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BREAKING: ShareProphets won't be around too much longer - Tom Winnifrith going to prison for 7 years with "unlimited fine"

Well you heard it here first. Actually you did not.As you can see below this report comes from an impeccable source: twitter where Jack Dorsey et al ALWAYS act to censor fake news so you can rely on twitter to give you the truth. Perhaps that is why 26 folks liked this tweet and 1 has retweeted it. Sadly for those 28 losers ( the author, RT and likes) this is demonstrable fantasy.


Bizarre Exchange with top Barrister John Joseph Mac Lucas - the latest direct threat against me over Supply@ME Capital

Let me be clear, Mr Mac Lucas was not threatening to hire a hitman to have me killed. He is not that sort of Supply@ME Capital (SYME)shareholder. But the top barrister from the Farringdon Chambers did, however, take to twitter with a brand new account he has since deleted but which I have captured in screenshots below, to threaten me with legal action. How do I know this is not a fake account? Because I contacted his chambers and, this morning, senior clerk Robert Archer replied:

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Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 23 January 2020

The most read non-Tom article this week is Ariana Resources – FY gold production numbers & “exciting” copper-gold potential… by Nigel Somerville at number three, or  number eleven including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow. Which one is the best of the week? Tell me in the comments.

Updated: Let's pay a hitman to kill Tom Winnifrith say Supply:ME shareholders in "private chatroom" as shares suspended

There is a “private” chat room on Telegram where shareholders in Supply@ME Capital  (SYME) discuss why this con of a company is going to make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. But, with the shares suspended today by the FCA as a result of my good work, naturally they need to think of how they can solve their problems. Natch, the answer is, as you can see below, to kill me. Sure: killing a journalist is always a cunning plan…


Julie Meyer MBE - another court case at 2PM on the Strand today - Meet Ilona Simpson & the pals of Boris from his hitman days also up

 In 2016 to great fanfare Julie Meyer's Ariadne Capital announced that it had secured the services of Ilona Simpson as a "senior advisor and venture partner". Heck who would not want to work with Julie Meyer MBE, a member of the great and the good. Ilona is clearly a real BSD in the world of auto and this was a big hire for Meyer. Wind forward to today in Royal Courts of Justice at 2PM


Reader Poll: who will lead the Tory party & the UK?

As the ferrets plan to throw their hats into the ring the great Tory leadership contest is off and whoever wins will, on day 1 , be Prime Minister. So who will be leader? It is not who you want to win but who you think will win. Vote now with a deadline of midnight.

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