BREAKING: Winnileaks exposes the monster lie Management Resource Solutions told to its Nomad and AIM

Published 34 days ago

If an AIM listed company lies to its Nomad and to the market the Nomad should quit on the spot. Thanks to Winnileaks we bring you an email exchange below which shows that Management Resource Solutions (MRS) told a monster lie this week. The end should be nigh. I have alerted the Nomad, AIM Regulation and the FCA.

CyanConnode – more ‘news’, when’s the attempted new funding then?

Published 238 days ago

“CyanConnode (AIM: CYAN), a world leader in narrowband radio frequency mesh networks, is pleased to announce the receipt of a $2.9 million purchase order for a five-year support and maintenance contract for an Omnimesh smart metering deployment by a State-Owned Utility in India” - and the shares have responded currently a further circa 10% higher, to above 13p, BUT…

UK Oil & Gas – the Real maths not the Leni-maths – SELL on today’s news

Published 272 days ago

Giving its piss poor drilling results elsewhere the future of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is almost entirely a play on the Gatwick Gusher, aka, Horse Hill, aka the latest mega ramp engineered by David Lenigas. Today UK upped its stake in Horse Hill by an effective 4.55% to 36.985% in a deal which only demonstrates more clearly how grotestquely overvalued its own shares are. That is unless you are using Leni-maths.

Why You Might Need Warpaint to Battle for a Small Boost to your Portfolio

Published 333 days ago

Hello Share Smiters. Just before I left school there was a hit song by the Brook Brothers. And now I can’t get it out of my head. It was called Warpaint, all about a girlfriend who overdid her make-up. That could be how today’s choice for your further researches got its name.

Escher Group - 185p per share recommended offer, a “substantial premium”… Really?!

Published 464 days ago

Escher Group (ESCH) has announced a 185p per share recommended offer, with Chairman Nick Winks emphasising “this cash offer with its substantial premium is a good outcome for our shareholders - given the uncertainty inherent in our customers' spending patterns and traditional one-off licence based business model, as well as the need to invest further in the business”.. Wait a minute though Nick, the shares were over 300p in 2014 and over 200p as recently as October! And...

When is stealing $2.4 million not a sackable offence? When you are chairman of an AIM company of course!

Published 587 days ago

Well it is now official. It is perfectly acceptable for the chairman of an AIM listed company to take $2.4 million of a company's cash without permission. You and I would call taking someone else's (that is to say shareholder's) money theft or stealing. But on AIM it is simply an unauthorised loan. Pas de probleme mes amis!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The Trade of the week was to buy Telit, this is insanity

Published 624 days ago

The trade of the week was to buy shares in AIM listed fraud du jour Telit Communications (TCM) at 105p. I discuss why this is not a sensible strategy although it paid off last week and when it will end in tears. The podcast also covers Rose Petroleum (ROSE) the sort of utter crap that is all too common on the AIM Casino. I look at where Rose is heading and it is more compost bin than walled garden. Warning this barcast contains some bad language.

A Cloudtag owning moron writes to Tom Winnifrith

Published 794 days ago

Having been cc'd in on a list of shareholders in the AIM listed ( pro tem) fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) leaked in breach of Data Protection laws by the company itself, I could not resist sending them an email pointing them to some high quality covrerage of the stock. I received a few replies. Here is the best of the bunch. I wonder if this clown, a Mr John Simpson,  thinks this will help him get his cash back and if his wife and employer knows that he spends his days sending such emails. I have to feel sorry for the chap who obviously deeply troubled.

Rex Bionics – “Funding and strategic review update” – heading for a de-listing?... or worse?

Published 798 days ago

Having previously concluded with shares in Rex Bionics (RXB) at circa 70p HERE, 43.5p HERE and 32.5p HERE, that, although a type of business you want to succeed, some way from being able to prove its commerciality and cash burn concerns until it gets there, the shares don’t look to appeal as an investment, I note they currently at 13p and an update including that “the company estimates that it will likely need external funding by the end of April 2017 in order to remain as a going concern”. Uh oh…

Glenwick tells a monstrous lie as it announces how it will spunk its cash

Published 966 days ago

Suspended for failing to do an RTO, the AIM listed piece of crap that is Glenwick (GWIK) announced late last week, how it is to spunk all its cash. Need,less to say the company told a grotesque lie in its RNS and it and its advisers seem rather unwilling to return calls and defend or justify that lie. Peterhouse, Allenby, Glenwick you are cowardly bastards as well; as liars.

The sleazy side of promoting AIM Cesspit companies - cash for ramping exposed in sordid emails: ref Mkango Resources

Published 999 days ago

Want to get a "journalist" to write a piece saying how cheap your shares are? Shimple.. for an AIM listed company you can get the ramping underway for just 1100 Euros, welcome to the world of Mining Review... I have been passed emails which show just how cheaply useless companies such as AIM Listed Mkango Resources (MKA) can buy positive coverage.

The Chairman's Blog 2: Sir Benjamin Dover of Global Mining Endeavours writes

Published 1004 days ago

Following the example set by Paul Warwick the chairman of worthless penny stock Andalas (ADL) in starting a blog, Sir Benjamin Dover of AIM listed Global Mining Endeavours has decided to follow suit and like Paul promises to be Candid in his approach. Day 2

The Chairman's Blog: Sir Benjamin Dover of Global Mining Endeavours writes

Published 1005 days ago

Following the example set by Paul Warwick the chairman of worthless penny stock Andalas (ADL) in starting a blog, Sir Benjamin Dover of AIM listed Global Mining Endeavours has decided to follow suit and like Paul promises to be Candid in his approach. This blog will appear only on ShareProphets...

Haike Chemical - Any more Red Flags for Tea Vicar?

Published 1006 days ago

Shares in Haike Chemicals (HAIK) have more than trebled since the spring but do not get suckered in as this is almost certaintly just another common or garden AIM listed China Norfolk. I am grateful to a correspondent in China who writes:

Paul Scott's fantasy - let's get this straight

Published 1089 days ago

Given how a number of followers of lyin' Paul Scott went onto twitter last night to retweet or like tweets about me which were simply untrue I feel the need to publish a private email which, I fear, shows that the blogger wwas just making things up. I do so merely to protect my own reputation. It all stems from Cyan.

Berkeley Energia - spectacular fund raise news - we upgrade big time

Published 1103 days ago

In that rarest of moves for an AIM-listed company, Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced new financing from a major shareholder which includes new equity at a premium to the currently prevailing share price. Following several months of due diligence, mining-focused private equity firm Resource Capital Funds is to provide $5 million through a 0.375% net smelter royalty and a further $5 million for new shares at 32p each. The latter compares to a closing high share price since 2013 of 31.75p earlier this month and a pre placing close of 30.25p – these up from 26p at the start of the year and more than 50% on our share tip.

Ascent Resources - doesn't give a FF about AIM Rules as it delays very bad news

Published 1109 days ago

It is hard to know where AIM listed Ascent Resources (AST) has more problems - out East in Slovenia operationally or back in London where its total disregard for the AIM Rulebook should see it firmly in the soup. Here we are with a blatant rule breach, hands up who thinks bogus AIM Sheriff Marcus Stuttard will do anything about it? Er...I make that no-one.

WH Ireland - It seems Mr Bagot is not alone - is the dam breaking on scamming customers?

Published 1114 days ago

As you know disgraced broker WH Ireland (WHI) used fascist bully boy lawyers to stop the penioners it mugged ( the Bagots) and Nigel Somerville from exposing the AIM listed firm at UK Investor. We went ahead and what we served up was shocking. WH Ireland has to date insisted that the Bagots were a one off. That now appears to be demonstrable fiction.

88 Energy - when's the discounted placing? All the money's gone

Published 1134 days ago

At the end of December AIM listed 88 Energy (88E) had cA$1.2 million net debt and cash of cA$9.6 million. However in the prior quarter it spunked cA$16 million, with just under a million of that on PLC costs. Hmmmmm - What do you think is left?

Conroy targets 5m oz Gold, I target Cheryl Cole's "virtue" - the only cert is its placing ahoy!

Published 1145 days ago

Conroy Gold (CGNR) has today put out a laughable release claiming that it is "targetting" 5 million ounces of gold at its deposits on the Irish/Ulster border. I, as you know, am still targeting getting up close and personal with Britain's most talented chanteuse but I've been on my quest a lot less long than Conroy has been, unlike the AIM tiddler I'm pursuing my quest with my own money and there is almost as much evidence to support my dreams as that of the AIM listed money cruncher. That is to say sweet FA.

Breaking News: David Lenigas planning £5 million LGO placing as yanks pull out - Jabba to take control again

Published 1167 days ago

This morning LGO Energy (LGO) admitted that US investors were - after all - not going to spunk $20 million on bailing out the debt ridden, AIM listed disaster story. I can reveal that a plan B is now underway. Jabba The Hutt is back in town...

Happy Chinese New Year! Grand Group Investment PLC - To VIE or not to VIE ?

Published 1197 days ago

On Monday 8 February it will be Chinese New Year so why not celebrate. Shareprophets has analysed investment companies and Chinese companies, now AIM listed Grand Group Investment PLC (GIPO) which is an equity investment business specialising in high growth unlisted Chinese companies coms - with a reader hat tip - into the spotlight.

Inspirit Energy - what happened to your Broker, Beaufort Securities?

Published 1234 days ago

Oh dear. This looks horribly like a breach of AIM Rules - perhaps the company (or some avid reader) can help me because I can't find an announcement that Beaufort Securities has stepped down as Broker to AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP).

NOW FIXED: Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 19 December - would I buy shares in any non UK company on AIM? No.

Published 1248 days ago

I am asked by a reader would I buy shares in any AIM listed company from Israel? I widen that to include Aussie, Greek, Chinese and US companies and the answer is NO! I explain why. Then I go on to thank the readers who post so many great "spots", "red flags" and technical insights in the comments section here. You make me look an awful lot smarter than I really am. I also discuss Star Wars which I shall be watching tonight and which I have looked forward to all year. Merry Christmas to you all.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 August - so bloody angry with ShoreCap and the Directors of Hotel Corp who are liars

Published 1360 days ago

At no-one is watching a clock yesterday AIM listed Hotel Corp (HCP) directors published a document seeking to thwart boardroom change at this disaster story and save their grubby tax free pay packets. Sadly for them I have obtained a series of emails which show that the document contained a series of lies. Worse still I have obtained accounts showing how 22% shareholder and ex Nomad to Hotel Corp, Shore Capital has coined it in from this vehicle, making millions, as shareholders have lost everything. The directors and Shore Cap oppose Yeoman and wish to pursue another venture similar to the last one which cost shareholders everything but made Shore millions ( and paid the useless board too much for doing sweet FA). I expose the lot of them and am furious.

Be Greedy when others are fearful – after the stockmarket slumps, we have a total bargain for you TODAY

Published 1361 days ago

A lot of people are panicking about shares. You can’t blame them. It was just a few months ago that the FTSE 100 was trading at 7000. Now it is well below 6,000. Many AIM listed shares have done even worse. And so some people are just selling everything in a blind panic. That is YOUR opportunity.

Motive Television – Part One: An extraordinary litany of failure

Published 1361 days ago

The biggest faller in London so far today is AIM-listed Motive Television plc (MTV). This follows the announcement of interim results for the first half of 2015. Before reviewing them though, what’s the track record here? …

Exclusive – the stockbroker who mugged pensioners for WH Ireland “retires” suddenly

Published 1362 days ago

Yesterday we outed Mr John Molyneux as the WH Ireland stockbroker who had mugged 75 year old pensioners by sticking the cash from discretionary accounts into penny stocks – usually WH Ireland corporate clients doing a fund raise – which had nearly all cratered.  I can reveal that Mr Molyneux has now decided all of a sudden that at 68 it is a good time to retire. With immediate effect. But if he and AIM listed WH Ireland (WHI) think this scandal is over they are mistaken. It is just beginning.

SELL!: WANdisco plc – what’s the exact nature of its HSBC credit facility?

Published 1378 days ago

Steve Moore previously commented on AIM-listed WANdisco plc (WAND) HERE (‘after the 2015 Q2 sales update, it’s forecast reduction time yet again!’), including noting forecasts of net cash reducing to $6.2 million at the year-end and an $8.5 million net debt position at the end of next year, with there currently a $10 million revolving credit facility in place with HSBC to March 2017. If this balance sheet position was not too close for comfort already, we now have reason to question the exact nature of the HSBC facility…

Breaking: Camkids – If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck……

Published 1378 days ago

Something just does not add up with AIM listed (pro tem) Camkids (CAMK). Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore have already considered the credibility of yesterday’s RNS HERE and pronounced Camkids, from Fujian Province in China as a prime candidate to join the club from the Norfolk province of AIM. We’ve been looking at it from a different angle: the annual report and accounts. What we find is shocking. 

Tern – after the ramp to 27p comes the Placing at 12p. But what’s this?

Published 1379 days ago

Well surprise, surprise! As expected (see HERE) AIM listed Tern plc (TERN) has announced a placing in the wake of the monumental rise in the lead-up to its Interims last week, and the explosion following chairman Angus Forrest’s mega ramp of an interview with paid-for Proactive Investors. With the shares having peaked at 27p on Thursday, the company announced a placing of shares this morning – at just 12p. One might only imagine how anyone who was sucked in to paying 27p last week might be feeling now.

Stratmin – a horror blow from Oz, warns top analyst Roger Bade

Published 1385 days ago

Life has not been easy for AIM listed Stratmin (STGR) but top mining analyst Roger Bade has flagged up a new dark cloud hanging over the entire Graphite sector. The great man writes:

Daniel Stewart – Have the books spent too long in the kitchen? Part 2+2 = 3

Published 1393 days ago

AIM-listed Daniel Stewart Holdings plc (DAN) released an unaudited FY14 results statement in Dec 2014. Apart from being late – and containing a number of restatements of previous years’ numbers – we then saw those results themselves restated in Mar 2015 after the new Auditors (Rob Terry’s good friends at PWC) had done their work. What had changed? 

Daniel Stewart – A £1 million question answered, but….

Published 1397 days ago

Hat-tip to eagle-eyed ‘Keith’ in the comments section of my last piece on Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) HERE, my question over how a £1 million share issue to the parent by subsidiary Daniel Stewart And Company plc was accounted for in the parent FY14 accounts has been answered. It is a bit complicated, but worth looking at because it appears to raise a few more questions.

Laurence Moorse of Quindell – why you should plea bargain 1: the case of AIT

Published 1408 days ago

The former FD of Quindell (QPP) Laurence Moore probably made less than a million quid after tax from the fraud. His boss Rob Terry made at least £30 million. Yet poor Larry is like Terry facing wipe-out fines and a good stretch as a guest of Her Majesty. I have urged him before to rat on Terry and the other big crooks to reduce his personal discomfort (think of the showers, Larry) but I now invite him to consider the case of AIT and its FD Gareth Bailey and to think again.

Spot the Difference Competition: Quindell and Quob Park Estates - The Rob Terry scams

Published 1423 days ago

An easy spot the difference competition for the weekend. I give you the logos of AIM listed Quindell and the new Rob Terry fraud Quob Park Estates. Can you spot the difference? Enlighten us in the comments section below. My entry is:

Lombard Risk Management – full-year results & more boardroom chaos

Published 1460 days ago

Two days after announcing the departure of John Wisbey as Chief Executive and a director “with immediate effect in order to pursue other opportunities”, Lombard Risk Management (LRM) has now announced his return as a non-executive director, though fellow non-exec John McCormick has now stated his intention to resign. The following updates with the company also having released results for its year ended 31st March 2015…

BREAKING: Plus500 - shares collapsing - odd statement on its website

Published 1463 days ago

A message has just gone up on the Plus500 (PUS) website for all clients which suggests that something may be horribly wrong at the AIM listed company about which we have warned several times on this website. The shares are off 20% as I write - at 605p - but the bear community reckons the stock could still head straight off the cliff face from here. Sell.

Exclusive: Breaking - the Horse Hill Placings start - Solo is trying it on as I write

Published 1497 days ago

Knock me down with a feather. Following the hype the placings by the merry band of AIM listed Horse Hill participants is now underway. There has been no announcement yet but as I write...

Ortac Resources Dash for Cash in Latest Zambia Copper Deal

Published 1510 days ago

Ortac Resources (OTC) the AIM listed gold and copper mine developer announced today that it had struck a deal with Zamsort, a Zambian based company that holds the 100% rights to the Kalaba project, a large scale copper and cobalt polymetalic asset, located in the heart of Zambia’s proven copper production belt.

Kirkland Lake to swell reserves

Published 1522 days ago

Canadian miner Kirkland Lake Gold (KGI) expects to follow record February gold production of 16,485 oz. from the historic Kirkland Lake camp in Ontario at a high grade of 17.8 grammes of gold per tonne of ore with an updated formal resource statement for the whole company in early April. Kirkland, which has achieved a significant turnaround under chief executive officer George Ogilvie, reckons this will show drilling has, in his words, ‘replaced what we have mined’, with a climb in head grade and a possible lift in proven and probable reserves from the present 1.4 million oz. at 17.1 grammes a tonne, with a measured and indicated resource of 2.1 million oz. at 16.8 grammes a a tonne as well as a 1.1 million-oz. inferred resource at 18.5 grammes a tonne.

Trinity Offers Good Upside & Newsflow

Published 1530 days ago

Trinity Exploration and Production (TRIN) has looked undervalued for a long time, but that could soon be about to change. The AIM-listed, Trinidad-based oil and gas company had previously looked cheap compared to its peers even when oil was at much higher prices, and since crude tumbled late last year it has been hit harder than others in the region. 

Mar City plc – another fiasco on the self-styled “most successful growth market in the world”

Published 1547 days ago

At what it can only be assumed it was hoping was no-one-watching-o’clock (3:54pm on Friday) AIM-listed housebuilder Mar City plc (MAR) released an “Update on debtor position and trading update”. This ordinary-sounding announcement was though anything but…

James Parter’s 2015 share tips of the year – No 1 – sell Solo Oil at 0.6p

Published 1605 days ago

Solo Oil (SOLO) is one of a few AIM listed oil companies where there is activity on most fronts. The hot front to the south sees Solo progress gas exploration in Tanzania. The cold front in England sees Solo progress its oil exploration at Horse Hill. All eyes are on these two beasts after resource upgrades and the share price has rocketed to 0.6p making Solo worth £30 million. But there are great reasons to think this will at least halve by 2016.

Life as CFO in a failing company like Quindell: someone who has been there explains

Published 1616 days ago

What is it like being Laurence Moorse, the FD at Quindell (QPP) as it goes down the swanny. I asked a gentleman now FD of a successful AIM listed company but who in a former life was parachuted into a quoted entity that he pretty soon realized was a can of worms, to explain. The experience still haunts him. His recollection will give you some idea of what life is like in Fareham right now.

EXCLUSIVE: Lost Money on Quindell: Class Action against Quindell PLC, Rob Terry, Laurence Moorse to be launched

Published 1616 days ago

Law firm YourLegalFriend will tomorrow launch an initiative aimed at pursuing both Quindell PLC and its current board of directors as well as Rob Terry in order to get back the vast losses suffered by investors in Quindell.

Video of Ian Strafford-Taylor of FairFx present at 8 December ShareProphets seminar

Published 1620 days ago

FairFX (FFX) is an AIM listed technology play in the personal forex credit card space. Its CEO Ian Strafford-Taylor presented at the recent ShareProphets seminar on December 8th. To make sure you get priority alerts to book into future seminars register HERE. To watch Ian in action and see his presentation see the video below.

Video: Greg Coleman of Independent Resources presents on 8 December at the ShareProphets seminar

Published 1620 days ago

Independent Resources (IRG) is an AIM listed oil junor. Its CEO Greg Coleman presented at the recent ShareProphets seminar on December 8th. To make sure you get priority alerts to book into future seminars register HERE. To watch Greg in action and see his presentation see the video below.

Tom Winnifrith Presentation - 8 December Seminar: Disgust at Mining stocks

Published 1621 days ago

Tom Winnifrith could not make the Monday 8 December ShareProphets seminar in person as rain delayed his plans as you can see in the videos shot from his Greek residence below. However he posted a few thoughts by audio on the disgust folks feel about AIM listed mining stocks and we now relay this podcast to a wider audience. It explians why fundamental analysis of such stocks is in a sense not relevant right now.

Quindell, the £30 million and the British Nigerian Fraudster (a coincidence I'm sure)

Published 1627 days ago

I wanna tell you a shtoree.  And it involves your favourite fraudulent AIM listed firm Quenron (QPP), £30 million and a gentlemen called Andrew O’dua who is a British Nigerian er…entrepreneur.

Ariana Resources - An AIM company that is not taking the piss

Published 1628 days ago

There are very few AIM listed near term gold producers that have assets located in a stable proven gold producing jurisdiction, that have funding in place to build a mine and where the asset the company is sitting on is as lower a risk exploration play as an investor could possibly get and where the board is both highly qualified and not taking the piss out of its shareholders. Let’s talk Ariana Resources (AAU).

How to buy AIM shares and get massive tax breaks ( get your free guide today)

Published 1634 days ago

Get the first ShareProphets Pocket Guide ebook, EIS - Buying shares with numerous tax breaks. Want to cut your income tax bill, get loss relief if your AIM listed shares go down, pay no CGT, avoid IHT - EIS could be the way and this book explains how

Commercial Roll-out in 2015 offers significant upside for Quadrise

Published 1635 days ago

Quadrise Fuels (QFI) is technically in the oil producers sector but is very different to most of its peers! This AIM listed company has basically found a way of turning water into fuel, although obviously there is a lot more to it than just that.

EXCLUSIVE: National Accident Repair – Quindell begging for someone to buy its stake – cash clarification needed NOW – DEATH IMMINENT

Published 1643 days ago

Quenron (QPP) owns 24% of AIM listed National Accident Repairs which is a good company, well run by a solid management team and which HAS DONE NO BUSINESS AT ALL WITH QUINDELL. It is not tainted by the implosion of Quindell or by its frauds but Quindell is at death’s door cashwise. We have it fully sourced that Quindell has been touting its stake (nominally worth c£8 million) seeking any offers at all. It is desperate to sell. Its as is almost gone. can it even meet November payroll, which is now paid in December in order to mislead investors regarding the quarterly cash position? 

Licence challenge for ECR Minerals

Published 1644 days ago

ECR Minerals (ECR), an out-of-favour AIM-listed company with decidedly entrepreneurial Australian origins, is celebrating some encouraging sampling results from its Sierra de Las Minas gold project in Argentina, as it awaits developments at its flagship gold joint venture at Itogon in the northern Philippines Island of Luzon. The London-based company, which has lost more than 93% of its stockmarket value in four years and says its strategy is to delineate ‘high-grade, low-tonnage deposits’, says the Argentine sampling has yielded results including 1.6 metres with no less than 28.4 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, 0.2 metres with a bonanza 62.5 grammes a tonne and 6.1 metres with 3.77 grammes a tonne.

Stellar Resources - ''With each turn of the wheel becomes a revolution'' - video shocker

Published 1649 days ago

One of the saddest parts of being a financial commentator when you unearth facts which don't quite compliment the belief mechanism of either shareholders or traders. Often the level of misunderstanding is so great that it becomes hard to know where it starts and ends. I'm not going to overload investors today with all the facts but perhaps enough for people to question the presentation of operations, investments and ability of Stellar Resources (STG), an AIM listed creation of David Lenigas.

Goldplat – shares down again as operations update disappoints

Published 1661 days ago

Shares in gold recovery from by-products of the mining process-focused AIM Listed Goldplat plc (GDP) currently trade 6.5% lower, at 3.625p, on the back of an update including that “deliveries of concentrates were not made to Goldplat's third party refinery as a result of temporary industrial strike action and subsequent delays at the refinery”. The following updates on this latest disappointment from the company.

PhotonStar LED Group – where next following profit warning and share price crash?

Published 1662 days ago

Have fallen more than 34% on the back of an announcement that it “now expects that revenues for the year ended 31 December 2014 will be below market expectations which will result in a loss for the year”, shares in AIM listed dog stock PhotonStar LED (PSL) have currently stabilised at 3.125p, capitalising the company at £4.5 million. What now is the outlook from here?

Real Man Supports the Westminster Group Ebola appeal – will you?

Published 1666 days ago

Real Man is not unaware of the Ebola crisis occurring in West Africa. I see that some pompous arses object to my use of the phrase “I’d rather drink a pint of warm Ebola” than (buy Quindell shares etc.) but that is because the English language is a joyful tool allowing such illusions to make a point not the preserve of pompous self-righteous prats (see my tweet hate mail at the weekend).  As it happens we have a long relationship at the restaurant with our friends at Medicins Sans Frontieres. And as such we are delighted to support an emergency Ebola appeal launched today by Westminster Group (WSG) an AIM listed company operating in the Ebola heartlands.

Aureus on track amid ebola epidemic

Published 1670 days ago

West African gold hopeful Aureus Mining (AUE) expects to have its flagship 900,000-oz. New Liberty project in Liberia producing gold in or shortly after March next year and is confident of announcing a new resource next month for Ndablama, 40 km away, its second project in the country’s Bea Mountain licence area. Liberia is at the centre of the deadly ebola epidemic, gold at $1,248.80c an ounce remains at present stubbornly out of investment fashion and Aureus’s shares have virtually halved from their 41.25p 12-month peak to 21.25p now, but David Reading, the company’s chief executive officer, strikes a determinedly upbeat note.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Guscio at 9p offer – nibble at up to 10p

Published 1673 days ago

This is a speculative share tip. It is one to nibble at and only at 10p or less. But it could just fly. Guscio (GUSC) is a company we bet you have never heard of. However…

Stockpinger says research Nanoco Group

Published 1674 days ago

This month’s Stock Ping from Stockpinger is all about ‘dots’, dots that when joined together in this instance form displays, however when joined together by research may result in a reason to invest!

Peter Hill (MA Oxon) of Global Petroleum – a case study in AIM casino piggery

Published 1680 days ago

And this is why the AIM casino is such a farce. The interests of fat cat directors are simply not aligned with those of the owners of far too many companies, that is to say mug punter shareholders.  Maybe they cannot be arsed to read Annual Reports but they should and they should be revolted and revolt. Meet Peter Hill, the CEO of casino listed Global Petroleum (GBP).

Action Hotels - another deal, look at the asset backing

Published 1682 days ago

AIM listed Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced another new hotel, this time in the UAE. It states that it is in the final stages of agreeing a long term management contract for a 104 room outlet in the commercial district of Ras al-Khaimah – the contract will kick in by September 2015.

Software Radio Technology – positive trading statement enough to make the shares a buy?

Published 1689 days ago

On previously commenting on AIM-listed developer and provider of offerings based on the ‘Automatic Identification System’ maritime domain awareness technology, Software Radio Technology plc (SRT) I noted an approach to ALL investors and potential investors that should be applauded, but awaited operational delivery. The following updates on a trading statement which has helped the shares 4.5% higher on the day to 26p.

eg solutions – positive interims, but already in the share price?

Published 1704 days ago

AIM listed, Back office workforce optimisation software company, eg solutions (EGS) has announced results for the six months ended 31st July 2014 and that “trading in the two months since the half year end has continued to be positive and the company remains confident of achieving market expectations for the full year”. Is this though discounted in a share price now approaching 80p having been sub 55p as recently as last month?

Another listed Chinese firm sees shares collapse today as theft and fraud emerge – this time its Ultrasonic listed in Germany

Published 1706 days ago

Frigging hell how many warning signs do investors in AIM listed China stocks need? Today’s shocker comes from Germany where Ultrasonic – a shoe maker – has seen its shares crash by 79% in just one day. But there is a read across to some of our AIM listed frauds.

Now on a PE of only 0.45, why does Daniel Stewart not rate Naibu as a buy? Because it’s a fraud!

Published 1707 days ago

Shares in China based AIM listed fraud Naibu have slumped to just 23p today – they were 50p on Thursday before the disastrous interims were published. House broker and Nomad Daniel Stewart (the firm that signed off on the Quenron IPO) stated on Friday that earnings will be 46p this year and that fair value is 50p. So why is it not rating the stock as a buy?

Giles Elliot of Naibu, you are an honourable man being made to look like a fool – will you quit?

Published 1708 days ago

Giles Elliot, the non-exec deputy chairman of AIM listed China fraud Naibu (NBU) strikes me as a good and thoroughly honourable man. But he has been made to look like an utter fool by CEO Houyan Lin and I ask Giles when is he planning to quit?

Naibu Interims – this stinks to high heaven, shares plunge but target is 0p – this is a Norfolk

Published 1711 days ago

Shares in Naibu (NBU), the AIM Cesspit posterboy Chinese company that claims to make sports shoes are off 30% today at 35p. You cannot say that I have not warned you that this is an outright Norfolk and interims today make that clear. The target price is 0p.

Zytronic plc – shares up 15% on trading update, but still value?

Published 1712 days ago

Shares in Tyneside-based developer and manufacturer of touch sensor products, Zytronic plc (ZYT) currently trade approaching 15% higher today, at 255.5p, on the back of a trading update stating that “the board now expects pre-tax profit for the full year to be significantly above the market consensus”. Is this discounted in the now share price?

accesso Technology Group – interim results & statement enough to make the shares a buy?

Published 1712 days ago

AM listed Technology provider to the attractions and leisure industry, accesso Technology Group (ACSO) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year and that “the board believes that accesso remains well positioned to perform in-line with its expectations for the full year and we look forward to further exciting progress in the months ahead”. Having previously concluded that this looks a company which still has to grow into its already achieved valuation, does this bullishness change my view?.

Early September's Stock-Ping - research Hydrodec Group Plc

Published 1720 days ago

For the September Stock-Ping Stockpinger brings you a company operating in a specialised and niche market, a company far unlike companies already featured. However, having said that, this is a company with an emphasis on recycling, slightly akin to last month’s Stock-Ping, TEG Environmental. This month we’ve picked Hydrodec Group PLC (HYR).

Avocet Mining plays a blinder

Published 1721 days ago

Loss-making, debt-ridden, with production falling and assets in areas close to the Ebola epidemic, bombed-out West Africa-focused gold play Avocet Mining (AVM) has taken an urgent step to retrieve matters, by commissioning a  $7 million (£4.25 million) carbon blinding circuit. Chief Executive Officer David Cather argues this should increase monthly gold production from the AIM-quoted company’s flagship five million-oz.-resource Inata gold mine in Burkina Faso from between 7,000 oz. and 8,000 oz. to 10,000 oz. and increase recoveries from toxic ores from 40 per cent to near 75 per cent.

Gambling on higher gold prices with Goldplat

Published 1721 days ago

Goldplat (GDP) has been in decline since mid-2012, but now seems to have settled at its lowest point in more than five years and could be worth a look. The AIM-listed company is actually profitable and debt-free through its gold recovery businesses in South Africa and Ghana (although not overall). However the share price now sits at around 4p, leaving Goldplat with a market cap of under £7 million, a far cry from the highs of over 16p in 2012.

Afren suspends two more for backhanders – boy do I applaud Afren

Published 1725 days ago

I am currently working on exposing two well-known figures in mining who took far more than backhanders from two separate AIM listed companies. I know what they did I am just awaiting the documents to prove how they stole millions from shareholders. I will get them but one objection I get is “if we help you expose these crooks it will make ALL resource stocks look like they are run by crooks.” Au contraire and that brings me to Afren (AFR)

Chariot Oil & Gas - The Right Move in Namibia - the patient will be rewarded

Published 1725 days ago

After my recent interview with Chariot Oil & Gas (CHAR) CEO Larry Bottomley, I predicted the company wouldn’t relinquish its Central Blocks licence, offshore Namibia. Although I wasn’t far off the mark in this, what I didn’t anticipate was that Chariot would renegotiate the terms of the licence and remove the requirement for an exploratory drill in the next phase.

Corrected: Poor Phorm and a Bigger Fool - Death Postponed

Published 1728 days ago

And so AIM Listed POS stock Phorm (PHRM) has postponed death for a few weeks – announcing last week both its interims and that it has raised £2.4 million at 9p from US fund Bigger Capital. I sense that Bigger will be less big in terms of FUM in a few weeks.

Stellar Diamonds speeds up African gem projects

Published 1739 days ago

AIM listed Stellar Diamonds (STEL) has lost 93% of its stockmarket value since floating on AIM at 20p seven years ago, with its shares at 1.375p valuing the company at £9.6 million. But chief executive officer Karl Smithson hopes to change investors’ perceptions by fast-tracking one of its key West African projects, the Baoule kimberlite pipe in Guinea’s gem-rich Aredor region, and analysing sampling results from a bankable feasibility study now under way at another, Tongo Dyke in Sierra Leone.

Horse Hill; ramp, rumour, place!

Published 1740 days ago

Ever the showman, this morning’s RNS from David Lenigas’ UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is a perfect pump primer for the soon to spud Horse Hill exploration well. UK Oil & Gas has just upped its direct stake in Horse Hill Development Ltd, which has a 65% participating interest in the Horse Hill Field, to 20%, for a £750,000 commitment. Apparently this purchase is “being funded from UKOG's existing cash balances”, which is probably the Australian for “expect a placement tomorrow”. But I’m not very good at foreign languages, so what do I know?

How many worthless companies has Mark Ford sold to Quindell? KPMG asked to investigate if fraud took place?

Published 1741 days ago

I have today written to the senior partner at KPMG, Mr Simon Collins, asking if he should check whether there was undetected fraud in the 2013 accounts published by Quindell (QPP) and audited by his firm. By fraud I mean the payment of cash and shares to a long-time associate of Rob Terry to buy companies that were essentially worthless. Such payments would be fraudulent. The payments would also be fraudulent were it to be shown that the company had some value but nowhere near that paid and that the purchase price could not be justified.

African Potash secures fertile funding deal

Published 1741 days ago

Ed Marlow, the former African investment chief at the HSBC banking group who now heads AIM-listed African Potash (AFPO), is waiting for first drilling results from the Guernsey-registered company’s Lac Dinga project in Republic of Congo, as he savours its success in obtaining $3.75 million (£2.2 million) funding for the project from US investment group Bergen Asset Management. Results from the first hole at Lac Dinga could come through in two weeks, he suggests, with data from the second hole hoped-for in September, ‘and then we’ll know how the nature of the deposit and how commercial it will be.’ Is this now a stock to consider?

Buy Prime People at a 95p offer

Published 1744 days ago

Investment Case: Noting that a large proportion of its cash looked surplus to what is needed in its ongoing business and for its current growth plans, Prime People plc (PRP) recently returned 15p per share (£1.82 million) to shareholders. This, together with an attractive ordinary dividend, shows a regard for shareholders that few other AIM-listed companies do. This is perhaps because the directors' interests are via their shareholdings to a rare extent aligned with other investors. We tipped this at a 90p offer a couple of weeks ago but at 95p to buy this is still a good share tip and here’s why.

Phorm Tick Tock Tick Tock – is this week of D-Day? That is D for Death.

Published 1744 days ago

Working out how quickly Phorm (PHRM) will have pissed away the £10 million it raised in March is not hard and by my sums it is out of cash at the end of the coming week. Could it be a rather less than Good Friday for shareholders in this AIM listed POS?

Kefi drilling at Tula Kapi – “excellent results” says Fox Davies.

Published 1745 days ago

AIM listed gold mine developer Kefi (KEFI) has released the latest drilling results from its Tula Kapi project. There were a number of RC holes drilled as part of a selective infill programme that were targeted to intercept known lode structures and test the structure of the resource model. Broker Fox Davies says the results were “excellent” the best being 9m @ 4.24g/t, 13m @ 3.21g/t, 8m @ 3.94g/t and 15m @ 2.33g/t. It goes on to explain why.

Naibu – Daniel Stewart pumps out buy note but will not answer critical question – target price cut to 0.0000001p

Published 1747 days ago

Following the comical trading statement from AIM listed POS China joke company Naibu (NBU) earlier this week – see HERE - Broker and Nomad to this Norfolk, Daniel Stewart, has published a buy note but refuses to answer my utterly critical question. The shares have slumped to 43.5p putting them on a PE of 0.95 and a yield of 13.8% if you believe the forecasts. I do not and am thus slashing my target price from 1p to 0.0000001p and will reduce it further if Daniel Stewart cannot answer this question:

Collagen Solutions – a penny share biotech tiddler – but look who is chairman

Published 1750 days ago

It is David Evans of Axis Shield fame again. AIM listed Collagen Solutions (COL) at 7.875p is capitalised at £5 million, has net cash of £1.1 million and is forecast to hit profitability in the year to March 31 2016.

Stratmin, new sales contract & more to come - BUY

Published 1752 days ago

AIM listed StratMin Global Resources (STGR) last week announced a 40 tonnes sales contract with a new customer - an “established European graphite trading house”, with delivery of the order expected to be “within August”. But there is more…

Forbidden Technologies - is the valuation justified? Check out the Video

Published 1754 days ago

Our friend Paul Scott is uncinvinced that AIM listed Forbidden Technologies (FBT) can justify its valuation. But some well known tech heads disagree. And CEO Stephen Streater has a cracking track record in tech. Jusge for yourself by watching this video of Mr Streater presenting at the UK INvestor Show.

Exploration progress for Jim Mellon's West African Minerals

Published 1754 days ago

Many iron ore bosses are wringing their hands at its price halving in three and a half years. But Anton Mauve, managing director of Jim Mellon's Isle of Man-based West African Minerals Corporation (WAFM) is not one of them, even though these woes have sent the AIM-quoted iron ore explorer’s shares down from 32.75p to 5.88p over the past year, for a stock market value of £22.1 million. Following encouraging exploration results at West African’s properties in Cameroon and Sierra Leone, Mauve, a former head of Lonmin Platinum, declares ‘the gloom makes us happy’. But why?

Minera IRL – a low price for Don Nicolas, but still speculative value?

Published 1754 days ago

AIM listed Minera IRL (MIRL) has announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell its remaining stake in the Don Nicolas project in Argentina for $11.5 million. The shares have slipped lower, to 10.75p, on the back of the announcement, but does this represent a buying opportunity?

Piers Linney of Dragon’s Den – you have 38 hours left to deliver the bad news on Outsourcery: A Reminder…Tick Tock

Published 1755 days ago

Dear Piers. On 27th June you promised the poor shareholders in your POS AIM listed Company Outsourcery (OUT) that you would update them on how you were going to refinance this POS enterprise during July. Of course a promise from you is worth jackshit. I refer to your IPO prospectus of May 2013…

Kiss Me Hardy, but More Importantly Make Me More Money.

Published 1755 days ago

Hello Share Chuckers: Let's have a look at a  little oiler based in Aberdeen. It’s called Hardy Oil (HDY). I've not been that well rewarded since I bought this interesting share a few years back. But it's three month graph starts to show a different story. It reads like a stairway to heaven. A more or less steady progression north.

Under starters orders; a final look at the form of the Horse Hill runners

Published 1755 days ago

Over the last couple of weeks the share prices of the six listed companies participating in the Horse Hill oil exploration project have pulled back. Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) have both placed. Solo Oil (SOLO) has been treading water since it placed in mid June. Regency Mines (RGM) looks almost certain to place imminently, despite having raised money in May and the same can probably be said for Doriemus (DOR), though the latter’s financial position is certainly better. This leaves Stellar Resources (STG), which of the six is probably the best funded and might not need a Horse Hill cash injection. Time will tell if this view is correct, but with the spud only days away, now might be the time to place your bets if you fancy a gamble on the madness of crowds. Below I take a look at the runners.

Argos Resource offers an alternative Falklands play

Published 1756 days ago

Excitement is starting to build about the forthcoming drilling in the Falkland Islands, given what was discovered previously. Even though the rig won’t arrive until spring 2015, interest is already returning to Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) and Falklands Oil and Gas (FOGL), and I would expect both to be at a higher price by the time drilling commences. But if you fancy a different play to the two main companies, then Argos Resources (ARG) is well worth a look and seems to have been largely forgotten about.

New Feature! – Directors at the Trough; Getech

Published 1756 days ago

Special thanks go today to the directors Getech (GTC). For a while, I’ve had in mind a new feature looking at excessive or unjustified executive compensation. It is no wonder that AIM has the reputation it does for rewarding corporate failure so generously. Too many listed companies appear to be run solely for the benefit of incumbent directors. This is a key part of the reason that buying and holding AIM stock can be such a suicidal investment strategy. Unfortunately, little will ever likely be done about this issue so all we can do is report it as we come across it. The good news is that director behaviour in paying themselves can be one of the best indicators for identifying which stocks to avoid (often like the plague!). This new feature will hopefully go some way in helping you avoid one of the more treacherous pitfalls on AIM. Welcome to Directors at the Trough.

The Lenigas Series Part Two; Buy Inspirit Energy

Published 1756 days ago

Brushing away a torrent of crazy abuse after calling sells on Afriag (AFRI) and Rare Earth Minerals (REM), I turn my attention to another Lenigas stock, Inspirit Energy (INSP). Inspirit is a technology stock that is looking to commercialise micro combined heat and power (mCHP) boiler. The boiler has been developed for a long time under the company's stewardship and the technology has come on leaps and bounds.

Kirkland Lake heads back into the black

Published 1756 days ago

After two years of losses, Canadian miner Kirkland Lake Gold (KGI) is poised to start making money again from its high-grade Macassa and South Mine complex, holding potentially three million ounces or more of the yellow metal in Western Ontario’s south Abitibi greenstone belt. The company, quoted on AIM and in Toronto, lost a quadrupled £8.5 million on a reduced £94 million turnover in the year to April, but expects the first quarter of the current year to show dramatic improvements in costs, grades and production. The company’s turnaround strategy, initiated in January by incoming chief executive officer George Ogilvie, looks like it is beginning to bear fruit.

A little sympathy for Patagonia Gold (but only a little)

Published 1756 days ago

When I first saw this morning’s RNS from Patagonia Gold (PGD), announcing the award of 4,000,000 options to the company’s Managing Director, Bill Humphries, at Friday’s close price of 7.875p, my immediate thought was “here we go again”. In fact Patagonia nearly made the debut of my new feature “The Trough”, but that dubious honour goes to Getech (GTC) instead. Awarding a sizeable chunk of options, priced marginally above a stock’s 52 week low, is generally (and rightly) viewed as very bad form. You can imagine the vitriol I was about to unleash on this company. That was until I discovered one fact. In 2013 the directors of Patagonia took over 90% of their fees in shares.

Doc Holiday: Rapid Cloud – a speculative buy

Published 1757 days ago

Rapid Cloud (RCI) came to market back in 2013 and IPO'd at 54p. The business was formed back in 1999 so was hardly a start up and therefore a punt operation. Specialising in web development services, I explain below why I view this company as a speculative buy.

Outsourcery – When’s the rescue bailout? Crony Capitalists at work…

Published 1759 days ago

On 27th June, AIM listed Outsourcery (OUT) announced that it was holding a “Capital Markets Day.” Hmmm, this is an £12 million capitalised AIM listed POS with pretensions is it not? The company started with a raft of positive guff but then – if you had not fallen asleep and got to the bottom of the release – found that it was admitting that it was a year behind schedule and needs to raise cash this year to keep going. Now even prostitute researcher Edison is sticking the boot in – what it says and what management says look very different to me. Why would anyone refinance this train wreck?

Westminster Group has huge growth potential

Published 1760 days ago

Westminster Group (WSG) is one of those companies that is yet to live up to its potential, but the right piece of news could change all of that. The company provides security services to various governments and private organisations across the world and is currently represented in 48 countries.

Open letter to the FCA; please investigate Kibo Mining’s placement of March 31st

Published 1760 days ago

On March 31st this year, Kibo Mining (KIBO) raised £750,000 at 2.5p. The price of this placement was horrific, at a 42% discount to the previous close’s 65 day Moving Average (65MA) closing price. On March 28th Kibo’s 65MA closing price was 4.28p. In percentage terms, this was one of the worst recent cases of placement value destruction I have come across and there was a very strong suggestion that Kibo, and its shareholders, had been victim of blatant (and sloppy) forward selling. Forward selling is the term used to describe a version of market abuse whereby certain parties, armed with confidential “inside” information, use this to profit, by going heavily short a stock, which they know is trying to raise money. We see possible cases of forward selling of placements regularly on AIM and there is an impression that that the regulator is doing little to nothing about it. Below I have drafted an open letter to the FCA to ask them to investigate this matter.

Placement Watch – UK Oil & Gas; the first of the Horses to place

Published 1760 days ago

Whatever else is said about David Lenigas he certainly appears to have a firm grip of the current mood of the market. This morning UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) announced a £2million placement at 1p. Some will complain about this, but this looks like another smart bit of business. Whether this leads to a material uplift in the stock price is another matter...

Goldstone hails Stratex backing

Published 1760 days ago

As boss of an AIM mine exploration company which has lost 97 per cent of its stock market value since floating 10 years ago, Jurie Wessels, chief executive of South Africa-based Goldstone Resources (GRL) is determinedly upbeat about its proposed new deal with fellow AIM company Stratex International (STI). Stratex, which has gold interests not far from Goldstone’s projects in West Africa, has agreed to pay £1.25 million for 33.4 per cent of Goldstone at a discounted 6p (after a tenfold share consolidation) -- provided the City Takeover Panel agrees to waive what would otherwise be its obligation to bid for the entire company.

Official confirmation Range Resources has ditched Okap Ventures

Published 1760 days ago

Perhaps the winds of change are genuinely blowing through Range Resources (RRL). After I wrote my first piece on the company earlier today, highlighting the 1.14% dilution of shareholders just to pay fees, I spoke with Buchanan. Given our recent history with the PR firm that no longer plays dirty tricks on Range’s shareholders (sorry – I couldn’t resist, that line still makes me chuckle), I was surprised to get a call back. But I did and I have to say the conversation was far more constructive than others I have had with the firm. This time, rather than being summarily dismissed or just downright ignored, Buchanan responded to my questions and confirmed one fact, which could prove most telling for Range’s future. Range Resources no longer has any relationship, whatsoever, with Okap Ventures.

Mosman Oil and Gas; a creditable change of plan?

Published 1760 days ago

Yesterday, Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN) gave the market an update on its acquisition of the privately held Trident Energy. The critical message shareholders were probably meant to pick up was that Mosman’s board has waived Condition 2 of the transaction i.e. for Mosman to “complete an equity capital raising of at least A$2million”. In its accompanying statement, Mosman’s board claimed it waived this condition, as a result of “the success of the recent fund raisings”, but how creditable is this assertion?

Enables It May Enable Me to Get Some Money Back

Published 1761 days ago

Hello Share Riders: I have a few shares at the moment which are not doing that well. I should have sold them after a 10% drop on the purchase price. That's my usual rule.

Sirius Petroleum; nearly there (at last!!!)

Published 1762 days ago

Since it came to market in March 2011, Sirius Petroleum (SRSP) isn’t exactly a share that has set the market on fire. Over the last three years the stock has traded in a tight range between 2.5p and 5.5p. All that has been remarkable about this Nigerian oil exploration play is how regular the pattern of its share price has been. This morning Sirius announced a $20million placement, priced at 3p. This money will go towards the estimated $25.1million cost of drilling the first well in the Ororo off-shore field. For a stock with a market cap of £32.9million, and with a c.$5.1 funding gap to fill before September 15th, this might sound like an incredibly risky place to put your money. Betting on an oil exploration company, which will likely just about be able to scrape together the money for one shot at the big time, is usually a recipe for disaster on AIM. However, in the case of Sirius, previous testing work completed by Chevron in 1986 at the Ororo field suggests the company could be onto a winner.

Victoria Oil & Gas Kevin Foo video - understanding why Evil Knievil is buying greedily

Published 1762 days ago

Famed bear raider Evil Knievil has been greedily buying more shares in AIM listed Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) in recent days. Greed and Evil are two words that are often found together. To understand why Evil is buying have a look at this video of CEO Kevin Foo presenting at the UK Investor show a couple of months ago.

Placement Watch - Chariot Oil & Gas; poor planning and a horrible price

Published 1762 days ago

The price of Chariot Oil & Gas’ (CHAR) placement yesterday would have come as a shock to most holders. After a year of apparent progress across its portfolio of Atlantic Margin oil exploration assets, including three farm-outs, few would have expected the company to place at a 52 week low. What damage this transaction does to sentiment towards this stock remains to be seen, but Chariot is now likely to face an uphill battle convincing investors of its inherent value.

Black Mountain Resources; New Departure... Never Ending more like...

Published 1762 days ago

Almost exactly two years to the day since Black Mountain Resources (BMZ) listed on AIM and this morning we got yet another RNS from the company with sampling results from its New Departure Silver “Mine”. Although Black Mountain boasts that some of these results include “grades never before seen with historical results”, in practical terms this announcement means very little. In its original Admission to AIM statement, on July 25th 2012, Black Mountain claimed its objective was “to rapidly recommence low cost silver production at Conjecture and New Departure Projects in Q4 2012”. Now in Q3 2014 and the company’s failure to deliver on its operational goals looks like an increasingly bad joke.

Shanta Gold on expansion trail

Published 1762 days ago

Mike Houston, boss of Guernsey-based Shanta Gold (SHG), is preparing for a busy autumn as the AIM-quoted company works to lift annual gold production at its Tanzanian gold project from a forecast 80,000 oz. this year to 100,000 oz. in two years time. Shanta, which produced 63,000 oz. in 2013 and lost a much-reduced £2.6 million on £40 million turnover, is expecting two feasibility studies in September or October on its currently producing New Luika mine in south-west Tanzania’s Lupa goldfield and its Singida project in the centre of this East African country. But how might the market react to this potentially positive newsflow?

Alba Resources: shit or glory on Horse Hill

Published 1763 days ago

Today’s Horse Hill news hasn’t done much to lift the share prices of the listed participating companies. Perhaps this is to be expected, as approval from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change was surely just a formality. Even so, the co-owners of Horse Hill Developments Ltd are experiencing something of a market lull, but I still expect this will prove to be the calm before the storm. Although there is the looming spectre of placements, it is hard to see Horse Hill fever reaching anything other than epic proportions. When I first covered this drill, last week, I was a little flippant when I picked Alba Resources (ALBA) as the stock I might take a gamble on, based solely on it having the fewest number of shares in issue. This morning, Alba provided its half yearly report and I think I might have to change my mind.

Goldstone Resources; Stratex to the rescue, a strong speculative buy

Published 1763 days ago

Stratex’s (STI) investment into Goldstone Resources (GRL) looks like a smart bit of business. After Randgold terminated its exploration Joint Venture in eastern Senegal with Goldstone, at the start of April, the future looked pretty bleak for Goldstone’s shareholders. Their company was running on fumes and there seemed little prospect of an imminent commercial deal for the Homase/Akrokerri project in Ghana. There were serious questions whether or not Goldstone would survive. Although the price of today’s deal is pretty disastrous for any long term holders of this stock, they should, at least, retain half of the potential value in the business (assuming the deal completes and Stratex exercises its warrants over the next eighteen months). Even though the immediate market response to this proposed deal has been muted, if it does go through then a rerate could be on the cards for Goldstone’s share price.

Buy TyraTech at 8.625p

Published 1765 days ago

My friends in private equity all tell me the same story - the key is management, management and management. AIM listed TyraTech (TYR) has this in spades.  In fact a number of the team came from very big jobs in very big companies to run a very small company.  Last year, I said to Bruno Jactel the CEO that I could see the shares at 25p or higher.  His answer was that he was not there to build a company valued in £10s of millions, but in £100s of millions.

Bowleven; getting ready to bounce?

Published 1766 days ago

So my dastardly plan worked! About a month ago, when Bowleven (BLVN) announced its proposed Etinde farm-out, I penned a piece suggesting the stock had run into headwinds at 45p and it looked a good spot to take profits. Knowing how much influence I hold over markets, I instructed my cabal of skulking shorters to sell Bowleven’s stock aggressively, as this was a guaranteed opportunity to make a quick killing. Our goal always was to make a heap of money, as we beat up poor old Bowleven’s stock to such an extent that our corrupt little group of pals would gain a much better entry price to go long. We are so amazing at what we do, we profit all the way up and all the way down. Now, I’m back to ramp this stock to high heaven with one article, which is bound to send the share price to 100p. While I continue to pull the strings of Bowleven’s share price at will, I only have one question running through the back of my mind – do some of you really have no idea how ridiculous your comments sound?!

Placement Watch - Naughty Leni Gas & Oil, naughty!

Published 1767 days ago

I’ve spent a fair amount of time today wondering whether or not life is too short to get involved in the David Lenigas debate. After the fiery “we love/we hate Rare Earth Minerals (REM)” schoolyard spat this week, whatever I say runs the risk of pouring fuel on the fire. But I can’t ignore today’s Leni Gas and Oil (LGO) placement. It has a bit of everything.

Stratmin Global Resources: call on the FCA to investigate suspicious share trading

Published 1768 days ago

This morning Stratmin Global Resources (STGR) announced these “positive exploration results” at its Loharano property in Madagascar. For shareholders in Stratmin the discovery of new “unidentified graphite mineralisation adjacent to its producing deposit” is undoubtedly very good and welcome news. But I am perplexed by the share price trading yesterday.

Big risks & Big Rewards in Petropavlovsk

Published 1768 days ago

If you are bullish on gold prices in the near future and like risk then Petropavlovsk (POG) is well worth a look. This is by no means a safe bet, and if you’re not prepared for the remote possibility of losing the lot then this certainly isn’t for you – but then the same can be said of many companies!

Indigo, Indigo, Indigo – Sung to the Football Chant 'Here We Go.'

Published 1768 days ago

Hello Share Twisters: I've been a holder of IndigoVision Group (IND) for so long I was watching a Viking raid when I first bought the shares. And over those many years, they have done rather nicely, thank you. Before the Credit Crunch they rocketed ahead in a thrilling fashion. Since then, the stocks have done ok. But the share price is due for steady progress I fancy for the rest of the year.

Access Intelligence – 12% share price slump now on my radar!

Published 1768 days ago

Shares in Access Intelligence (ACC), a supplier of Software-as-a-Service for the management of governance, risk and compliance, currently trade 12% lower today, at 2.75p, on the back of results for the six months ended 31st May 2014. Having previously updated on the company on this website a year ago, the following reviews whether progress has been made.

Cluff scouting for Coal-to-gas deals

Published 1768 days ago

Algy Cluff, the veteran resources entrepreneur and former owner of the Spectator magazine, is on the look-out for deals to propel Cluff Natural Resources (CLNR) into the business of turning off-shore coal deposits into gas-producing assets in a way he and the company’s backers claim will be able to provide cheap and environmentally acceptable fuel supplies for years to come. Speculation has suggested potential partners could include German engineering and electronics giant Siemens or Swiss-based chemicals group Ineos, active at the Grangemouth oil refinery in the Firth of Forth, but AIM-quoted Cluff Natural remains tight-lipped.

Rare Earth Minerals. Stonking Sell

Published 1768 days ago

After yesterday’s running verbal battle concerning my sell call on Rare Earth Minerals (REM), today I feel I have to follow up with more detail why I believe this stock is a sel. I came under fire for there being a lack of detail and thought behind my original piece. Although I disagree with this, I don’t mind spelling out what I am convinced Rare Earth is a sell at 1.65p.

Greatland Gold - what is the point?

Published 1769 days ago

I can’t help but think of the words “lifestyle” and “business” when I think of Greatland Gold (GGP). There is a summer ritual, which this company goes through and you could almost set your clock to. It begins with CEO Callum Baxter jumping on a plane in Australia and flying all the way around the world to London. On arrival, poor old Mr Baxter has a jolly packed schedule. He has to reel off a few presentations and sign off on his company’s latest deeply (and I can’t emphasise that word enough) discounted placement, before hopping back on that plane to make the long journey home. We then hear very little from Mr Baxter, until the following summer, when this ritual is repeated and he returns to dear old Blighty to give away his company’s stock once more. It’s such a tough job running a gold “exploration” company.

Why Horse Hill could be Mosman on steroids

Published 1769 days ago

Whoever said that ShareProphets is a one trick pony?! Proving that this view of our work is entirely misguided, I thought I’d throw in another Horse Hill article onto today’s roster... “Not more bloody Horse Hill” I hear our avid readers cry, but this is likely to be the story that dominates British resource small caps over the rest of the summer. Given the wild reaction we’ve recently seen to Mosman Oil and Gas’ (MSMN) succession of oil “discoveries” in New Zealand (which, by its own admission, it doesn’t even know if they are commercial yet) the scene could be set for ecstatic market rapture if rumours ever leak from Horse Hill’s Surrey drill site. This could end up being the highest profile onshore exploration campaign ever seen in the UK and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a temporary campsite springs up outside the gates, as desperate private speculators resort to whatever means they can to gain access to information. Although the smart ones will probably just hang out in the local pubs, when shifts end...

Chinese win majority at Bullabulling Gold

Published 1769 days ago

Minority shareholders in Australian gold play Bullabulling Gold (BGL) have until 28 July to accept the £14.5 million cash takeover bid from Chinese-owned Norton Gold Fields, which has now emerged with 55.92 per cent of the AIM and Down Under-quoted company’s shares. Managing director Brett Lambert is leaving the Bullabulling board, which will now have as two new non-executives Dr. Dianmin Chen, Norton’s managing director, and Dr. Noel White, a non-executive director of Norton.

Why I'm not convinced by Horse Hill

Published 1769 days ago

I’ve been watching all the excitement surrounding the drilling of the Horse Hill 1 well in the UK, but personally am not convinced! I find myself wondering why NASDAQ-listed company Magellan Petroleum relinquished a 65% share of the PEDL137 license (which contains the Horse Hill prospect) simply in return for the farminee drilling it prior to its expiry date on September 30 2014.

**REPUBLISHED** Horse Hill – which participating companies offer best value?

Published 1770 days ago

This updated piece clarifies that the listed companies mentioned own stakes in Horse Hill Developments Limited, which owns 65% of the Horse Hill oil exploration project.

Since the beginning of June, there has been increasing speculation concerning the upcoming Horse Hill oil exploration drill in Surrey. Share prices of the four original David Lenigas influenced companies have increased by 200-300% in this time and I expect each of them to move even higher in the next few weeks, as the excitement increases the closer we get to the commencement of drilling. On Friday, two further companies joined the Horse Hill party in the form of Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) and Regency Mines (RGM). It is worth mentioning that Regency also has a 14.9% stake in Alba, but the question remains which of the Horse Hill horses could be the largest winner?

The Lenigas Series Part One: Sell Afriag & Sell Rare Earth Minerals

Published 1770 days ago

Today I start a new side column for ShareProphets in which I plan to go through the swathes of David Lenigas companies on AIM. Naturally David says all his companies are cheap and uses flamboyant language to capture the attention of retail punters. I have looked at Leni Gas (LGO) before so I begin by sharing my thoughts on Afriag (AFRI) and Rare Earth Minerals (REM). 

Kibo Mining – could the horribly priced placement pay for entry into the Promised Land?

Published 1770 days ago

Rumours have abounded for a while that Kibo Mining (KIBO) has been the target of a coordinated shorting campaign. Although I’ve noticed it has been problematic buying Kibo stock in volume at times, so far I haven’t seen any firm evidence to confirm whether or not there is truth to the whispers. They could just be the sour grapes of investors who put money into a cash hungry business, during the severe sectoral downturn. Long term holders are bound to feel extremely disillusioned with how this company has developed, but after today’s RNS I am going to stick my neck on the line and say the worst could be over.

Magnolia Petroleum and the danger of locking yourself into garbage

Published 1770 days ago

Five months ago, Tom wrote this damning assessment of Magnolia Petroleum’s (MAGP) business model and market capitalisation. So far, his view has been entirely vindicated. Despite the howls of protests from Magnolia’s ardent supporters, not to mention the absurd accusations I’ve read over the months accusing ShareProphets of being involved in a shorting conspiracy, I actually don’t think Tom went far enough in his criticism of this company. The business model is not clever and it is not shrewd. If you told American private investors about what this company did, they’d laugh at you. There is a very good reason why this company is listed here, with its American holdings, American directors and American headquarters. And I’m afraid to say that reason isn’t because certain British private investors represent the savviest money in global markets...

Northcote Energy – a buying opportunity at 0.72p?

Published 1773 days ago

The market did not react terribly generously to the operations update published last week by AIM listed Northcote Energy (NCT) marking the shares down by 7.5% to 0.72p. House broker Beaufort reckons that was not right and says the shares are a speculative buy. It writes: 

Mwana to survey payout prospects

Published 1773 days ago

Kalaa Mpinga, the Congolese founder and chief executive officer of AIM-quoted Mwana Africa (MWA), says the company will consider starting to pay dividends this time next year, following a turnaround in the year to March from annual losses of $32 million (£19 million) to $44 million profits. This figure was swollen by a $27 million past impairment loss write-back and turnover 30.5 per cent ahead to $142.5 million. Mwana, which is involved in nickel, gold, diamonds and copper and is primarily focused on Zimbabwe though also with interests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Africa, has scored from a full year’s resumption of production and sales from Zimbabwe’s Trojan nickel mine. This happened to coincide with major producer Indonesia’s price-boosting export ban on the metal.

Mosman Oil & Gas when is the placement?

Published 1773 days ago

In case you haven’t heard, I think I am right in saying that Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) has discovered oil. Today’s latest double “discovery” hasn’t been greeted with the usual fanfare, as the share price has taken a sharp dive to 33.5p (last seen). Given that this precipitous drop is in response to the announcement of two “discoveries” at Crestal-1, perhaps the market is unimpressed at the total absence of detail of what has been found? Or perhaps people are more concerned about the pending placement?

Placement Watch - Tertiary Minerals; it could have been worse

Published 1773 days ago

If you've bought into Tertiary Minerals (TYM) over the last 9 months, you probably aren't delighted with the 5.75p price of today's placement. However, if you are a longer term shareholder, at least value has been preserved. The question now is whether or not the £420,000 (before expenses) will be enough to fund serious value building in this tough market? 

Coms –a recovery punt post the warning?

Published 1773 days ago

Ahead of its AGM today, telecommunications and related infrastructure provider Coms plc (COMS) has updated that, as a result of an ongoing process of restructuring following various recent acquisitions, a pre-tax loss is expected for the six months to 31st July 2014, but that underlying “trading across all of the group's business has been encouraging” and that it remains “confident that… the second half of the year will see a significant improvement in profitability”. With also a number of boardroom changes announced, the following takes a look at the implications of today's news.

Software Radio Technology – update on a company showing a rare example of openness to ALL investors and potential investors

Published 1774 days ago

AIM-listed developer and provider of offerings based on the ‘Automatic Identification System’ maritime domain awareness technology, Software Radio Technology plc (SRT) has followed recent results and a placing by welcoming “both shareholders and non-shareholders” to attend its AGM and open day on 15th July (an approach in stark contrast to another (still) AIM-listed company - see HERE). The following update looks at the recent news flow.

Gold Fields assets deal boosts Hummingbird

Published 1774 days ago

West African gold play Hummingbird Resources (HUM) is celebrating the conclusion of a transformational $20 million (£11.75 million) all-share acquisition which, says founder and chief executive Dan Betts, will set the AIM-quoted company on the road to becoming a 200,000 oz.-a-year gold producer. With estimated gold resources of six million oz. Hummingbird, which lost £2.2 million in the year to May 2013, ‘will be profitable in 18 months,’ declares Betts, as he extols the merits of securing South African mining colossus Gold Fields’ assets in Mali for shares giving Gold Fields a 26.3 per cent stake in the company.

Solgold; director options with genuinely positive performance targets

Published 1774 days ago

I get periodic requests to take a look at Solgold (SOLG). It’s not normally a stock I would consider buying. Too many people follow it. Even so, I have taken a bit of a look through the numbers and reports. From a fundamental perspective, I can’t see much to tempt me. With a £50.4million market cap this looks on the high side, for a company at this stage of development. I don’t say this to wind up Solgold’s shareholders, but we know that taking a company from exploration to mining is extremely expensive. While funding conditions remain tight and metal prices recover slowly there just isn’t much to get too excited about. However, I noted this morning’s announcement of options awarded to Solgold’s directors and now wonder whether or not this stock might be one to trade in the coming months.

Providence Resources is at a crazy price and could be a takeover target

Published 1775 days ago

Often it can pay to take a very long term approach with certain companies and I feel that will be true with Providence Resources (PVR). For many on AIM these days the definition of ‘long term’ seems to be holding for more than a few days, but with this one you’re going to need far more patience and there is a fair chance it will fall lower.

blur Group – no longer ‘reinventing commerce’, but reinventing a “trading update”?

Published 1775 days ago

AIM Listed blur Group (BLUR), the company whose RNS announcements used to declare that it was “reinventing commerce at” but now a touch less grandiosely state that it “operates the market leading, cloud-based platform for s-commerce”, has updated that “project bookings for the first half of 2014 have increased by more than 200% year-on-year to $16.04m (H1 2013: $5.2m)”. The following reviews with the shares having nudged a couple of percent higher to 79.5p on the "trading update", with reporting woes earlier this year having brought them down from at one stage approaching 800p.

Wishbone Gold scans the scene

Published 1775 days ago

Richard Poulden, the barrister and entrepreneur who built potash play Sirius Minerals by acquisitions around the world into a company with a stock market value of more than £200 million, confesses to one particular enthusiasm: gold. He argues the stage is set for a major increase in the price of bullion, largely attributable to the machinations of the People’s Republic of China, and, as executive chairman and key shareholder of AIM-quoted Wishbone Gold (WSBN), he is seeking to grasp opportunities among newly producing or soon to be producing gold projects.

Production in sight for Aureus Mining

Published 1776 days ago

Swimming against the tide could pay off for West Africa-focused Aureus Mining (AUE), as it prepares to take its one million oz.-plus New Liberty gold project in Liberia’s Bea Mountain area into production early next year. It will also test likely prospects elsewhere in the country, such as nearby Ndablama, which chief executive officer David Reading hints could be in the same league. The AIM-quoted company claims New Liberty will be virtually the only new mine to open in West Africa at that time and should be able to produce 100,000 oz. of gold in its first year, rising to an annual 120,000oz. for at least six years, with foreshadowed all-in cash costs of $850/oz, against a current price of $1,315.80/oz.

President Energy; quietly, yet publicly, confident of a big oil find?

Published 1777 days ago

I last covered President Energy (PPC) about seven weeks ago and suggested this could be one to follow the chairman, Peter Levine, in buying at 30.75p (the then mid-price). Since writing, President’s stock has risen to 37p, but not in a straight trajectory

Tethys Petroleum at 19p worth 100p?

Published 1778 days ago

Commissioned Researcher Edison has initiated its coverage of AIM listed Tethys Petroleum (TPL) with a bold claim that the shares, now 19p, could be worth as much as 100p.

Accounting services all above board? Blur Group does Irony Very well

Published 1778 days ago

An FD of an AIM listed company has passed me the following email entitled “Accounting services all above board” sent by Dorothy from blur Group (BLUR). My mind is boggling does this company do irony. Followers of Blur will remember that within the past three months it has been forced to admit that its revenue recognition policies were all over the shop and to stage a rescue bailout.

African Potash offers large upside potential

Published 1778 days ago

Potash isn’t exactly up there with more glamorous natural resources, like diamonds and gold, but is still valuable. Which is partly why African Potash (AFPO) has caught my eye recently with its operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it is targeting this key component of potassium fertiliser.

Ortac woos the locals

Published 1780 days ago

Vassilios Carellas, chief executive officer of Ortac Resources (ORC), is not resting on his laurels, after beginning trial underground mining at the company’s 1.32 million-oz. gold in Slovakia’s Kremnicko region, with the first permit issued there for 20 years. The authorities are already considering London-based Ortac’s application for a licence to take the project further, in the hope of producing around 70,000 oz. of gold a year, with cash costs (before capital repayment) of below $600/oz an ounce, against today’s $1,319.8/oz market price. Ortac is launching proposals for a series of employment-creating, environmentally-friendly -- and potentially money-spinning -- developments to calm suspicious local critics.

Tangiers Petroleum - worth a trade

Published 1781 days ago

The AIM market finally seems to be showing some appetite for oil and gas stocks and I’d expect some of that to spread to Tangiers Petroleum (TPET). A lot has happened since I tipped this company here at 12p back in January, including the deal with Jacka Resources falling through, suspension of trading for a couple of months after the resignation of some of the board members, and the raising of $9 million through equity issues.

Mosman Oil & Gas - crucial information in announcements that I can't see

Published 1781 days ago

Today’s RNS from Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) isn’t a helpful one to quell the growing hysteria around this stock. The company has informed the market that the “petrophysical analysis from its third party consultants including SRK and has determined the oil encountered in the Cobden Limestone at Cross Roads-1 meets the definition of a discovery in accordance with the New Zealand ("NZ") legislation”. This is the second “discovery” at Cross Roads-1 (the first being the “total potential pay of 17 metres” in the Eight Mile formation) and the share price has jumped 8.5p to 35.1p (last seen), valuing Mosman at £27.4million. This is crazy, when you consider key details are either not clearly explained in Mosman’s announcement or are missing entirely.

Rose Petroleum. Shale-tacular

Published 1782 days ago

Today I evaluate the investment case for Rose Petroleum (ROSE), even though several of my colleagues have already put forward my thoughts. Rose is an oddity on aim because it has both mining and oil and gas assets

Decision time for Kalimantan Gold

Published 1782 days ago

Indonesia, one of the largest economies in south-east Asia, is rich in minerals and the most populous Muslim country in the world. It has not proved a happy hunting ground for foreign investors of late, as the travails of Bumi (now Asia Resource Minerals) and Churchill Mining can attest. Kalimantan Gold (KRG), floated eight years ago on AIM to tap copper, gold and silver prospects in Kalimantan (Indonesia’s half of the island of Borneo), might appear to be another example, but it is hoping to repair the damage caused by recent setbacks.

Poor Phorm – Tell us the TRUTH about the scale back in Brazil before I go nuts

Published 1782 days ago

I pointed out on Friday that Phorm (PHRM), having raised £10 million in late march, is now within six weeks of going tits up unless it can find some more folks prepared to piss their hard earned cash up against the wall. Phorm promises potential new investors a bright new future but perhaps such folks might want to look at the past first.

Rose Petroleum; hope, hype and hysteria

Published 1783 days ago

After Rose Petroleum’s (ROSE) recent dodgy placement (which, yes, I do believe the charts strongly suggest was forward sold by some), I wanted to take a closer look at the company. At the weekend, my colleague Chris Oil drew a furious response on Twitter after he wrote this piece, suggesting Rose was a short. Thankfully not all of the comments were moronic abuse, and reader Scott Winter submitted this riposte to Chris, in defence of the company’s prospects. Now valued at £30.7million, with a share price of 2.35p (last seen), I have to admit I lean more towards Chris’ assessment of the company, but accept that Scott could be proven right first. The passionate following behind Rose certainly looks an indicator of further share price gains to come and 4p is  as good a target as any. However, it would a mistake to view such a move as being driven by anything other than sentiment and certainly not sound fundamentals.

Gulf Keystone; Kurds make a move for independence

Published 1783 days ago

It looks like little old Scotland’s referendum on independence is proving to be a catalyst for similar movements around the world. The Scottish precedent has the potential to cause a great deal of upheaval, as previously recognised international borders (often rooted in the imperialist past) melt away and fledgling nation states spring up. As a good old fashioned liberal, I view this as a good thing. Why shouldn’t people be able to vote on who governs them? I’ll admit I don’t hold too much interest in the vote for Scottish independence, other than the provocative view if they are allowed to vote on remaining part of the Union, shouldn’t we English also be granted the opportunity to decide whether or not to allow them (and their tax subsidies) to stay?!  But before I unleash another wave of Twitter abuse against our site, let’s move swiftly on to events in Kurdistan.

Strategic Natural Resources; I call bullshit!

Published 1784 days ago

If Strategic Natural Resources (SNRP) is to survive as a listed company and come back from suspension with any sort of credibility, it has only one option open to it. CEO and Chairman, Alex MacDonald has to go. Now. After this morning’s appalling RNS, there really is no other option. The funny thing is he’s only been in the job for about seven weeks and we are already calling for his head. I don’t imagine we are alone. With the recent resignation of the company’s Nomad, Allenby Capital, and news this morning that three non-execs have also jumped ship, Mr MacDonald surely has staked a major claim on next year’s Cesspit Awards. We salute his effort, but in the meantime the plank beckons...

Ariana welcomes Turkish tax help

Published 1784 days ago

Dr. Kerim Sener, the mild-spoken geologist who runs Turkish gold hopeful Ariana Resources (AAU), is a patient man -- and the performance of his company’s shares since its AIM float in 2005 has tried the patience of many of its investors. He is now celebrating the award by the Ankara government of a range of fiscal incentives, estimated by Ariana to be worth more than $2 million (£1.2 million), as the company heads towards the long-awaited start of production in 2015 at a targeted annual rate of 21,000 oz. a year at Kiziltepe, a key part of its Red Rabbit gold and silver project in western Turkey.

The Admirable Creightons Is Set to Get all My Dough Back.

Published 1784 days ago

Hello Share Nudgers: Many, many years ago I was persuaded by a good friend to invest in Creightons (CRL). You probably haven't heard of them – they're so small and usually moribund.They have a market cap of just £2m. They make soaps, fragrances and toiletries, such as things you put in cars to make them smell a bit better.

Sefton Resources; shafted up the garden path

Published 1784 days ago

I have to admire the Dunkirk spirit of certain long term bulletin board supporters of Sefton Resources (SER). Surrounded on all sides, under constant bombardment from land, air and sea, this plucky little group of shareholders will never fail to see the silver lining in the storm clouds gathering over their heads, no matter how bleak or perilous they may be. I’ll write about the dire terms of Sefton’s refinancing deal tomorrow, but in the meantime the company’s results for last year are abysmal. Anyone considering buying into this revival story should have a long hard think about their nearest and dearest before throwing cash into this money pit of a company.

Hurricane Energy and share price manipulation

Published 1785 days ago

Hurricane Energy (HUR) announced some fantastic news last week, but like most AIM shares these days it didn’t stop the share price being manipulated. This oil explorer with assets in the West of Shetland area revealed that the appraisal of its 100% owned Lancaster discovery had been a huge success, with flow rates as high as 9,800bopd being achieved.

Poor Phorm – Tits Up by mid-August unless more cash raised.

Published 1788 days ago

In the last days of March, AIM Cesspit listed Phorm (PHRM) raised £10 million. Today it has warned that unless it raises more cash urgently it will go tits up. I reckon tits up day is in mid-August.

Nicaraguan prospects cheer Condor Gold

Published 1788 days ago

Mark Child, the former corporate financier who steers Central America-focused AIM company Condor Gold (CNR), draws encouragement from latest trenching results at the company’s La India mine re-launch project in the east of Nicaragua. He and his fellow directors now await the completion of a pre-feasibility study, expected in September. Condor, where Child and the Hong Kong-based Regent Pacific mining group hold around 10 per cent each, says a preliminary economic assessment last year suggested La India, an epithermal gold deposit from which US miner Noranda produced up to 40,000 oz. a year until 1956, still held 2.33 million oz. This is with an average 3.8grams of gold per tonne of ore, of which the firmer ‘indicated’ category was 1.1 million oz. with 3grams a tonne. Child argues the trenching has confirmed previous work done by the Americans and high-grade artisanal miners’ workings.

Sell Rockhopper at 86.5p – target 48-50p

Published 1788 days ago

Following the recent price action in AM listed Rockhopper (RKH) recently I have called this as a short. 

Stockpinger says research Coreo Network Security

Published 1788 days ago

From wireless medical and radio chips this month’s Stockping focuses on an IT infrastructure security company, Corero Network Security PLC (CNS). Headquartered in Houston, USA with European and Far East offices, the company is AIM listed and trades in Dollars. We selected Corero Network Security for the June Stockping because out of the blue it has popped up on the Stockpinger Radar four times during May: on the 15th, 19th, 20th & 27th.

Tangiers Petroleum: Watch the TAO-1 drill for signs of life in the AIM oil and gas exploration sector

Published 1788 days ago

I won’t name (and shame?!) him, but I had a recent chat with one of our contributors recently about the virtues or otherwise of buying into Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) as a trade on oil frenzy. My coverage of Tangiers hasn’t been exactly favourable and I’d have a very hard time buying such a stock without applying a clamp to my nose. However, for my unnamed colleague, Tangiers represents a tradeable buying opportunity. He could well be right and it will be interesting to watch the market’s response in the coming weeks to this news that drilling operations at the TAO-1 Well have started.

Takeover Panel demands New World Oil & Gas seek new approval for Niel deal

Published 1789 days ago

Just over a week ago, I wrote this open letter to the Takeover Panel about New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) never-ending deal with Niel Petroleum and whether the original shareholder approval granted on September 12th 2013 was still valid. It looks like it wasn’t. On Tuesday, New World issued this RNS, in which it was forced to announce “the Transaction [the Niel deal] will be subject to the waiver of the obligation on Niel Petroleum SA to make a general offer under Rule 9 of the Takeveor Code being approved by independent shareholders on a poll”. This is good news for shareholders as they now have the opportunity to scrutinise more thoroughly Kuwaiti firm Al Maraam Trading & Contracting Ltd’s (Al-Maraam) involvement in this. In particular serious, unanswered questions remain on what basis New World can claim that “Al-Maram will participate in all future bid rounds for the drilling and production of oil and gas in Kuwait”.

Afcon braced for cash cliff hanger

Published 1790 days ago

Roy Pitchford, veteran of the central African mining scene, is relishing the challenge that awaits him on 4 July, when shareholders in Zimbabwe-focused African Consolidated Resources (AFCR) will vote on proposals to raise $18 million (£10.6 million) to accelerate the country’s Pickstone Peerless 3.5 million-oz. gold project in Mashonaland. ‘This will be a company maker’, insists Pitchford, Afcon’s chief executive officer only since May, who suggests the decision will hinge on 28.6 per cent shareholder, the Gulf emirate of Ras Al Kaimah (RAK) -- if RAK votes yes or abstains, all will be well.

Blinkx; set for recovery with great upside potential

Published 1790 days ago

Blinkx (BLNX) is a company that I’ve followed for a while now and I think that it has finally found bottom. Its share price has taken a massive tumble over the past year off of the highs of 235p it hit last November to the present day level in the low 60s.

Bowleven and the art of taking profits

Published 1791 days ago

If you’ve ever played poker you will know the worst thing that can happen to a bad player, who doesn’t understand the mechanics or maths of the game, is to win a reasonably large amount early in his or her playing days. Invariably such people convince themselves they have unlocked the secrets of the game and are invincible, rather than recognise the luck of the draw. Our lucky winner invariably ends up giving back his or her winnings to the table and a whole load more to boot. Bust and demoralised, such people often have trouble understanding what’s gone wrong, having made such a profitable start. They remain obstinately unaware of the importance of playing the long term odds, certain in the knowledge they must be right, even though they’ve lost all their money. Exactly the same principle applies to gamblers on AIM stocks, especially those in the resource sector.

Allenby Capital shoots Strategic Natural Resources in the head. (CORRECTED)

Published 1791 days ago

On April Fool’s Day, I wasn’t joking when I asked if someone could please shoot AIM zombie Strategic Natural Resources (SNRP) in the head. I just didn’t expect it would be the company’s Nomad and Joint Broker, Allenby Capital, which would respond to this call and deliver the final kill shot! Given that Allenby is Nomad to AIM Cesspit champion Sefton Resources (SER), one really has to wonder how bad the situation must be for these guys to have walked out on Strategic Natural with immediate effect. This doesn’t bode well for shareholders, as the company has until 0700 on July 24th to find a replacement or that is it; curtains.

Placement Watch - Rose Petroleum and the smell of manure

Published 1792 days ago

Rose Petroleum’s (ROSE) £6.5million placement on Friday has a distinct whiff about it. It is true that Rose’s share price has performed admirably over the last twelve months, so I doubt many longer term shareholders will be concerned about what’s happened. Even so, the rationale for the 1.5p price of the placement and the exclusion of existing shareholders from the deal doesn’t feel right. The nosedive Rose’s share price took in the fortnight before the placement just stinks outright.

Placement watch – Mosman Oil & Gas, as sure as night follows day...

Published 1795 days ago

As sure as night follows day, Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) conducted a deeply discounted placement this morning, at 23p. If nothing else, the wild run Mosman has been on is another indicator of life returning to the AIM resource sector, for better or worse. On a fundamental basis it is very hard to make a case for owning Mosman, but this is AIM. What the hell do fundamentals matter?

Worried About Oilers in the Middle East and Ukraine? – Try South America.

Published 1795 days ago

Hello Share Paddlers: There’s a plucky oil company called Amerisur Resources (AMER). I found the tip on this punchy website and put some money into it. It’s since put on another 33% But I don’t think the fun is over yet.

Chinese take Bullabulling bid battle to London

Published 1795 days ago

Dianmin Chen, chief executive officer of Chinese-owned Australian mining group Norton Gold Fields, is bringing the company’s campaign to buy Down Under and AIM-quoted West Australian bullion play Bullabulling Gold (BGL), to the target company’s London shareholders. Norton, which is 82 per cent-owned by Zijin Mining, China’s leading gold producer and second largest copper producer, has put a marginally improved hostile and conditional cash offer of 8 cents (4.4p) on the table. Worth £14 million, on the table, this is the ‘best and final’ offer Norton will make, while it scours the sector for more bid candidates in pursuit of its aim ‘to expand worldwide’.

Placement Watch - Edenville Energy further proves its lack of fundamental value

Published 1796 days ago

On January 17th, Edenville Energy (EDL) caused outrage among its shareholders when it placed £1.4million at 0.07p. This was a greater than 50% discount and illustrates exactly the problem, which faces cash strapped junior would-be miners. Without sufficient backing, the “assets” these companies own are, to all intents and purpose, worthless. Today, Edenville has hardly helped any attempts at making a value case for this stock, as it placed again. This time it raised £250,000 at 0.06p. Further dilution, for such a small amount and at this awful price further calls into question Edenville’s viability. Oh, but hang on moment, I heard its shareholders cry, what about the Expression of Interest the company signed only nine days ago? Well...

A positive lesson from the foul smelling Sunkar Resources

Published 1796 days ago

Writing about AIM there are inevitably some pieces I bitterly come to regret. I can make mistakes, misjudge situations and can sometimes pick poor stocks. We all do. Even though my piece in April, which suggested Sunkar Resources (SKR) could be a decent recovery play at 1.75p is profitable (by the thinnest of margins), yesterday’s “recommended” cash offer of 1.835p has left me feeling disgusted with my original call. What on earth was I thinking?! This was obviously a plague ridden stock and I want to apologise for having said anything even vaguely positive about it. There is so much I’d love to write about Sunkar, but would invite trouble. However, there is one extremely positive lesson to take away from this deathly smelling share. As soon as a dominant shareholder or obscure financial institution lends a sizeable amount of money to an AIM stock, the equity is toast! 

Picking Ruspetro?! Have I lost my mind?! We'll see...

Published 1797 days ago

A cursory glance at Ruspetro (RPO) would probably be enough to put off a lot of people. The share price has performed badly since the middle of 2012, and although a lot of AIM oil shares have suffered similar fates, Ruspetro has shed over 90 per cent of it value in those two years.

Union Jack Oil a buy at 0.27p – target 0.7p ( or is that 6.3p!)

Published 1797 days ago

Broker SP Angel has published a detailed research report on AIM listed Union Jack Oil (UJO) claiming that shares in the AIM listed UK onshore oil play should be valued at 0.7p rather than the current 0.27p. 

Open letter to the Takeover Panel concerning shareholder approval of New World Oil & Gas’s Niel deal

Published 1797 days ago

After nearly nine months of inadequately explained delays to the completion of the Niel deal by New World Oil & Gas (NEW) there are serious questions whether or not the original shareholder approval granted to New World remains valid or if the company needs to call another general meeting to ratify the proposed new deal. Apparent material changes resulting from the introduction of the mystery Kuwaiti partner, Al Maram Trading & Contracting Ltd, to the transaction have raised concerns and New World’s shareholders remain in the dark. I have now drafted a letter to the Takeover Panel to ask them to look into this matter. 

Xcite Energy; extremely expensive funding warns of trouble ahead

Published 1798 days ago

It is very difficult to put much of a positive spin on today’s bond issue and placement by Xcite Energy (XEL). The funding is extremely expensive, the terms Xcite has entered into are worse than those it previously had and it looks like at least one of the company’s major funders has decided not to continue backing it. This is all bad news for Xcite’s new strategy to commercialise its North Sea Bentley oil field, as the market appears to have priced this project for likely failure. There are a couple of faint glimpses of hope, but I now have to revisit my call to buy this stock, from just over a fortnight ago.

Petroceltic resolves its issues with Worldview – reasonable buy at 157p

Published 1798 days ago

There was a hint, a week ago, that Petroceltic International (PCI) was going to resolve issues over its proposed $100million placement, with its unhappy shareholder Worldview Capital Management, when the EGM was postponed until today. An hour or so ago Petroceltic once more adjourned the EGM (this time until June 26th), but was now “pleased to announce” it had reached an agreement with Worldview. In short Petroceltic’s fund raising is going to go ahead, as Worldview, with its 20.04% is going to vote in favour of the deal, but there some important changes in the governance of the company. 

Invest just £5 TODAY to get access to a scorching penny stock tip on Monday Morning

Published 1799 days ago

Let’s not mess about. You want a hot share tip on Monday? A Penny stock where there is going to be cracking newsflow over the next couple of months? A stock you can trade and which we expect to double or more in just a few weeks? We believe that we have found that stock for you.

Vialogy: Reverse takeover, placing, shares unsuspended – strong buy

Published 1801 days ago

AIM listed Vialogy (VIY) shares came back from suspension on Friday, closing the session at 0.16p after a £6.5 million placing at 0.11p. We took part in that placing and will be taking up our full entitlements in the open offer at 0.11p – we were already shareholders. I suggest that existing shareholders do the same (given how in the money they are already) and also buy a lot more in the market on Monday.

Range Resources – Landau and Eastman go; has the AIM Investigations Team done its job?

Published 1802 days ago

On Monday, I published a public call for the AIM Investigations Team (AIM Regulation) to investigate the Platinum Partners loans scandal. This morning, we heard that Peter Landau and Anthony Eastman (directors at the time the loans were entered into and throughout the period they weren’t reported) have stood down from the company. Range claims that this is “part of a  corporate restructuring initiative”, but the timing doesn’t look like a coincidence to me. If I am correct, then today I want to take the opportunity to applaud AIM Regulation for moving swiftly.

Tangiers Petroleum and the interest free loans to directors, to encourage dilution

Published 1802 days ago

It is an immediate red flag for any stock listed on AIM, which holds its Annual General Meeting thousands of miles away. Irrespective of the nature of dual listings, companies on the London Stock Exchange should be directly accountable to British investors. Where shareholder approval is required, British investors should be given the opportunity to vote for or against proposals concerning the running of their companies. For God’s sake, this is the age of the Internet, so why should investors be expected to traipse all the way to the other end of the world, so they can take part in a show of hands vote in Perth, Western Australian? Funnily enough, speaking of Perth, this is exactly where Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) has just held its AGM, at which the board gained approved for approval for the company’s new and ludicrously generous Share Plan...

Advanced Computer Software - still time to sensibly back Vin

Published 1803 days ago

I previously wrote on this website about Advanced Computer Software Group (ASW), a provider of software and IT services to the UK health, care and business sectors, in February – suggesting that it was worth continuing to back CEO Vin Murria with the shares then at a 113.5p offer price. With the shares currently at 122p, after recent results and analyst updates, it is time to rexamine this stock.

blur Group plc – unjustified ‘delight’ at fundraising result

Published 1803 days ago

Shares in business services marketplace operator in the ‘cloud’, blur Group plc (BLUR) are currently little changed at around 90p on the back of the results of a fundraising, which saw the company’s CEO Philip Letts “delighted by the broad support shown by so many of our shareholders… including members of the board”. But should delight also be felt by other shareholders here?

Placement Watch – Kefi Minerals, an attractive buy at 1.5p

Published 1803 days ago

This morning, Kefi Minerals (KEFI) announced a £2.125million placement to fund its final takeover of the Tulu Kapi gold project, from Nyota Minerals (NYO). The company then followed this with an update concerning director purchases of 4.8million shares, worth roughly £72,000. With a clearly defined plan for the rest of 2014, which incorporates Kefi’s existing cash balance of £2million, does this presenting a buying opportunity for resource speculators on AIM?

Two very important questions for Getech Group’s RNS writer

Published 1805 days ago

I have two very important questions for whoever writes Getech Group’s (GTC) RNS announcements. What are you smoking? May I have some please? In what has been a calamitous six months for Getech, it still clings onto its faith in the strength of demand for its services and “high levels of interest and positive feedback on its major product, Globe”. Unfortunately for the company and its poor shareholders none of this has translated into sales and the stock has tanked. Today’s latest profits warning needs to be read to be believed; talk about making the best of a bad situation!  

New World Oil & Gas – an extremely simple question to answer

Published 1805 days ago

Yesterday, shareholders in New World Oil & Gas (NEW) were treated to yet another excuse for inactivity in Denmark (whoops, sorry, I meant “extension to the licenses”). But fear not, those extremely generous director salaries are still being paid, so it won’t be long now before CEO William Kelleher and the two Sztyks have repaid the $1million in loans they took out from the company, to pay for their participation in March 2013’s controversial placement. What a carry on! However, there is one easy, easy question this board can answer. On what basis does it claim that its proposed deal with Al-Maraam will enable New World to “participate in drilling and production in Kuwait and marketing of crude oil abroad”?

Time to bank profit in Leni Oil & Gas

Published 1805 days ago

After the recent big rises on Leni Gas and Oil (LGO), banking at least some profit looks to be the sensible move. When you consider that the share price was a little over 0.7p as recently as April and has now risen to close to 4p, adding nearly £75 million to the company’s market cap, this one looks a little on the ripe side.

A call on the AIM Investigations Team to investigate Range Resources and RFC Ambrian over the Platinum Partners scandal

Published 1805 days ago

The timing of this piece probably could be better. However, after last week’s revelation, about the 100million Citation shares held as collateral against the Platinum Partners loans, it surely must now fall on the AIM Investigations Team to examine the conduct of Range Resources (RRL) and its former Nomad, RFC Ambrian, over this matter. Irrespective of how the share price has performed over the last week or so, it appears that a material breach of the AIM rules has occurred. Range appears to have admitted this, so how will the London Stock Exchange respond?

Angus Forrest of Tern & Roland “Fatty” Cornish – New Documents arrive & the Noose is now Ready FOR YOU!

Published 1806 days ago

Oh dear.  Oh dear. If Angus Forrest, the chairman of AIM Cesspit listed Tern PLC (TERN) was having a bad weekend it just got a lot worse as a raft of new documents have fallen into my possession regarding events at DLM (where he was chair) back in July-September 2012. And as for DLM’s Nomad, Roland “fatty” Cornish? Roland, do you just ignore whistleblowers and allow your clients to lie to investors?  Fatty you are also deep in the merde now. I have a damning email which you do not wish to seepublished. Oh dear I am not the sort of guy not to publish am I?

Has Sefton just admitted how close to death it really is?

Published 1811 days ago

Sefton Resources (SER) issued an “Update on Refinancing” forty five minutes ago. In it, the company says “the Inter-creditor Agreement provides for the Funder to advance additional subordinated loans to the Group in two instalments which will fund up to two 30 day extensions of the existing borrowing facilities with the Bank”. The “Bank” in question is Bank of the West (not specified by Sefton in its announcement) and these “two 30 day extensions” scream loud and clear what a desperate situation this company is in.

Placement Watch; Bellzone Mining – pumped & dumped

Published 1811 days ago

I definitely don’t blame the directors of Bellzone Mining (BZM) for the blatant pump and dump of their stock over the last week or so. To their credit, this board has been entirely forthcoming with the market about their need for finance and timetable for securing it. Anyone who bought into the sudden and unexplained enthusiasm for Bellzone’s stock on May 27th and May 28th was probably asking for trouble, as it was clear a discounted placement was imminent. Even so, this is yet another example of why shares on AIM should be suspended as soon as the company concerned starts the process of raising money.

Lansdowne Oil & Gas looks close to the bottom

Published 1811 days ago

Lansdowne Oil and Gas (LOGP) is yet another AIM oil company that has been forgotten by many, but often that is the time to buy in. It was only a couple of years ago when there was a huge amount of interest in this Irish explorer off the back of the Barryroe appraisal drill and subsequent increases to resources there.

A new dawn at Range Resources – dream on!!! - Even more damning!

Published 1811 days ago

This morning, Range Resources (RRL) slipped out yet another crucial detail concerning the controversial Platinum Partners loans, which it had previously failed to inform shareholders adequately about. It turns out that as well as the 100million shares in Range held as collateral, Platinum also held the 100million of Range’s shares in Citation Resources, held in trust. Together, these blocks of shares are worth roughly £1.91million, based on last seen prices. It is anyone’s guess what else Range has failed to update the market properly about, but if you really believe this is a company experiencing a new dawn then dream on.

Range Resources & LandOcean: Six Burning Questions

Published 1812 days ago

Despite the market’s reaction, this morning’s announcement by Range Resources (RRL) leaves shareholders in this company with many of the usual guessing games we have come to expect. Why can’t new CEO Rory Scott Russell prove he is his own man and break from the past? Why do RNSs released under his watch still leave more important questions unanswered than answered?

Egdon at 27.3p worth 67p?

Published 1814 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison reckons that the recent deal with Alkane is cracking news for Egdon Resources (EDR) and that at a 27.3p share price this is a bargain. It reckons fair value is 67p – house broker VSA reckons 60p as you can see HERE.

Mariana Resources enters an incredibly busy period, but doesn't need to place

Published 1816 days ago

Glen Parsons, the mining financier running Mariana Resources (MARL.), is a very busy man at the moment. He is currently relishing first drilling results from the Sydney-based company’s Soledad venture in central Peru. In southern Argentina, he has recently clinched a $2 million (£1.25 million) five-year option for 60 per cent of the Los Cisnes gold and silver project in the Santa Cruz Province. Finally, back in Peru, he awaits further drilling information in June from another Peruvian project, Condor de Oro. This really is an incredibly busy time for the company.

Short Term Trading Buy: Enables IT at a 27p offer – 3 week target to sell at c33p

Published 1817 days ago

This share tip was published last week on HotStockRockets when the offer price was just 25p. Our paying customers always get in first and will be told to sell first. But this is still a good short term trading buy at a 27p offer. Our corking share tip of the month goes live at 11 AM Friday – to access that for as little as £5 click HERE

Egdon at 25.5p worth 60p?

Published 1818 days ago

Top resource broker VSA has initiated its coverage of Egdon Resources (EDR), following its purchase of Alkane Energy assets, at 25.5p with a buy stance and 60p target – this it argues is THE play on UK shale.

Minoan Placing at 12p – Insider Dealing on the AIM Cesspit

Published 1818 days ago

On 19th May shares in Minoan (MIN) traded at 16.375p on the AIM Cesspit. Then they started slipping and slipping and closed yesterday at 13.625p. Today a placing is announced at 12p. What do I conclude? That crony capitalists in the City are not content with buying stock at a discount but that they also engage in insider dealing. They break the law. Will the FCA do anything to stop the fuckers? What do you think?

San Leon Energy – why the market isn’t buying it

Published 1818 days ago

San Leon Energy (SLE) is trying its hardest to get noticed by the market. Over the course of May the company has issued three RNSs; one director purchase and two updates on Poland referring to farm-in discussion for the company’s Permian/SW Carboniferous Basin play in Poland. And no one gives a damn.

Armadale awaits further transition - a high risk recovery punt

Published 1819 days ago

Within a month or so, AIM-quoted Armadale Capital (ACP) hopes to have completed its transformation from a company with interests in cleaning up mines in South Africa to one backing fully fledged gold mining operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and elsewhere. Whether this brings about a rehabilitation of Armadale’s shares, which have lost 99 per cent of their value since floating as Watermark Global at 10p eight years ago, with a treatment for acidic water in the mines of South Africa’s Witwatersrand, depends on two projects which the company’s present management is pushing ahead.

Tangiers Petroleum – Another Kick in the Gonads for Investors?

Published 1820 days ago

Even certain advisors to AIM and ASX listed Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) have started to call The Sheriff of Aim to express their concern as to the way it communicates with investors. Well hang on fellas, are your long suffering UK stockholders on the AIM Cesspit about to get another kick in the Gonads?

Leni Gas & Oil – The Shareprophets Trading tip of the week

Published 1822 days ago

The solid tip of the week went up earlier HERE, now for a bit of fun and a trading share tip of the week. Run by the marmite character that is David Lenigas, AIM listed Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) trades at 1.17p valuing it at £28 million but ahead of a potential game changer week in Trinidad, that may well be far too low: the shares are a trading buy.

Port Erin – Chat with Jim Mellon

Published 1822 days ago

We recommended shares in Jim Mellon’s AIM listed Port Erin Biopharma (PEBI) at a 12p offer price on April 7 –and one of our writers (Tom Winnifrith) has had an amicable exchange of emails with Mellon this week.

The ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Plastics Capital at a 135p offer – target 180p

Published 1822 days ago

We continue our new weekly feature of the Shareprophets share tip of the week with AIM listed Plastics Capital (PLA) which is a buy at a 135p offer price with a 12 month target price of 180p.

Could the Mediterranean Oil & Gas takeover get Rockhopper’s share price moving again?

Published 1822 days ago

This morning’s announcement by Rockhopper Exploration (RKH), to take over Mediterranean Oil & Gas (MOG), is a very interesting move. Shareholders in Rockhopper had readied themselves to sit back and wait for the commercialisation of the Sea Lion field, north of the Falklands Islands, hopefully by 2018. Meanwhile, shareholders in Mediterranean, flush with the recent legal victory over Leni Gas & Oil (LGO), still had a nervous wait on the outcome of the  soon to spud Hagar Qim exploration well, off the coast of Malta. Today’s deal delivers a significant shake-up to the status quo of both companies and could present a buying opportunity.

Madagascar Oil – First Crude Exports, VSA say shares, at 17.375p, worth 70p

Published 1823 days ago

AIM listed Madagascar Oil (MOIL) this week announced that it had received permission to begin a six month test export programme of crude from Tsimiroro – its flagship asset.

Inside the empty mind of a Bulletin Board Deramper/Moron – ref Totally

Published 1823 days ago

I am drawn to a certain Bulletin Board thread for AIM listed Totally (TLY) where after one recent announcement one poster published 52 separate negative pieces. What sort of moron spends his days like that? A Bulletin Board Moron of course. Now there is a comment on Shareprophets after our most recent piece HERE.  Let me address it. 

FinnAust hoping to emulate amazing success of Western Areas

Published 1823 days ago

The meteoric rise of Australian nickel play Western Areas, and its 136 per cent share price rise over the past year, must have raised the hopes of shareholders in FinnAust Mining (FAM). The company was spawned from Western Areas and floated on AIM last December. As it waits for latest drilling and assay results from the Hammaslahti copper project in the south-east Finland, speculation could well follow of a repeats of the Western Areas success story. 

Xcite Energy: more and more attractive

Published 1823 days ago

My recent commentary on Xcite Energy (XEL) has put me at odds with some of my colleagues here at ShareProphets. Despite what many of our faceless critics have to say, one thing I love about working with this company is that we support genuine debate. We don’t impose myopic, rigid editorial positions and we recognise it takes opposing views to make a market. Above all, we encourage our contributors to write what they genuinely believe. In the case of Xcite, the more I read about and research the path this company is now on, the more bullish I feel about its future. 

Totally - another contract win: Buy

Published 1823 days ago

The contracts and growing of its relationship with the NHS continue for Totally plc (TLY) and the shares are starting to respond. There is a lot more to come on that front.

Tangiers Petroleum – An Apology from me, Questions and Condemnation

Published 1823 days ago

James Parter revealed some quite disgraceful ramping of shares in Tangiers Petroleum (TPET) yesterday. His analysis was superb and shows why an Australian website was publishing plain untruths about this dual listed company. I suggest reading his article here.

President Energy: follow the Chairman?

Published 1824 days ago

Peter Levine, Chairman of President Energy (PPC), has a lot riding on the company’s success. After Tuesday’s purchase of another 250,000 shares, he now holds 19.38% of President’s stock. This is the second purchase by Mr Levine, at just over 30p, since the company’s deeply discounted placement in February. There is little doubt this fundraising did a lot of damage to sentiment toward’s President stock, but as the end of May approaches, and the company is due to spud the first of three exploration wells in Paraguay, will speculators be tempted to follow Mr Levine’s lead?

Microgen v. Elektron – why shareholders of the latter may want to demand some answers

Published 1824 days ago

The board of fully-listed Microgen plc (MCGN) has “decided to pre-emptively publicly declare its interest” in AIM-listed Elektron Technology plc (EKT) after considering some of Elektron’s non-disclosure terms “inappropriate to the circumstances and unacceptable”. The following reviews with Elektron having hit back that “all other participants in the formal sale process entered into a uniform non-disclosure agreement on the same terms in all material respects as those offered to Microgen”.

Nighthawk & its hidden legal case – how does it define insignificant?

Published 1824 days ago

Earlier today I revealed how Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) was served with papers for a potentially large legal claim by its former business partner Running Foxes on 29th April but had not bothered to tell shareholders. Nighthawk has responded but its statement is er… “interesting.” I have now spoken to Running Foxes. Ho. Ho.

Tower Resources - a gamble worth taking?

Published 1824 days ago

As far as I am aware nothing was done about Tower Resources’ (TRP) extremely controversial placement (which I warned was coming here, prior to the event, and wrote about here, after it was completed). I would be amazed if anything ever is. The AIM Investigations Team passed the buck to the FCA and the FCA just gave me their generic blah, blah about taking accusations of market abuse jolly seriously. Of course they do! After I’d finished counting regulatory flying pigs, my attention turned back to Tower’s share price and whether it could now be worth taking the gamble on a successful outcome in the high profile Welwitschia-1A (as it now is) drill campaign.

Is “Cheng” the Cantonese for “Range shareholders”?!!!!

Published 1824 days ago

Range Resources’ (RRL) recent announcement, about the proposed $12million investment from Abraham Ltd, based in Hong Kong, sounded like quite a triumph for new CEO Rory Scott Russell. After all, Range was on its knees, production has been falling, money was running out, debt repayments were overdue, legacy projects continued to drag and the company was forced to issue new equity almost every two weeks to cover financing costs. At a stroke, the cash injection bought Mr Scott Russell some desperately needed time, but no one seems to have asked who is Abraham Ltd? 

Placement Watch: Lekoil, can it continue its impressive growth?

Published 1825 days ago

Not all placements and not all of AIM is rotten. There are plenty of honest companies out there and honest boards of directors, genuinely committed to value creation. Lekoil (LEK) looks like a perfect case in point. This morning, the company announced a £22.4million placement and the market has responded positively. Lekoil’s shares are up 93% over the last twelve months and the question is can the company build on this success with the new funds at its disposal?

EMED Mining; a punt for copper bulls

Published 1825 days ago

Some may question the prospects for copper. Concerns about a Chinese economic slowdown and potential oversupply in 2014 abound. However, these negatives compete with the lowest stock levels in London Metal Exchange warehouses since 2008 and cheerful City forecasts. Isaac Querub and Alberto Lavandeira, respectively newly installed chief executive officer and chief operating officer EMED Mining (EMED), entertain no doubts as they prepare to bring Spain’s historic Rio Tinto copper mine in Andalusia back into production towards the end of next year.

New World Oil & Gas; Al-Ma..who?!!!

Published 1826 days ago

When New World Oil & Gas (NEW) announced its surprise potential entry into the Kuwaiti oil sector, the market reaction was ecstatic. The company’s shares nearly doubled in price, as speculators salivated at the prospect of gaining access to at least some of the 3.5MMbopd, which Kuwait plans to produce by the end of 2015. Taken at face value this sounds like an incredible deal; except there is one small problem. I cannot find any reference, whatsoever, to New World’s apparent Kuwaiti partner in any of the published lists of approved contractors, authorised to tender for work in Kuwait’s oilfields.

Cenkos ups target price for Empyrean from 25p to 31p says shares offer 100% upside

Published 1826 days ago

In the wake of today’s reserves upgrade from AIM listed Empyrean Energy (EME), house broker Cenkos has increased its estimate of fair value from 25p to 31p and is thus telling clients that the shares should double from 15.5p.

Stratmin: shares to more than double!

Published 1826 days ago

Normally brokers’ research can be described as being similar to toilet paper. That is to say it is always thrown away in the end. The only difference is that toilet paper has one practical use before disposal. We demonstrated this in a statistical manner earlier today HERE. But

AFC Energy; well positioned for pending boom in UK Fuel Cell market

Published 1827 days ago

Fuel cells are already big business in some parts of the world, which is good news for the companies that make and supply them, such as AFC Energy (AFC).

Dot Digital's impressive growth will continue

Published 1829 days ago

Dot Digital Group (DOTD) has enjoyed fantastic growth over the past year and that looks set to continue. The technology company provides products to the digital marketing sector and has seen its share price increase from around 15p, twelve months ago, to a recent high of 37.75p. It is now sat at 34p to buy.

Placement Watch: Produce Investments - the market loves it!

Published 1830 days ago

Produce Investments (PIL) is a rare breed of AIM-listed stocks. It delivers consistently strong performance and pays a reasonable dividend. You probably haven’t heard much about the parent company of one of Britain’s leading growers of potatoes, Greenvale Ltd., but in the last year Produce Investments’ share price is up 78%. This morning the company announced a discounted placement to fund the acquisition of the Jersey Royal Company, but, as of writing, the shares have risen 8% in this morning’s trade. No, Produce Investments really isn’t your common or garden share.

Serabi Gold moves into production

Published 1830 days ago

A Chilean retailing dynasty is helping AIM-quoted Serabi Gold (SRB) take two gold projects in northern Brazil into production. The target is to mine 24,000oz of gold this year and between 40,000oz and 45,000oz next. The anticipated costs are projected to fall from around the current expected $1,100/oz to nearer $850/oz. With gold trading at about $1,303/oz and looking fairly stable, this could provide investors with an intriguing opportunity to buy into this sector.

Placement Watch: Regency Mines £350,000 at 0.22p

Published 1830 days ago

Yesterday afternoon, Regency Mines announced a £350,000 placement at 0.22p per share. Quite coincidentally I am sure, Regency’s share price had fallen steeply in the run up to this announcement...

Range Resources; dire conference call - avoid like the plague

Published 1831 days ago

To cap a month of PR disasters off, Range Resources’ (RRL) conference call this morning, to try and restore faith in the company’s alleged new direction, was the icing on the cake. New-CEO, Rory Scott Russell, did not sound at all confident that he has what it takes to turn this company around. If you are a Range shareholder and were hoping for at least some small crumbs of comfort then I imagine you were sorely disappointed.

1Spatial: In Profit with Strong Prospects Ahead says broker N+1 Singer

Published 1832 days ago

Broker N+1 Singer has published a bullish note on AIM listed 1Spatial (SPA) following prelims yesterday. It clearly regards the shares as cheap.

Fox Marble – I remain a buyer after AGM

Published 1832 days ago

Kosovo and Balkans region-focused marble company, Fox Marble (FOX) has updated investors attending its AGM that it continues to believe that “2014 will be a pivotal year in establishing Fox Marble in the market”, though “as a result of the unexpected weather conditions and one quarry site being extended to acquire the premium quality resource, production has been set back and thus booked revenues will be more strongly second half weighted”.

Paragon Diamonds - could it become a takeover target?

Published 1832 days ago

Diamond miners, especially the smaller ones, have been out of favour for the last few years but I expect that to change and I like the look of Paragon Diamonds (PRG).

Placement Watch: Tangiers Petroleum, Motive Television & Strategic Natural Resources

Published 1832 days ago

Starting today a new irregular feature on ShareProphets, we will begin to monitor company placements and fundraisings, bringing you all you need to know about this darker side of AIM. Today we look at Tangiers Petroleum (TPET), Motive Television (MTV) and Strategic Natural Resources (SNRP).

A fresh gleam in Karelian’s eyes

Published 1832 days ago

Professor Richard Conroy, the mellifluous former Irish senator who chairs Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR), must be one of a handful of company chiefs just now to welcome the presence of powerful Russian interests virtually on his doorstep. Yet the company, which he separated from his other public company with an AIM float nine years ago, is probing diamond prospects in the Finnish part of the extensive Karelian craton (a potentially diamond-bearing geological formation).

Brady Exploration –blatant pump and dump, but who gives a damn?

Published 1832 days ago

Why, at ShareProphets, do we call London’s Alternative Investment Market a cesspit? Because it’s too easy to cheat. If you are of a certain corrupt mindset, then AIM is the perfect breeding ground for you to hatch all manner of devious plans to con people out of their money. You can plot your nefarious schemes, safe in the knowledge that absolutely nothing will be done to stop you. In any other walk of life theft is a criminal offense. However, thanks to the veneer of respectability that the London Stock Exchange affords to AIM, this inconvenient social convention is not only ignored it is trampled all over. Wearing a white collar, it seems, grants you immunity from prosecution.

Doc Holiday interviews African Potash

Published 1833 days ago

ShareProphets' old pal Doc Holiday has today recorded an interview with Ed Marlow of African Potash (AFPO) - a stock he owns.

Mosman Oil and Gas - a speculative buy

Published 1834 days ago

Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN) recently caught my eye when it listed on AIM and its share price doubled a month or so later. At its peak of over 15p ten days or so ago I’d have been very wary of buying, especially as it had risen so fast and only has a market cap of circa £6 million, with just 61 million odd shares in issue.

Is Top City Financial PR Firm Buchanan mired in a Range Resources Dirty Tricks Campaign?

Published 1836 days ago

Part of the WPP (WPP) Group, financial PR firm Buchanan acts for more AIM listed clients than any other PR firm. But today I ask if the odours from its lavish Cheapside offices are not of expensive perfumes worn by glamorous PR birds, but from the stench of a dirty tricks campaign against those investors seeking management change at AIM Cesspit listed Range Resources (RRL)? There is no suggestion that Range itself is aware of this. So....

Lo-Q plc - directors selling for 'the good' or making a value call?

Published 2117 days ago

AIM-listed provider of technology focused on increasing revenues and improving guest experiences in the attractions and leisure industry, Lo-Q plc (LOQ) yesterday announced that non-executive director, Anthony Bone, had sold £600,000 of shares at an average of 600p each (taking his shareholding to 201,517 shares) “in response to significant institutional demand”. This follows another director selling £1.5 million of shares last month at the same average price with the same reason given. The following reviews…

Netcall plc - full-year trading update, share price now up with events?

Published 2132 days ago

AIM-listed customer engagement software provider Netcall (NET) – whose customers include more than 65% of the NHS Acute Health Trusts, major telecoms operators such as BT and Cable & Wireless and the likes of Lloyds TSB, Odeon, Orange, Prudential and Thames Water – has announced it performed well in the second half of its year ended 30th June “and the board anticipates full year results will show a significant increase in both revenue and adjusted EBITDA, with the latter being comfortably in line with market expectations”. However, is the share price now up with events? ...

Fox Davies: Reiterate Buy on Highland Gold but target price cut

Published 2217 days ago

Top resource broker Fox Davies has published a research report on AIM listed gold miner Highland Gold (HGM)  in the wake of the company’s publication of calendar 2012 results.

Galantas Gold is Toast Investment Grade

Published 2217 days ago

AIM and TSX listed Galantas Gold (GAL) is, I am afraid to say, investment toast. At 1.375p it is capitalised at £3.54 million but calendar 2012 results out today make it clear as clear can be that a target price of 0.01p is generous.

Game over for Gulf Keystone?

Published 2219 days ago

Is it game over for the bulls of AIM listed Bulletin Board darling Gulf Keystone (GKP)? The video from Zak Mir suggests the way forward according to Technical Analysis. It is not a bright prognosis.

Arian Silver Statement – What a load of cobblers

Published 2219 days ago

AIM and TSX listed Arian Silver(AGQ) notes that its shares have been falling like a stone and has issued a statement designed to reassure investors. It is utter cobblers and an open invitation to sell.

Port Erin Biopharma Investments – Jim Mellon delivers the goods but…

Published 2221 days ago

I was one of the founding directors of AIM listed Port Erin Biopharma (PEBI) but it was always the baby of Jim Mellon and I was happy to step down last Spring.

Alliance Pharma - a rare AIM stock with the right prescription?

Published 2221 days ago

A new stock, of which star fund manager Mark Slater is a fan, has just been added to the Growth Portfolio on the 'Nifty Fifty' website which I write with Tom Winnifrith.

New World Oil & Gas – Boardroom Greed – shareholders screwed

Published 2222 days ago

Shares in AIM listed New World Oil & Gas (NEW) were trading at 9.625p a year ago. Today they are at 1.85p. Shareholders have every reason to be unhappy with the board. But it gets worse. Much worse.

Bullabulling Share Offer Flops – Good this company is a joke & is toast by August

Published 2223 days ago

Bullabulling (BGL) is the sort of disgrace of a mining junior that AIM could well do without. It is all too typical of the sort of Aussie junior that dual lists both in the land of high culture and over here. It has today ‘fessed up that its open offer to shareholders has, despite some horrifically aggressive share promotion, flopped and this company should be toast before the end of the cricket season.

GB Group - year-end trading update; does there remain identifiable value?

Published 2223 days ago

AIM-listed identity technology company GB Group (GBG) has complemented an “ahead of market consensus” March update with a more detailed trading statement which has helped the shares more than 5.5% higher thus far today, to a current 98p.

Breaking News: Arian Silver London placing has failed – source. Sell

Published 2223 days ago

A couple of days ago commissioned researcher Edison published a detailed buy note on AIM and TSX listed Arian Silver (AGQ) at 9p suggesting that a target price of 16p was achievable assuming that the company raised $21.4 million of debt and $8 million of equity at the then share price to meet its funding needs until it turns cash positive in early 2015. - dividend sustainable or set for red ink?

Published 2224 days ago

Thus far 2013 has not been a good year for AIM-listed printing company (PDC). The shares traded at 30p+ until a February announcement that softer than anticipated trading coupled with increased marketing expenditure on new initiatives meant “it is now likely that the company will be materially behind market expectations in the current year”.

Buy Plexus: Positive Consolidation Now Targets 300p

Published 2224 days ago

One of the toughest things to do even in the most bullish of stocks and markets is to work out when to re-enter a position after the price action has cooled off and a new leg higher is in the offing.

1Spatial – at near Year Highs – still a buy?

Published 2224 days ago

AIM listed Tech stock 1Spatial (SPA) is on a share price roll. Those who followed my advice to buy the stock at 2p on 12th September owe me a tub of salted caramel ice cream as the shares are now at 8.875p valuing the company at a shade under £30 million. So what next?

Arian Silver at 9p – could be worth 16p but needs to raise $8 million via share issue – Edison

Published 2226 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a detailed research note on AIM listed Arian Silver (AGQ) arguing that the shares, now 9p, could be worth 16p.

Plastics Capital - a positive future being manufactured?

Published 2226 days ago

AIM listed niche plastics products group Plastics Capital (PLA) is a company that Tom and myself have followed since the shares were at 40.5p in November 2009. Our thesis that shareholders would be rewarded as the company would be able to robustly generate cash and show its debt was manageable in the years ahead has been proven correct thus far – with the shares presently trading at 107.5p.

Condor Gold – More Positive Newsflow says Ocean Equities

Published 2226 days ago

Broker Ocean Equities has today published a note on AIM listed Condor Gold (CNR) as the company released the results of its infill drilling programmes at the La India project targeting potentially open pittable gold mineralisation at the La India Vein Set and America Vein Set areas. Ocean states:

Range Resources shares suspended in Oz and on AIM – Shareprophets scoops!

Published 2226 days ago

A rather hurried RNS has just appeared from AIM and ASX Listed Range Resources (RRL) telling investors that the shares have been suspended. I guess I did after all ruin a few weekends with my scoop of yesterday.

Exclusive: Breaking News Range Resources set to announce merger and placing

Published 2226 days ago

Correction. Whilst we were correct in breaking the news that Range was planning a placing at 4p and a merger with a NSX listed company established by Frank Timis, we identified the incorrect merger partner. "Full details of the merger can be found here

Silverdell - a company (and share price) being re-commissioned'?

Published 2229 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed remediation, decommissioning and consulting company Silverdell (SID) traded at more than 130p before a May 2008 interim results statement which saw the company report an operating loss due to contract delays and the undertaking of low margin work. This sparked a massive decline which would see the shares hit 5.7p in March 2009 and still trade at just 8.25p in May of last year.

Vialogy – Promoting again: where’s the beef?

Published 2229 days ago

Vialogy (VIY) the AIM-listed management lifestyle, ooops I meant to say oilfield services group is at it again with another promote the shares announcement. As ever it blathers on about doing work for a big name company (it is Chevron again) but what is this worth? Er……the silence is deafening. The announcement is classic Vialogy waffle. It reads: Chevron has:

Blinx: KoldCast TV deal announced – Speculative Buy

Published 2322 days ago

AIM-listed blinkx plc (BLNX), which describes itself as “the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine” , has today announced a further partnership deal – this with KoldCast TV, an international television network of original entertainment programming.

1Spatial new contract almost won - share price can double again

Published 2405 days ago

AIM listed tech stock 1Spatial (SPA) has been a bit of a star recovery play over the past couple of months and an announcement of a potential new contract win today has lifted the stock ( 2p just a month or so ago) to 4.125p, valuing the business at £14.45 million. But there is far more to go for – my target price remains at least 8p and here is why.

Avanti Communications – A Day to Buy as Results Go Down Badly

Published 2412 days ago

Shares in AIM listed satellite operator Avanti Communications (AVN) have slumped today by 62.75p to 286p after results for the year to June 30th 2012 were announced and were received poorly. Adding to Avanti’s misery bear raider Evil Knievil announced that he had gone short at 295p. He is wrong and this is a buying opportunity. I say this as someone who tipped the shares first at 116p in August 2004 and who has continually rated them as a buy at anything up to an all time high of almost £8. I still believe that the shares will in due course move sharply higher and my target price is £16.81. Here is why.

Chaarat Gold – Great Grades, Share Price All Wrong

Published 2413 days ago

I have not covered myself in glory with AIM listed gold soon to be producer Chaarat Gold ( CGH). I first tipped the shares at 45p in May 2010 and indeed gave them another bullish write up at 24.375p just a couple of weeks ago.

Shanta Gold – New Loan – What is going On? Still Dirt Cheap

Published 2416 days ago

AIM Listed gold producer Shanta (SHG) is in production and should be generating cash from its New Luika mine in Tanzania At June 30th it had $21 million in the kitty yet on October 5th it announced that it had secured a new $4 million loan facility from a director and was “in discussions with additional providers of working capital financing facilities to meet its short term working capital requirements during the ramp up phase of the New Luika Gold Mine.” What on earth is going on?

Norseman Gold – A total Disaster But NOT a write off although in Administrator (at subsidiary level)

Published 2419 days ago

AIM and ASX listed gold Miner Norseman Gold ( NGL) has been a truly disastrous tip from me (37p in July 2009). The shares are now suspended and will remain suspended for a good while as it has just put its operating unit into administration. It sounds as if it is end game but it is not. I cannot say it is good news but do not give up the ghost yet. This is why.

Vatukoula Gold Mines – Down but far from out

Published 2426 days ago

AIM listed Vatukoula Gold Mines (VGM) is not a tip that has covered me in glory. Yet. I tipped it at 46.5p in November 2008 and although it zoomed ahead thereafter, the shares now trade at 41p valuing it at £40 million.  All gold juniors have taken a hammering in the past 18 months but Vatukoula has also failed to hit production targets and so has taken a stock specific hammering as well. But it has cash, is profitable and the current valuation is just crazy.  This is a stock that could well double within a year and still be cheap. And this is why.

Ortac Resources – Bid Speculation: The papers are always wrong

Published 2446 days ago

The Daily Telegraph reports that shares in AIM listed gold exploration company Ortac Resources (OTC) rose yesterday on the back of bid speculation. Yeah right.

Wessex Exploration – I do not believe bid rumours. Sell. Switch into Northern Petroleum.

Published 2448 days ago

It is a strange old world and I gather that some folks reckon that there is a bid on the way for AIM listed oil exploration penny share Wessex Exploration (WSX). I bet you 5000 Albanian Lekke that there is not and as such I would rate this stock, at 7.3p, a sell. If you want exposure to Guyane (the only real asset of note in Wessex) I would obtain it by buying AIM listed Northern Petroleum (NOP) at 67.5p.

Lunch with Paul Atherley of Leyshon Resources – valuation is just wrong

Published 2455 days ago

Wednesday saw me enjoy lunch with Paul Atherley, the CEO and largest shareholder in AIM listed Leyshon Resources ( LRL) which at 11.5p is capitalised at £27.76 million. That is simply the wrong price.  Other than the value in Leyshon, and the fact that Atherley is a Man United supporter who actually hails from the grim North rather than Esher, a number of other matters struck me.


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