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Naughty Ed Croft of Stockopedia – whatever happened to GDPR?

Ed Croft of Stockopedia has yet to answer my question on how his system which rated the fraud Quindell (QPP) one of the top 10 stocks on AIM to buy and the Globo (GBO) fraud a 92/100 buy, rates THIS company. Instead I receive a mailing seeming to come from Company REFS which is now owned by my old friend Mark Slater. It gushes underneath a Company REFS logo:


Can anyone explain what this weekend's GDPR non compliant spam from Julie Meyer means?

Once again, this weekend, there is no hand waving video from the flat Julie Meyer shares with her sex toys claimed on expenses and books about following Tony Blair and Jesus. Why not I wonder? Instead she has spammed her 100% non GDPR compliant list ( I got two) with the following which strikes me as A grade MBA gibberish. It is all about creating value, something hundreds of unpaid staff, suppliers and tax men know Julie is so good at. Can any reader explain to a simpleton like me what the following is all about? 

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