Strange share price action at Blenheim Natural Resources

Published 38 days ago

Blenheim Natural Resources (BNR) isn’t exactly on my list favourite AIM companies to invest in, but even I have been surprised by the recent sizeable drop in share price.

No Monkey Business with this Ethical Oil Company

Published 100 days ago

Hello Share Mulchers. Anyone fancy investing in palm oil? I thought not. It can get a jaundiced press for the effect it can have on gorillas and other animals that rely on palms. But it’s the general criticism that might lead you to research DekelOil (DKL).

TLOU Energy has the potential to succeed

Published 129 days ago

TLOU Energy (TLOU) was once one of those AIM companies that was hugely popular with PIs and was attracting a lot of attention and hype. Now that has now subsided, I can see real potential with this company going forward given the track record of those who are running it.

Stuttard’s Septic Seven update: off to a flier!

Published 265 days ago

If Marcus Stuttard, the Sham Sheriff of AIM, really believes that the Casino is properly regulated, we think he should put some of his own money where his complacent mouth is by investing in a portfolio of companies which would demonstrate his confidence in his team of Oxymorons at AIM Regulation. We are such nice guys here at ShareProphets that we have helpfully compiled a beautifully diversified portfolio for him. We, ahem, AIM to please. With the original list having been complied on 29 Sept 2016, here is our first update, one month on – and it is off to a flier!

Prefer Emerging Markets to the Developed World? Ashmore Could Give You More

Published 281 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. I’m quite a fan of investment in emerging markets. My main reason is that they have room to grow as poverty-prone populations become, well, a bit less poverty-prone. I suppose I’m mainly thinking about India and China. Together with many African countries which are not doing at all badly, despite common perceptions to the contrary.

Fastjet interim results provide little evidence that the dilution death spiral is over

Published 305 days ago

Fastjet’s (FJET) interims for the first half of 2016, released this morning, are another set of results from the company which are about as bad as they could conceivably have been.

The Blue Moon of Josephine May Bring You Luck - with Petra Diamonds.

Published 331 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. There’s been a lot of commendation for gold miners on this splendiferous website. And quite rightly, as many of them have put on impressive share value in the continuing uncertainty about currencies, Brexit, QE and so on. But if the value of gold rises, so should the price of silver, platinum and precious stones. So let’s not forget diamond miners like Petra Diamonds (PDL).

Is it time to think about banking a healthy profit on Centamin?

Published 340 days ago

Centamin (CEY) has proved a great example that it is possible to buy shares based on them being fundamentally too cheap, and then hold until the company recovers and you can reap the rewards.

Fastjet - Private investors refuse to take part in overpriced offer, trading likely remains grim

Published 347 days ago

Fastjet has this afternoon announced the result of its general meeting and capital raising. Not surprisingly, given the support of the institutions involved, all resolutions were passed.

Shall Shell Shares Soar? Sure They Should. (Trying Saying That Aloud)

Published 389 days ago

Hello Share Cats. One thing the Brexit vote hasn’t attacked so far is the oil price. Well, Brent did go down a tiny fraction, but hardly worth noticing. And that could be due to world factors, anyway. Which reminds me that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has risen for the two trading days since the Big Vote result was announced. I am a giant holder of Shell oil. It is the biggest lump in my portfolio. I already held a lot of Shell shares.  Then it gobbled up BG and part of that deal was its handing over even more Shell stock.

Fastjet - The Board Strikes Back

Published 401 days ago

Regular readers will know that I have been following with interest the rather dramatic developments at Fastjet (FJET) over the past year or so. This morning sees publication of a letter from the Board, asking shareholders to support their Chairman against easyGroup’s move to remove him from office.

Follow the Fellow Who Follows Tullow.

Published 401 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. Tullow Oil (TLW) shares I've held a long time. Too long, as it turned out. Not many years ago they doubled my outlay in a year or two. Then, like nearly all other big oilers they were hit a year ago, or so by the big black stuff crash. Actually the share had been on the back foot before that. But I reckon Tullow could be on the march again. Over the last few days, the advancing oil price has decided to take a rest. But not for long, I fancy. You can see my reasons in a few recent examples of my modest Shareprophets column.

United Cacao is a speculative buy - at the right share price

Published 417 days ago

When it comes to commodities people usually think in terms of oil or mining companies, but there are also many ‘soft’ (grown) markets, and some of these have been performing strongly.

African Potash: Where are the payments and delivery on the other MOUs?

Published 492 days ago

It amazes me how long some companies can maintain a buoyant share price when they are largely running on hot air. Currently African Potash (AFPO) would definitely fall into that category when you look at what was promised, and which induced the massive rise from around 0.3p, to what has actually been delivered so far to have justified that.

Fastjet - even paid for ramper's cant make a case - woeful stuff from Equity Development

Published 500 days ago

You know that things are tough when even those firms that are paid money to ramp hapless shares on the AIM Casino cannot bring themselves to do so with any conviction. And thus I bring you the latest note from Equity Development that is the piece of crap heading for 0p, FastJet (FJET). It is what ED does not say rather than what it does say that is so horrific.

Dividend Slashed, but I'm Banking on Barclays Share Price to Bounce Back.

Published 507 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. The real reason why Barclay’s (BARC) share price fell so sharply on its results is that the dividend was cut by more than a half. This whammy was compounded by the company’s forecast that this state of affairs would continue for a year or two.


African Potash – encouraging news for its long term future

Published 770 days ago

Encouraging news this morning from African Potash (AFPO) has been greeted with a collective shrug of the shoulders from a sceptical market. As part of its planned strategy for expansion, African Potash has entered into commercial discussions with an agency of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). COMESA is a free trade union for twenty African Member states and, if fruitful, African Potash’s discussions could lead to the development of a clearly defined sales channel for its potash-based fertiliser products across that continent.

Alecto adds new project

Published 973 days ago

Africa-focused explorer Alecto Minerals (ALO) has bought another gold project in Burkina Faso, to add to its interests in Mali, Mauritania and Ethiopia. The London-based company, which recently appointed as chairman City veteran Mark Wellesley-Wood, who once sought to revive Cornish tin mining, is acquiring the Kerboule gold project in the West African country’s Djibo gold belt, near fellow AIM counter Avocet Mining’s Inata gold mine, in a deal which chief executive officer Mark Jones suggests ‘is capable of delivering significant returns.’

Africa: fear, a youthful population and…Old Mutual

Published 1014 days ago

A few weeks ago& I took my profits in SABMiller (SAB) on some warmed up bid talks.  There is a price, to get back into the emerging markets beverage company with a particularly attractive position in Africa, but not yet.  

Obtala Results…looking good

Published 1114 days ago

Obtala Resources (OBT) has announced a £2.28 million net cash outflow before new financing (£0.14 million inflow after) for the 2013 calendar year, ending the year with cash of £2.14 million and updating that “a platform to generate substantial revenues has been put in place, and sales have commenced successfully across all sectors of the business”

Obtala – we are well ahead on this tip at 9.375p but far more to come and soon!

Published 1160 days ago

Natural resource investment and development company, Obtala (OBT) has updated investors that work on its forestry business “continues to progress well” as further orders continue to be agreed. that is good news for our readers who bought on this share tip.


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