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Nichols – 2020 results, just how “resilient” the financial performance?...

Previously writing on soft drinks company Nichols (NICL), in January I reviewed share price decline towards 1150p despite it arguing Vimto & International business positives – concluding I monitored on the watchlist but to avoid the shares. Today results for the 2020 calendar year emphasising “Resilient financial performance despite challenging trading conditions”, but the shares further lower at 1100p?…


Why this Soft Drinks Company Could Put Some Fizz into its Battered Share Price

Irn Bru isn’t a Star Wars character but a soft drink a bit similar to Tizer, so how has its owner A G Barr (BAG) done in the virus crisis? Not too badly, it seems, though the share price has been hit for six. Maybe a recovery is on the cards…


Food And Fab Gear Keep this British Jumbo Buoyant in the Stormy Retail Sea

Hello, Share Pullers. Food and clothing don’t usually go together but they do in the case of Associated British Foods (ABF) and Primark. The food bit owns the fab gear bit. And Primark, which often seems to be crammed with shoppers both young and old, could be propelling British Foods along...


We Need Food and Cheap Clothes even when Times are Hard. So Look at this Footsie Giant

Hello, Share Dividers. I can't get my head around the fact that most of my wardrobe is supplied by a food giant. But the fact remains that Associated British Foods (ABF) owns Primark. And as anyone who shops in Primark knows, its stores burst with customers. This is not surprising because their togs are mostly extremely cheap.


Greene King - come on Ing-ger-land!

The numbers from Greene King (GNK) today are pint glass half empty or half full as per your inclination. The good news is that the attractive 5%+ dividend yield is held and covered by cashflow generation. Additionally those wonderful attributes for a pub group - sunny weather and a World Cup - have helped out. As the company notes itself: 'positive momentum has continued into the new financial year, aided by good weather and popular sporting events'.

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I'm Still Not Getting Busy with the Fizzy

Hello Share Tasters. In the past I’ve commended Britvic (BVIC) to your further study, though I don’t hold the shares myself. If I did, I might be tempted to sell. This is not because the shares are doing badly. They are not. Indeed, since January they are up by a fifth.

Here's How the Budget Will Affect a Shareholder Like You

Hello Share Masters. I’ve taken a long hard look at the budget from our point of view and found it improves the shareholder’s lot quite a bit. However, I’m no tax expert, so in case I’ve got anything wrong, please do your own research.

Why I'm Not Getting Busy with the Fizzy

Hello Share Casters. Being rather proud of my stick-like figure, I’ve entered the habit of avoiding fizzy drinks. This was hard as I have a passion for dandelion and burdock and ginger beer. It’s the government’s attitude to sugary drinks that has put me off an old favourite share of mine, Britvic (BVIC). Normally I would commend this share to your attention.


Why My Appetite Isn't Wetted by the Share Price for Associated British Foods.

Hello Share Flickers. There are some firms which loom large in our ordinary humdrum lives. One, which is rarely covered on this website, and probably our lesser rivals, is Associated British Foods (ABF) 

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