The Chinese Love of Cinema Should Benefit this Ambitious 3D Pioneer

Published 124 days ago

Hello, Share Swappers. We hear a lot about the Chinese setting up businesses here. But there are also British companies providing services to the Chinese. It’s a pity more UK firms don’t set their sights on this fast developing country because there is a huge market out there waiting to be tapped...

Not So Sure About this Marketing and Communications Giant as the Times They Are A-Changing

Published 203 days ago

Hello, Share Flashers. One of the biggest business turnarounds in recent years is how advertising is changing. Though many of us are irritated by the seemingly unstoppable surge of adverts on the telly, the truth is that more adverts are being swapped over to big techies, like Google and Facebook. So it’s not entirely surprising that WPP (WPP), the giant marketing, P.R. and advertising agency, has reported lower revenue for the third quarter of 2018.

Lionsgold slung off AIM - what does it mean for shareholders?

Published 211 days ago

I would imagine that most Lionsgold (LION) holders were somewhat less than impressed when news came at the end of last week that its shares were being cancelled.

The Saga Saga Continues as the Big Insurer Takes Steps to Bump Up Profits

Published 222 days ago

Hello, Share Squeakers. October is a fraught month for me. That’s because I spend too much effort trying to get better insurance deals for my home and car. The trouble is that comparison sites nearly always fail me because my house is rather unusual and sits by the sea. They can’t seem to grasp that because we are on top of a lofty cliff, we can never flood. Any road up, I know from my perambulations around the net that competition among insurers and their brokers is horrendous. And that’s what seems to be troubling Saga (SAGA) just now.

You Can Probably Rely on the Couch Army to Keep ITV's Profits Bubbling

Published 367 days ago

Hello, Share Shakers. Occasionally, on this stunning website, I make suggestions on shares not based on hard news. But which I feel will keep on rising merely because of a current trend. It might be one of the oldest cliches in the City book, but ‘the trend is your friend’ has always been my most reliable financial adage.

With the Big Couch Potato Share so Undervalued, a Big Hike Might Come Down Santa Claus Lane

Published 539 days ago

Hello, Share Pushers. Of all the shares which are undervalued at the mo, ITV (ITV) must be among the leaders. I’m not the only one who thinks so. JP Morgan also describes ITV stock as ‘undervalued’. The market often gets things wrong, of course, but it’s hard to see why ITV is not attracting as many investors as it might be.

Distil still has long term potential from this share price level

Published 540 days ago

The beverage/retail sector isn’t one which I normally watch that closely in general, but there is one small AIM listed outfit called Distil (DIS) shares in which I have been following for a while now.

Lost Faith in some of Your Old Favourites? Then Take a Look at this 200-year-old Niche Company

Published 635 days ago

Hello, Share Smugglers. The main staples of your portfolio, I should imagine, are in these popular sectors; oil, banks, pharmaceuticals, utilities and insurance. I could be wrong, but history shows that people who invested in these areas years ago still hold the stock.

Telly Can Be a Scary Business, But ITV Is At the Top of It's Game.

Published 654 days ago

Hello, Share Curdlers. At the incredibly good UK Investor Show in April, I heard a strong recommendation to buy into ITV (ITV). The reasoning was - and I agreed with this - is that, if you want your product to be aired before 6 million people in one go, then ITV is the only platform you have.

There's No Business Like This Show Business for Pulling in Wealthy Advertisers

Published 753 days ago

Hello Share Scramblers. At the much-loved UK Investor Show I heard someone on the main stage confirm something I’ve said once or twice on this scintillating website. That is that ITV (ITV) is worth considering.

Audioboom – claims “impressive KPI performance”, but what about cash?

Published 808 days ago

Shares in spoken-word audio platform company Audioboom (BOOM) are currently recovering above 3p on the back of a “First Quarter KPI Update” announcement. Hmmm, let’s take a look…

Be Heard Group May Be Small, But It May Be Heard in the Winner's List...

Published 985 days ago

Hello Share Swaddlers. There are some companies which don't appeal to me because I prefer businesses which do solid trade in things like engineering, transport, oil, mining, banking and the like. Some may caustically say: much good has it done me. And so I sometimes look for companies with a more esoteric feel (to me anyway) to try and redress the balance.

Audioboom growth rate is too slow and cash burn too high

Published 994 days ago

Often it can be hard to value companies in the media sector, and at times quite a lot of future revenue potential is being factored into the current share price and the rate of growth plays a big part in that.

Advertising the Fact that Advertising Could Boom in a Busy 2016. Ref: WPP

Published 1206 days ago

Hello Share Scrunchers. Am I the only one who doesn’t see how advertising can possibly justify the huge sums spent on it? If someone interrupts one of my TV programmes by trying to get me to buy a certain breakfast cereal, am I likely to rush out and buy it at the earliest opportunity? One can only assume that there is something subconscious at work here, which makes you buy the stuff on an involuntary basis.

Telly Giant Could Be Snapped Up – You Lucky People!

Published 1742 days ago

Hello Share Teamsters: That big independent telly firm ITV (ITV) has had a remarkable recovery. Over the last two years it has become more than a four bagger. That is because the Credit Crunch decimated the advertising industry. Who wants to advertise when nobody has the cash to buy anything? But now that growth is back, so is advertising.


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