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Aquis-listed Freyherr Comedy-Farce: Can’t Get Accounts Out, Won’t get Accounts Out……So We’ll Relist As A SPAC!

I doubt any ShareProphets readers are involved with Aquis-listed Freyherr International Group (FRYR), but news today shows us what a complete shambles it – and the Aquis exchange – really is. Freyherr is a cannabis play with operations in Slovenia. But it can’t get its accounts out due to Covid (natch) and is being booted off Aquis today. But fear not, for Baldrick has a cunning plan…..

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Tern – Interim Results show no progress: still a sell

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern (TERN) has released its interim results this morning and they show no progress at all. Indeed, there are a few little  Red Flags to be spotted.

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Tern – What is going on at Device Authority?

Needless to say there has been no statement from AIM-listed POS investment company Tern (TERN), but the BBs are full of speculation that principal investee (by far) Device Authority is being sold. Quick, buy, buy, buy…..£s not pence! Or not.

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DISGRACEFUL SHOCKER: Tern – Debunking a gross deception over new CEO for investee InVMA

You have to hand it to AIM-listed jam-tomorrow, sometime, never investment company Tern (TERN) – or, rather, its PR firm Newgate Communications – for today’s RNS which has polished a turd so well it looks like a multi-million pound diamond. But the deception is utterly shocking.

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Tern – portfolio update: but what about the Elephant in the room, Device Authority?

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow (or never…) investment company Tern plc (TERN) has updated the market with a portfolio review. The news seems good (a big contract for one investee and a fair investment for another) but the elephant in the room is its investment in Device Authority Limited – on which we learn precisely nothing. Worse still, apparently Tern now has a genuinely diversified portfolio of…. companies, with each……having a disruptive technology in a global market. Oh dear: it's that word again, 'disruptive' – has the board not heard of what happened to Neil Woodford?!

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This year’s joke NEX Christmas Listing: Greencare Capital

Last Christmas was saw the joke listing on Christmas Eve of Chinese jeweller Gamfook, which duly disappeared the following September as bills weren’t paid and accounts failed to appear. But you, dear reader, were warned. And so we have this year’s joke Christmas listing on the NEX lobster-pot…..

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Tern – well surprise, surprise: another loan to Device Authority!

OK we are a couple of weeks later than I predicted, but AIM-listed jam-tomorrow Internet of Things investment company Tern plc (TERN) has announced yet another convertible loan to its principal investee Device Authority this morning. Tern may be pleased with the progress that DA continues to make with its partners, including the recent contract secured with a leading medical device manufacturer (as announced on 27 December 2018) but clearly DA is still burning cash at a prodigious rate!

Tern – more partnerships for DA, still no numbers

Shares in AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) continue to rise. Today they are up by 3.3% on the back of yet another partnership announcement on behalf of investee company Device Authority, to a whopping 23.5p. But once again, whilst the RNS offers flowery language, there are no numbers.

Pure Horse Shit from Jim Mellon's FastForward - the shares will continue to tank

FastForward (FFWD) the investment company chaired by my old friend, the offshore based asset stripper Mr Jim Mellon, served up results for the year to 31 March today. Cynical Bear will give them the full workover they merit over the weekend  but I could not give my old pal Jim a completely free pass. The numbers are shite

Tern – Was this week’s RNS actually a massive SELL note?

Having read Tern’s update on Device Authority and Nigel’s take on it HERE, I wonder whether there is a bit more to say as on a further re-read, I actually think that Al Sisto, Tern’s CEO, is admitting to all that the current share price is massively overvalued and shareholders should be heading for the door. Sounds like sage advice to me.

F40 Northwest Investment Group – the investment company which doesn’t invest: FY16 numbers

And so another year passes and ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty investment company which doesn’t invest, Northwest Investment Group (NWIG), racks another year’s loss and still not a single investment. That’ll be six and a half years to the balance sheet date, and 7 to the current date. Meanwhile the £3 million raised is down to….


Craven House Capital – Well, you can’t say that you haven’t been warned!

After nine months of scratching my head, I had a lightbulb moment this morning and have finally reached a conclusion as to what is really going on at the “investment company”, Craven House Capital (CRV). The short answer, for those that struggle to get through a thousand words, is that it is totally uninvestable for the private investor, but the most interesting part of it is that the company knows that and it is pretty open about telling its shareholders that that is the case. Whether they listen or not is another matter!

Tern – Hurrah! A contract for Device Authority.

I’m a bit confused by this morning’s RNS from Tern plc (TERN) which announces a contract for its “subsidiary” Device Authority. News of $300,000 heading into the coffers of the former Cryptosoft entity over the next three years will be viewed as most welcome by Tern’s shareholders. 

Glenwick - spunking £50,000 a month on what exactly as suspension looms?

Glenwick (GWIK) the investment company ramped on the basis of sweet FA by new media scum like Big Gib ( aka Big Gob) and the sordid crew of unprincipled rampers round at Vox Markets, has today fessed up and admitted that its shares will be suspended as of Monday morning. Oh dear. But if you listened to the vipers at Vox I have bad news..this will get worse still.

Tern – Interims and ramptastic prospect of dividends (what with?)

AIM-listed jam-tomorrow investment company Tern plc (TERN) released its interims to June 30 2016 this morning. Once again the company has to be commended on the speed with which it gets its numbers out. As expected there is a large paper profit, no cash and the promise of future dividends despite a lack of cash and hefty retained losses. As to the profit…..


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Go ahead start sacking the investment bankers, I'd pay to watch

No lightning strikes today, thank God. What was he punishing me for? I start by discussing Richard Poulden's excellent letter on why folks are so angry so backed Brexit, but it is a wider issue as you can read here. Then I discuss liquidity in an investment company's portfolio, ref Teathers Financial (TEA) and finally I challenge the banks to make good their Brexit threat to fire investment banksters. I will pay for a ticket to watch but I explain why it was always a spoof. It won't happen.

Tern – acquisition of Flexiant: a marriage made in heaven, or one of convenience?

On Thursday of last week AIM-listed investment company Tern (TERN) announced the acquisition of Flexiant Limited. It looks a bit of a complex deal, but the question in my mind is what Tern has actually bought? And since Tern already has a holding in the parent company of Flexiant, how does it leave that looking?

Valiant Investments – a Conrad Windham dog with fleas on ISDX keeps the lights on

Another dog investment company being featured on ShareProphets? Yes indeed – this time one from the ISDX stable – we bring you Valiant Investments (VALP), under the stewardship of serial disaster (for his shareholders) Mr Conrad Windham.


Teathers Financial – a pitiful RNS brings this sorry tale towards a close

Teathers Financial (TEA) has been a shocking stock for a long time now for a whole number of reasons but yesterday’s RNS appears to bring the finishing line of this debacle ever closer.

Tern – Cryptosoft update: is it placing ahoy?

This morning AIM investment company Tern plc (TERN) released a ramptastic RNS regarding a new appointment at its investee company Cryptosoft as well as the release of the latest version of its platform. The upbeat quotes were truly gushing, but with net current assets of just shy of £360,000 reported at calendar year-end 2015 one wonders whether we are about to see Tern passing the hat around again.

Tern – kicking another tyre

AIM-listed investment company Tern currently (to my knowledge) has four investments in its portfolio. Cryptosoft gets the lion’s share of the attention, but the other three (Flexiant, Push Technology and Seal Software) perhaps merit a look. A couple of things struck me as very unusual with Flexiant (HERE) - I did not under the accounting and had difficulty with the valuation but what of the others? Let’s take a peek at Seal Software Group Limited.

Is Nova Investments the shittiest AIM Investment Company?

I admit that there is incredibly stiff competition for this title but Nova (NOVA) has got to be an incredibly strong contender. And...I put it to you that it is effectively bust. At 0.15p (down 30% today) it is valued at £600,000. that looks about £600,000 too high.

Tern – when is an investment company not an investment company?

Continuing my look at the world of investment companies, I look at one key aspect of the new rules, namely where an investment company has taken on a controlling stake in an investment, in the context of Tern plc (TERN). 


Blenheim in denial as African Eagle goes bust - interim NAV was in fact almost zero

Oh dear. African Eagle has been put into administration in a move akin to pulling the plug on a life support machine for a car crash victim who has been in a coma for three years. Shite AIM investment company Blemheim Natural Resources (BNR) owned 11.4% of Eagle and is in denial.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 January: Himex this is jail for Rob Terry & bad news for Watchstone + crap AIM investment companies

I am sorry for the delayed podcast but I am only just back from time in the Grim Northern welfare safari with the mother in law and thus can now let myself go with a volley of bad language.  I end with an explanation of who benefitted from the £150 million + Himex fraud at Quindell (QPP) laid bare earlier HERE and how it also affects Watchstone (WTG). Before that I talk of my annoyance on the silly blogger spats and the explain the difference between a cash shell and an investment company and why I regard our work on exposing the latter as invaluable. In the middle segment I have more bad news for oil companies such as XCite (XEL), IGAS (IGAS), Petroceltic (PCI) & Gulf Keystone (GKP) and for the sector as a whole but also for the markets. Dont blame China, we bears are still in the driving seat.

F40 Northwest Investment Group parts with its Mr Wong and thanks him sincerely. What for?

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty member Northwest Investment Group (NWIG) announced the departure of a NED, Mr Ka Ming Wong, yesterday afternoon. The thanks were effusive, but some shareholders might take a different view, given the lamentable record of this investment company which doesn't invest. It simply pisses the cash away on plc costs and administration.

David Lenigas panics over Afriag revelations and signs its AIM death warrant on twitter

Sometimes when the bad guys come under pressure it all gets too much for them and they panic and make a silly mistake. The Quindell "response to a blogger" statement actually gave proof of certain frauds. It was a blunder made in panic. And that brings us to David Lenigas who was so panicked by yesterday's Afriag (AFRI) bombshells and so effectively signed the AIM death warrant of the company with one single panicked tweet.

Chalkstream vs Northwest Investment Group – case study in ISDX vs AIM investment companies

In the wake of proposed changes to AIM Rules regarding investment companies and cash shells (see HERE and HERE) I am drawn to an announcement on Friday afternoon from ISDX Growth Market-listed Chalkstream (CHLK). It has announced plans to end its life as an investment company after two and a half years – and no investment. Let us compare that to the AIM-China Filthy Forty member that is Northwest Investment Group (NWIG) which has spent about five years on the Casino – and has also not invested a single penny.

AIM DISGRACE: Filthy Forty Northwest Investments Interims

Another of the 14 ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty has filed its interims in the nick of time. Step forward Northwest Investment Group (NWIG) – an investment company which doesn’t invest!

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