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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bear raider Andrew Left becomes a raging bull - is this a sign that we are at an insane market top?

I start with the annual horror that is doing a tax return for the Mrs. It was a pleasant shock. Then onto Left and Gamestop. Then I look at MyHealthChecked (MHC), Novacyt (NCYT), Jubilee Metals (JLP), another man with a posh wife who might struggle with her tax return – Mr David Beckham and E-Guild (GILD) -, and the real issue at Supply@ME Capital (SYME).

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Reader Contest – Explain how Clem Chamber’s Free tap makes money for Online Blockchain

I am a proud confirmed Luddite so need your help in explaining the business model of Clem Chambers’ Online Blockchain (OBC). You see he is beta testing a new product: FreeFaucet.

This Iron Baby is Not for Turning as Steel Prices Soar by 30%

Hello, Share Punchers. Are you getting along with your 2016-17 tax return? Only about a week to go now before the end of January when you’ll have to pay more if you don’t file in time. Luckily, many Armchair Tycoons are no longer troubled too much with capital gains tax as most of our holdings are in ISAs. For this reason, it’s well worth keeping your ISA topped up.


Tax Return in: I owe £2 says Mrs Evil Knievil - deadline is today: do not miss it

If you have to do a tax return today is the last day to submit if you want to avoid a £100 fine. Last year I goofed. This year the admirable Mrs Evil Knievil of the fine firm of Cawkwells has worked wonders and the form has just gone in. I owe HMRC £2 which I am delighted to say has already been paid by Mrs C so we are all square! The Mrs went one better.


Dont be a dummy file your tax return today - my thank you to Mrs Evil Knievil

For once I am ahead of the game with my tax return. Thanks to the fine firm of Cawkwells - that is to say the long suffering Mrs Evil Knievil, my forms are agreed and being submitted today. But the deadline is looming...


Restaurant Group Has a Boring Name - but its Tasty Brands Might Perk Your Punting Pallet.

Hello Share Munchers. I’ve been having a terrible time finishing my tax return. Talk about complicated!.  Normally, I thump it in before now. But don’t worry, there’s still till the end of the month to get yours in. 


It's That Taxing Time of Year Again, Gang.

Hello Share Stirrers. It's that awful tortuous time again. We suddenly realise we've done nothing about our tax returns. And now we have only three weeks to get the flipping thing sent off. (You have to do it on line now, as the time for paper returns – without a penalty, anyway - is past.)

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