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Black Cats and Ladders. The Daft Superstitions Some Folks Observe when Buying Shares.

Hello, Share Takers. It’s possible you’re in light-hearted mood after taking the advice, over the last few months, of various writers on this glorious website to buy shares in oil companies. They’ve since soared on the  galloping price of oil and gas. So allow me to be frivolous while the markets are closed and look at some of the superstitions that can govern the buying or selling of shares.


Three Mid-Range Oilers to Look at as the Ebony Nectar Price Continues to Shine

Hello, Share Minders. As the price of Brent crude continues to climb, still the big oil companies lag behind the surge. I keep stressing that their share prices will catch up, probably sooner than later. But what about the smaller fish?


Why EasyJet May Not Find It Quite As Easy in the Future

Hello Share Pickers. I've ventured to suggest recently that airline shares may be a bit too risky at the mo. It's the headwind of the rising oil price that puts me off. You'd be amazed at the huge volumes of the ebony nectar they devour to keep a million passengers aloft at any one time.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 January: Himex this is jail for Rob Terry & bad news for Watchstone + crap AIM investment companies

I am sorry for the delayed podcast but I am only just back from time in the Grim Northern welfare safari with the mother in law and thus can now let myself go with a volley of bad language.  I end with an explanation of who benefitted from the £150 million + Himex fraud at Quindell (QPP) laid bare earlier HERE and how it also affects Watchstone (WTG). Before that I talk of my annoyance on the silly blogger spats and the explain the difference between a cash shell and an investment company and why I regard our work on exposing the latter as invaluable. In the middle segment I have more bad news for oil companies such as XCite (XEL), IGAS (IGAS), Petroceltic (PCI) & Gulf Keystone (GKP) and for the sector as a whole but also for the markets. Dont blame China, we bears are still in the driving seat.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Extra: Dear George Osborne dont bail out the North Sea with MY cash - let it go bust

I continue the theme of what capitalism really means from yesterday's bonus bearcast on the news that North Sea oil companies want Chancellor George Osborne to use your hard earned cash to bail them out. I explain why the Chancellor needs to ignore this completely even if it means that the North Sea basically goes bust taking a number of listed companies - I mention XCite (XEL) specifically - with it. Sorry, I don't care if Aberdeen becomes a ghost town. Taxpayers from the profitable part of the economy should NEVER subsidise loss making sectors, be they milk farmers, oil companies or the Yorkshire coal miners that the great and much missed Maggie Thatcher quite rightly put on the dole.

From one train wreck to another, is Raylene Whitford of Sefton “fame” helping Solo Oil?

I am attracted to stunning women. My wife and, obviously, Cheryl Cole. Evil Knievil is attracted to fine wines. In fact to any wines. And it seems as if pouting ex Sefton Resources  FD Raylene Whitford is attracted to overvalued cash strapped POS AIM listed oil Companies.

No, It’s Not Eastenders – But Try Compass and Merlin.

Hello Share Jigglers. It’s not easy to collect readers for my modest column at the mo. What with all the current excitement on this glittering website.


Buy Ithaca Energy for the Long Term at 132p

Ithaca Energy (IAE) is definitely one of the more stable oil companies listed on AIM and its shares look set for a good rise from 132p. 

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