quantum fund 35 years ago with George Soros and he is still an active investor and he is a two year gold bear. In this week’s podcast recorded by my colleagues at Palisade Capital he explains why and also talks about what it is like to work with Soros and on whether China is a bubble set to burst. Interesting stuff!


Is gold finally set to rally?

I am a gold bug so a long term believer. But is the trading outlook improving for gold? This week's podcast from my colleague Jordan Roy-Byrne at Palisade Capital implies that it might be. Good news!


Why Gold Stocks will rebound sharply in 2015

I am glad to see that Chris Bailey is calling gold and gold stocks as a buy in his 2015 macro themes out today. As a gold bug that is music to my ears. I am still a believer! As is Jeb Handwerger. the editor of who was interviewed this week by my colleagues at Palisade Capital. Jeb explains clearly why this bombed out sector will rebound in 2015 but also why you have to be selective and how to be selective.


The case for buying marginal gold producers greedily

You know that I am bearish on equities. I explained why the other week HERE. But I am bullish on gold although accepting that you have to be ultra-selective in which gold stocks you buy. The other day my colleagues from Palisade Capital interviewed Ravi Sood, the CEO of Galane Gold who explains why as a gold buy you need to play the game cleverly by buying marginal producers - its a high risk, high reward strategy.

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