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Photo Update: Union Jack Oil - Wressle news unlikely to please the naked protestors

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has noted an “Appeal & New Planning Application” announcement on the Wressle oil field (Union Jack: 15%, including 3.33% subject to approval from the Oil and Gas Authority) from operator Egdon Resources (EDR).


Notes from Underground: Money ties

The column was delayed today as your humble correspondent recovers from yesterday's UK Investor Show, easily the biggest and best of the 15 years that Tom has been organising these things. This would be my tenth.


UK Investor Show: Naked protestors!

We know we finally made it as a show when protestors show up. Today it was a group - name unknown at this point - upset at the concept of fracking, and in particular, exhibitors in the fracking business. 

  • 1757 days ago
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