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AIM enjoys its least bad month for years

In February 2017, AIM lost six companies and gained six companies including 1 readmission leaving membership static at 973 companies. To see a month go by without a net loss of companies on "The world's most successful growth market" will be seen as a triumph and the champagne corks will be popping in Paternoster Square.


Stuttard’s Septic Seven update: off to a flier!

If Marcus Stuttard, the Sham Sheriff of AIM, really believes that the Casino is properly regulated, we think he should put some of his own money where his complacent mouth is by investing in a portfolio of companies which would demonstrate his confidence in his team of Oxymorons at AIM Regulation. We are such nice guys here at ShareProphets that we have helpfully compiled a beautifully diversified portfolio for him. We, ahem, AIM to please. With the original list having been complied on 29 Sept 2016, here is our first update, one month on – and it is off to a flier!


Geong, Geong Gone! Yes the AIM Execution took place this morning

Over at Paternoster Square, above the headquarters of the London Stock Exchange the black flag was again raised this morning as Geong (GNG) took its final walk to the AIM casino execution chamber and was despatched. I’ve been wanting to say this for three years: “Geong, Geong…Gone!” This is the 15th AIM casino ShareProphets China Filthy Forty stock to meet its maker since the Index was started on June 1 2014. Who’s next?


Is an AIM exodus coming?

Why won’t the London Stock Exchange accept the need for reform of AIM? So long as the LSE maintains the pretence of running “the world’s most successful growth market”, while wilfully refusing to acknowledge or deal with AIM’s manifest faults, it leaves itself open to competitive challenge. Perhaps the LSE has decided it lacks the competence to run and police a small cap market or perhaps it has decided it just isn’t worth the hassle. It certainly can’t believe it is doing a good enough job after all the controversies that have happened on its supposed watch. Whatever the case, if the LSE does not take action soon it could well find AIM implodes, intentionally or otherwise.

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