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A fine bromance...

You may think of David “Horse Hill is bigger than Saudi Arabia” Lenigas in many ways. But it appears that the shameless penny share promoter has one big fan. It is almost touching.


Another month passes & yet still no BlueJay Mining Offtake deal ... placing beckons

It is becoming like groundhog day at BlueJay Mining (JAY) and the oft trailed "offtake agreement" that never materialises... Originally touted in early 2017, nearly 2 years later and despite much promotion by disgraced share promoter Michael Walters and John Meyer, the shameless head of research at scumbag Nomad SP Angel,  there seems little sign of one for BlueJay's investors.  


BREAKING: As David Lenigas ramps Horse Hill plays today, he fails to mention that 35% is being dumped

Monaco tax haven based promoter David Lenigas is today ramping Horse Hill shares at a minor trade show run by another offshore based share promoter. "tax minimization 'R us - screw the NHS." But, at the rampathon, what the fat Aussie wont be brandishing is a regulatory filing from late last week by Magellan Petroleum, the US listed owner of 35% of Horse Hill Developments. You see it wants out of Horse Shite big time.


CEB Resources (now Andalas Energy) - are its deals falling apart?

If the RNS statements issued by this overhyped junk are to be believed the answer is YES! Give the form of low-life colonial share ramping CEO Dave Whitby I stress the word IF.


Rare Earth Minerals – another way of looking at it?

Another hat tip to reader Rudyard. Jabba The Hutt, aka, David Lenigas is a share promoter, and a good one – so far at least - , but the result is that shareholders in things like Rare Earth Minerals (REM) can end up over-paying. There is no doubt that the Sonora lithium deposit is very large, and in the fullness of time could generate substantial value.   But that misses the point, which is that Rare is an investment company and one should therefore look at the share price in terms of the current market value of the individual components.  This is important when you can get access to the same assets via investing directly, in other listed companies. 

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