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When a low PE is a Good Sign and When It Isn't.

Hello, Share Changers. Forgive me if you’re already familiar with today’s lesson. But it’s never wrong to review the more famous rules of making good money from our great game. I want to look at how good a signal is a low p/e or price-to-earnings ratio. Obviously, a low p/e means an asking price that’s too low. Or does it?


Three Companies with a Low PE that I've Hefty Hopes for

Hello Share Twitchers. The demise of Carillion has spooked the markets. But it’s a nine-day wonder and this nervous period might be regarded as a buying opportunity. Bear in mind that world growth, especially in China, and the slashing of US taxes by Big Donald make a healthy environment for shares worldwide. With this in mind, I suggest you look at the three companies which are currently bulging my bag. They are all probing or beating new highs, but there is still some way to go, I fancy. Also, this trio shares comparatively low Price Earnings ratios, which is one of the best indicators we have of good value.


Start your Santa Rally Attack with Festive Favourite Diageo

Hello, Share Pagers. The Santa Rally is often slow to gather pace. And so there’s still chance to take an early advantage. One of the most favoured shares at Yuletide is Diageo (DGE). There’s a surprise!

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