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Gold – Another Reason to Hold as No-Deal Looms

The gamesmanship is in full play between the UK and its former EU partners. Reading the runes, it looks as though no-deal is the front runner, but you never know what may happen at half a second to midnight so I’ll wait for the fat lady to warble her final aria before giving up hope that common sense might, in the end, prevail. But if the talks fail to see a deal signed sealed and delivered, my sense is that this will prove a great reason for keeping gold-exposure high.

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As the Brexit Farce Gets Even Messier, Here's How Your Shares Might Be Affected.

Hello, Share Squeezers. Time for another look at how the Brexit farce is likely to affect our shares before Christmas. The can of the final outcome is once more being kicked down the road. And as far as the City is concerned, the dithering and delays are a good thing.


This Week's Hammering of Shares Could Be Short-Lived, if Malcolm's Law Holds Up

Hello, Share Pickers. So the Brexit mess worsens. If we conducted our affairs in the same counterproductive and argumentative way as those MPs of ours, we would all be bankrupt by now. It’s a disgrace. But let’s try and be positive about the situation as regards our shares.


Less than a Month to Go to Brexit, But There's No Permission to Panic, Captain Mainwaring.

Hello, Share Carriers. You may be fed up with hearing about Brexit, but its effect on your shares cannot be easily dismissed. There’s no doubt that the possibility of a no-deal has attacked British share prices for the last few months. Now that possibility is seen to be receding, share prices have broken back through the 7,000 Footsie mark and are now easing ahead again. Though there’s still a long way to go to the fairly recent record of 7,800-ish.


How the Commons Drama Threatens your Shares and What You Might Do About it.

Hello Share Crunchers. Surprisingly, the value of our shares was little effected by the chaotic events in Parliament over the week. The Footsie fell a little, but not much. And yet the chance of a no-deal came closer because of that fascinating real-time drama in the house.


Hey Big Shorter, I'm Not Sure You're Right About Blighty's Banks

Hello Share Chewers. Turning on the radio the morning after the big vote, I heard an American say that he was shorting three British banks. I presume they might be Lloyds (LLOY), RBS (RBS) and Barclays (BARC). Though I suppose the Asian-slewed bank Honkers Bonkers (HSBA) might be one of them, too. This was no ordinary investor, as anyone who saw that great film The Big Short will know...


Brexit Fears? The Market Bites Back and the Market is Usually Right.

Hello, Share Scroungers. There’s increasing evidence that the moggy we picked up at the local cat rescue service is of the rare and valuable Norwegian Forest breed. Should I sell him to burnish the fallen value of my shares? Of course not. And to worry about share prices is probably a useless concern, anyway. Because I continue in my view that share values will soon bounce back.


Tell your Mummy. There's Still Gold in them tha' Egyptian Hills.

Hello, Share Twisters. Not that long ago I suggested you might buy gold. And in particular, shares in an Egyptian miner, Centamin (CEY). Its share price has risen by about 25% since then.  But I claim no credit for that, as there was little doubt that gold is becoming more desirable. 

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