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The Creightons Bandwagon Has Halted but Not for Long, I Fancy

Hello, Share Thrivers. Fearful of over-egging my support for Creightons (CRL) I approach this piece with caution. As you know, it’s too easy in our crazy game to fall in love with your own shares. This can mean you see the good points and ignore the bad. But I really think there might be a buying opportunity here.


The Admirable Creighton Posts Some Admirable Numbers and Still the Shares Seem Cheap

Hello, Share Passers. One of my all-time favourite companies, Creightons (CRL) which makes cosmetic fripperies and, in these times, more importantly antiseptic hand-washes, has just posted some happy full-year numbers. The share price nipped up by 10% but I don’t think that’s the last of it.

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